Letter: PF Has Failed To Deliver

It doesn’t matter how many years president Edgar C. Lungu rules and governs the country. What matters is the effectiveness and type of leadership he’s applying.

We are more concerned about the future of our country because the more the president wants to cling to power the more social, economical, and political problems Zambia will continue to face due to the PF’s ineffective, aimless and blind-alley leadership which is only imposing an unbearable burden on the future leadership of the country.

Unpatriotically and without any sense of shame, the PF are so bullish and enthusiastic about being in power even when they have failed to curb the social, economical and political problems that Zambia has been experiencing since their take over.

The PF have failed to deliver to the expectation of the Zambian people and a couple of government systems and projects have terribly failed due to high practice and toleration of corruption in their party.

Therefore, may I take this wonderful opportunity to remind all well meaning Zambian not to make a mistake of voting for PF in 2021. If you dare give them another chance to rule, they will sell Zambia to Chinese and our economy will continue going down.

You have all witnessed the massive destruction that the PF has done to our country and if you give them another term, I am afraid that the country will not survive as the unemployment level will dramatically increase, hunger and poverty will be worse, corruption is going be legal and more cholera cases will be recorded.

Vote Wisely in 2021 because the future of Zambia lies in your hand.
God Bless You

Castrol Kafweta


  1. mkango

    true pf is a failed project give chance to others 2021 is at hand vote for HH or CK

  2. Topten

    Well said….but vote wisely for who.? Kindnly give us options or else please keep quite.

  3. Tito

    Zambians have a child type of mentality you tell them don’t do that, off they go a head to do that you will tell them things they can even see and feel but they will get back to the same mess until zambians are drowned in a ditch it’s when they will realize that now things are not good

  4. Richard masanta

    It really true.

  5. Wise Me

    Ng’wang’wang’wa ngwa njuci umatsata yomwe yakuluma. The fact is there are many who feel that they can become presidents but choose the one who has shown what he is able to do. Sonta! Sonta! Sonta!

  6. saimbwende saimbwende

    ONLY A TONGA MUST LEAD UPND says Sejani. Castro Kafweta, that is your opinion and just keep it to yourself, u don’t sound to live in Zambia otherwise you would have appreciated the developmental projects done by PF. In their shortest stay in power what they have achieved is what MMD achieved in their 20 year reign. PF have constructed roads (even in compounds) hospitals, schools, airports, health posts etc . All well meaning Zambians will again vote for PF and it the only party that is attractive politically as evidenced in 2017 September bye elections in which PF scooped 9 seats against 3 for UPND.

    • Daudi

      What about corruption allegations which come out more prominently than the development u just outlined?

  7. GENERAL (L-P)


  8. gbm

    if voting wisely means voting for hh then it means my blue anus will vote,coz I can’t vote underfive

  9. HH

    Dont Vote For Me Because U Have Disappointed Many Times.

  10. Nelly masela

    Only God know

  11. hichilema hakainde

    Zambian People Leave Me Alone And My Part, Am Ok Ruling My Cattles And My Servants

  12. commando

    Indeed the PF govermt has lamentably failed to deliver to our high hopes and expectations we had.Corruption,jobles ness and now inconsistent agricultural policies which has led to many farming fields remain uncultivated this year.Today no one is talking about economic diversfying KABILI copper price has skyrocketed on the international market.Leteni amataba ee leteni amataba ku FRA kanshi nempiya yakupela abalimi ninshi tamukwete,nangu mwaiminina pakwipaya ba farmer namatontokanyo.Imagine getting you payment in january for the maize one supplied in september,farming inputs nayo mu january.Ubuteko nabutamfya ba farmer incito kanshi nefyakucita teti wishibe.This years’ poor harvest and hunger will be caused by the government’s poor policies in agriculture.We need a government which will atleast try to stabilise most commodities like floor price for white maize so that those in serious farming can plan and know what to expect unlike what happened last year.Elo nganipakwingila incito bwafya,TOO MUCH CORRUPTION.

  13. Mr future

    That’s very true & it’s our duty as Zambian’s to wake up & see were our country z going,, Chinese are every were.

  14. DZ

    In 2021 we should be serious to who we ar voting to

  15. DZ

    In 2021 we should be serious to who we ar voting to

  16. Frank

    Castro, are you reporting or advertising for a certain party indirectly? And you there is Messiah out there? Which ever party comes in, there come to benefit themselves in the wagon full of candres, so far, all the parties have manifestos of 1964. Same all but twisted menistos. Do you job right.

  17. Chuva

    Keep quite if u have got nothing to disclose foolish

  18. Tom London

    Saimbwende you are a fool and a big one for that matter so shatter up you have nothing to offer these Tongalised politics are baseless . you have no grey matter to say the least . in fact wakeup this is ONE ZAMBIA ONE NATION . All Zambians have ethnic tribes hh is from the south ck is from luapula ntondo or northern and so is kalaba . in 53 yrs of independence tongas have been voting for none Tonga’s except Levy. If a itomga is genuine vote for him the same goes a lozi a kaonde , luvale , lunda bemba and men from the east but not ecl iam sorry . a point of correction pf stole 9 seats in 2017 if you like . l agree with mkango and comments

  19. Kilaye Larry

    Saimbwende Sabwende
    It is not just construction of roads, schools, hospitals or name it. The issue is about how they have been prioritised, how many have been completed, how many projects have stalled or stopped due to lack of funding because of failure to plan and most importantly at what price.only fools will vote for pf

  20. Tg

    We had too much hope mulibapf but it has dissapointed us

  21. Dewin Mulala

    Saimbweede are we going to eat roads? wake up!

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