Luapula MPs Counter Kalaba Wave with Visitations

Patriotic Front members of parliament in Luapula province have moved in to dilute the damage done by unsettled Bahati lawmaker Harry Kalaba by ploughing through the province preaching development.

The pack of parliamentarians have combed through Luapula among other notable personalities health minister Chitalu Chilufya and his infrastructure counterpart Ronald Chitotela and provincial minister Nixon Chilangwa

Some parliamentarians have been meeting traditional leaders and constituents reaffirming their commitment to development.

Kalaba’s resignation from his cabinet portfolio has put the Luapula province lawmakers in an awkward spot and have moved in to reassure the constituents that ruling party support is as intact as ever.

The Bahati lawmaker had a public walk through his constituency last sending some worrying signals to the ruling party.

Kalaba resigned his portfolio citing corruption in government.


  1. Hotness

    Let’s wait and see,someone will be judged according to his or her deeds.

    • D.L

      I saw the photo during the 2016 campaign period. This time the story has changed to suit Koswe Mpoto leaders.
      Don’t compare King Kalaba to these thieves. Kalaba managed to bring the whole Luapula province to a complete halt alone and all the chiefs knew that the true son of the province is in the land.
      3 cabinet ministers using tax payers money and machinery only manages to coax and transport few people. Let us wait and see who is the best man in the province.

    • Mema

      Good for the local economy, at least they can benefit from the LOT. Make sure you empty there pockets.

  2. D.L

    Kalaba brought Luapula province to a complete halt alone and here comes 3 full cabinet ministers, using tax payers money and machinery only manages to coax and transport few people.
    Kalaba is a man and well respected in Luapula, even chiefs are aware.
    I saw this same picture during the 2016 campaign period. So the story has changed on the same picture now, report the truth.

  3. Aurent

    Comment: Viva Harry Kalaba and shame to PF pundits who have ganged up against a lone soldier. lf PF claim to be popular in Luapula, how can one man unsettle them to an extent where can resort to parading traditional chiefs?
    Honourable Kalaba resign from PF so that there can be a vacant so that we see who’s popular between you and PF.

    • George

      Does this mean Harry will stand in all Luapula constituencies? One man can not fight a dozen!!!!!

  4. Michael malwena

    Just live Kalaba alone everywhere you go Kalaba

  5. mulase

    May I know who is going to pay those ministers who went to campaign for those days?I just pray that they ar on unpaid leave.

  6. Khc

    Kalaba is a man of God pliz lve him alone and if you want to compete with him u also resign so that we see hw popular u are

  7. Julius

    Does it require a collective effort of MPs to dilute kalabas sentiments if for sure evetything is ok? People have got eyes and ears and are able to judge according to what is prevailing on the ground . We are in a globle village were people can never be cheated any more coz they rationare the gud and the bad

  8. George

    Does this mean Harry will stand in all Luapula constituencies? One man can not fight a dozen!!!!!

  9. mayani

    Comment: let kalaba party with kambwili, they shall perform wonders and develop this country like sata.

  10. FGM

    With the prevailing poverty levels, most Zambians would like to know why they are perpetually poor in a country endowed with vast natural resources ; so when some courageous sons of the land reveal that corruption and selfishness are the cause , they remain with no option and switch to other political parties. They even regret for having believed in people that are so selfish. Bearing that in mind , it will be difficult to maintain the loyalty pf commanded in luapula now that Kalaba has dislodged it .Kalaba has revived a money distribution exercise in luapula. Viva Kalaba.

    • kalanda

      Jews rejected Jesus as Zambians rejected Michael Sata for Rupiah Bwezani . we are still having human resources. Nd good leaders always emerged from the rejection: Mandela, …

  11. Lunoz power

    You thieves live the innocent man alone plz.

  12. Spishi k

    Mr kalaba cannot work with corrupt people.

  13. James Kate

    Kalaba is a son of Luapula n he has brought luapula on the map of Zambia. Just wait 4 2021 u will c who is popular.

  14. James Kate

    Imwe leave Kalaba alone.

  15. Eli

    So He Din’t Want Corruption?

  16. homohabilis

    Hardworking MPs is as follows chitalu chilufya,harry,and Ronald these guys they have done a lot in there provinces respectively.now come to kawambwa home place for this boy so called Nixon chilangwa aweeeeeeeeeeeeee nindoshi shamusalile or ifiwa fyalibwekela namo in grave yards pipo are sufferings interms of developmt…if he has come he doesn’t even meet victims who voted for him he does run away……be like legend kaka wesu honorable katele Kalumba kanshi mwanshinka shani fimutwee

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