Njoya T’s Wife Gets 5 Years for Assaulting Niece

Zambia Association of Musicians (ZAM) president Njoya Tembo’s wife has been sentenced to five years imprisonment for assault on her niece.

Tembo’s wife Brenda today got five years when magistrate Greenwell Malumani made the pronouncement.

Brenda got convicted for having assaulted her niece whom she was keeping for using a pressing iron she was told not to use.

The girl who was a pupil at Woodlands B Basic School with teachers alarmed by her showing up at school with swollen hands and a reddish blister on her chest.

The matter was brought to the attention of the law enforcement agencies that arrested Brenda.

Attempts to withdraw the matter were thwarted with Brenda taken through the court process.

The assault occurred on October 26, 2016 at Tembo’s house in Lusaka’s Chalala area.


  1. let her face the law

    Let others who mistreat nieces and nephews learn.

  2. kind

    End times mwebantu

  3. Hotness

    She is very dirty in her brain, how can a normal woman do such a satanic thing on a kid?

  4. Blenda

    My name sake y did u do that crazy thing ..were u under the influence of sunko????

  5. logic

    Let her amwineko

  6. Margret folowisa

    Mother Zambia…..how can a mother be this heartless and wicked where are we heading to,the future looks bad for us as leaders of tomorrow are we even going to see tomorrow or we will enter tomorrow with blisters and low self-esteem is this how we are going to live in our promised Christian land, mother Zambians teach us the morals and values of how to live in our land don’t build the hatred in the futures of tomorrow, what are we going to learn when you are behind bars what teaching are you teaching us… May God bless and change the hearts of our mothers we need them as good examples not as prisoners..

  7. Ommaul

    She deserved that

    • Jane l

      Let her face the law,its a lesson to learn by everyone.how can a mother be so heartless,let us treat all the children as our own

  8. Ethen

    Wickedness has grown

  9. Richard

    Let her, die in prison, very useless creator.

  10. Brian

    Such a respected woman to do such a thing evil woman may God punish you.

  11. stainess Mpange

    This Is the out come of wrong doing too bad for her, it’s a reason for us women we should learn to control our tapes.

  12. Owen Saga

    Yes that is what should be done to people abusing children??

  13. peter

    She will regret.

  14. Jermaine

    That’s a sad development for the Tembo family, Njoya continue praising God for every thing,there,s a powerful testimony in the waiting, God be with you and your family.

    • Praise

      Amen…. This is the work of the devil, but God will reveal himself at the right time. I believe there are several victims here not one, all will see victory at the end of it all.

  15. Majoni Tyson

    Judgment is without mercy to those who don’t show mercy. Five years is even less. That evil woman was supposed to dwel in jail until the coming of Christ becoz from there she can plan to finish the life of that girl. Sure, why women of nowadays have become more evil than a devil. She must be kept in same room with male prisoners so that she gets pregnant in one day and understands the labor of giving birth.

  16. Brian chile


  17. Brian chile

    How can u do that,yo niece sure

  18. Mpombo

    This tells me ba Tembo is under petticoat goverment how can such a thing happen under his roof.He tolerated his wife’s stupidity by letting the abuse happen under his watch.To make matters worse they even dare society by exposing the brutalised soul to the community.This type of brutality belonged to aunties and step mothers of the 70s and 80s.This time slay queens are more wiser about child rights.These are dents that tear families asunder.

  19. John sande

    The husband is also to blame as the head of the house you can’t allow such evil act be happening and you watch quietly he need redemption his equally evil.

  20. Samwell chali

    Uwanga No lupanga akafwa kulupanga that’s evil if she don’t need her why should she take her ku orphanages than doing discarding

  21. jah wise

    Banjoya mwa kulaikalafye mweka 4 5 years mukosefye na2gelo bwe bwe bwee

  22. Dependent

    Brenda is a witch,these are the evil gauidians that want to deceive useless husband. Njoya know,there is no way he wouldn’t have known unless his marriage was a pitcoat arrangement. Welcome to the dangion

  23. Don yung

    Foolish creature


    njoya stupit tembo. u ar felling to control yo on house, watof musicians who u manage?

  25. man Chito

    If she’s the one on the picture with the hubby! Then she’s HOT and EVIL marry someone else Mr T or you are next after five! Kiki

  26. sishawa

    God forgive her and sorry my dear

  27. sishawa

    God forgive you

  28. Peter K Chisanga

    People, don’t be too quick to judge or rather condemn Njoya T’s wife. Yes, she did the wrong thing but first analyse critically what drove her into committing such an offense. we are living in 21st century where powers and rights of parents have been replaced by human rights. I am not supporting her but think critically before you comment. Sometimes these kids can be really sturbon. Mama T, it is well. God is saying something! You may be in jail but they have not jailed your mouth.
    God will make you children’s ambassodor. God is with you, He is preparing you for something! Lastly, ba Njoya , my brother, leave it for GOD. Pray, pray, pray and pray and close the door to negative thoughts!

  29. dogbite

    Huz the wife in the pic is it the one in black o the fat one

  30. maz power

    sunko inamukola

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