Northmead Market Gets Vegetable Stand

Vegetable shelter opened in Northmead

On Monday (29.01.2018), we officially opened the first ever Vegetable Shelter at Northmead Market, as part of our planned modernisation of Northmead Market project, aimed at making all the stalls uniform, which was constructed through the contributions of this market’s hard working traders.

Thereafter, we proceeded to officially open Thornpark’s Market, which was under maintenance.

Our guest of honour was our Area Member of Parliament for Lusaka Central constituency, Hon. Margaret D.Mwanakatwe who is also the Minister of Commerce, trade and Industry.

I thank all the Marketeers at both markets for the effort and corporation rendered.

I’m appealing to all the stakeholders to come on board by contributing any form of construction materials towards our project of “Modernization of the markets in our community”.

Thank you all and Together we shall Develop and Make Silwizya ward 13 Great Again”

✍Tarcisious Ndolesha,
Area Councillor,
Silwizya ward 13,
Lusaka Central Constituency


  1. mkango


  2. Tito

    It always makes me wonder if at all the party in power has got what to offer to the Zambia. For sure it is of lower thinking for a party to brand a public property in a political ligalia paintings in where there people with different political and religious beliefs this is clearly showing how useless you are that shelter doesn’t belong to cares only that is for all zambians

  3. Sunta sunkutu

    No no no. Dumb fart!!! It is not for all Zambians. It’s for the marketiers who came togather under the stewardship of the political leadership that they themselves chose. If it’s for all Zambians, then I dare you to go and get a stand there as a Zambian, you will see how they’ll flash you out like a giant bog in the toilet.
    It’s their own project and if they wish to honour their elected leadership, it has nothing to do with you!!!!
    These are the projects that long serving I.5d.iots like mweetwa can do in his own constituency without any government funding. Yet you see nothing of the sort in choma. And maybe if he does it his people will honour upnd by painting their stands satanic blood red.

  4. Zednonymous

    Still i am not amazed, as a resident i expected the local council to modernize these stands a long time ago. It had to take a cholera outbreak for our friends in govt to realize those women who sale from that spot deserve better structures i have seen those women sale tomatoes from there for donkey years. Lastly this what we always complain about, why should we politicize markets? You paint market stands PF colors and its logo, what message are you sending to other parties and their members? We do this and claim we are one Zambia and nation why should we always alienate each other?. Please lets stop this mediocre kind of thinking, as a learned person madam MP we don’t expect this primitive behavior.

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