Opinion: Kamanga, City ‘Romance’ Hits The Spotlight

Sports journalist Kennedy Gondwe has given an analytical insight into FAZ president Andrew Kamanga’s relations with City of Lusaka.

Kamanga has paid K10, 000 to the redundant City of Lusaka at a time when FAZ has rejected to register the club through the owners.

Gondwe looks at Kamanga’s membership at City which raises questions about ethics and conduct.


By Kennedy Gondwe

The confirmation by one of the factions at City of Lusaka that Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) president Andrew Kamanga pays or has been sponsoring the club is very interesting.

Don’t get me wrong—nothing wrong with this gesture in a way because where Mr. Kamanga spends his personal money is entirely his prerogative.

But from the time two factions emerged at City, this gesture should have been suspended in my opinion.

This is because the payment (or sponsorship) of that money to one of the factions as a way of sponsoring the club carries with it an innuendo.

Or put differently, Mr. Kamanga’s actions alone mean that he recognizes one of the factions as being legitimate(the ones he’s funding).

At a time two parties at a club are fighting, especially that both of them have been wanting FAZ to adjudicate in the matter, the FAZ president should have momentarily suspended his sponsorship till this matter is disposed of.

You can’t have a judge funding a group that’s fighting with another yet both seeking you out as an arbitrator! That’s being an anarchist.

Likewise, let’s say Mr Kamanga was funding or sponsoring City of Lusaka through the Diego Casilli/Simataa Simataa group, how would Justin Zulu and company feel?

That’s the reason Mr. Kamanga should have kept away from City for now because what he’s done with the latest ‘donation’ is tantamount to a parent giving money for sweets to one of his step children after a fight between them.

What may have started as a goodwill gesture is now clearly being muddled with misplaced judgement at this moment.

So what justice can the other faction that’s not benefiting from the FAZ president’s benevolence expect when this matter comes up at the Disciplinary Committee or FAZ legal committee?

Infact, this gesture alone is a message to other FAZ bodies that “as an association, the City of Lusaka executive we recognize is that of Justine Zulu.”

Meanwhile, since this seems to be the case, FAZ should perhaps immediately throw away the appeal by Simataa/Diego Casilli so that the latter’s time and that of the association is not wasted any longer.

Can someone who’s conversant with the FAZ constitution enlighten me whether it’s ethically right for someone who’s become FAZ president to continue funding a particular club? From what I know, it isn’t.

So if, as an example, I am a Real Nakonde member, what will I be thinking when the FAZ president personally funds/sponsors another club and not mine when my club is not in any way a less member of the association?

I hope Mr Kamanga will dismiss what I have written or the latest statement that he has continued sponsoring City of Lusaka even after assuming the FAZ presidency as a lie. Sadly, it appears it’s not.

But regardless, I hope he comes out clean otherwise if the intention of those that issued the statement was to make the FAZ president appear good in this battle for legitimacy, they’ve just achieved the opposite in my view.

And this might prove to be an expensive constitutional and ethical own goal by Mr. Kamanga or the other City of Lusaka faction.

If I were Mr Kamanga, I would actually be privately livid with the people that have issued this statement or continue sponsoring City of Lusaka quietly if it’s really necessary and constitutional as a FAZ president.

Next time Mr Kamanga, maybe give out the money but tell everyone at the other faction: “Don’t Kubeba.” That’s being smart.


  1. tasha

    But why

  2. mulase

    As long as City of Lusaka is an affiliate of FAZ the FAZ boss is not supposed to sponsor it.Imagine wat wud happen if a team drags City of Lusaka to FAZ for a grievance, wud they receive a fair hearing?Ba KAMANGA ba kamba nishani so?

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