Tayali Says Judiciary Is Infiltrated

Economic and Equity Party (EEP) President Chilufya Tayali has called upon President Edgar Lungu to break down the cartels he says have been created in the judicial system and give back power to the chief justice to handle the judicial system.

Tayali says chief justice is currently powerless because some judges who feel they are closer to the president think they can do whatever they want and fix whoever is against their interest through rulings and judgments.

He says it’s unacceptable for some lawyers to write to the chief justice giving her an ultimatum to explain herself of some decisions she makes while the president is quite.

Tayali observes that the judicial system in the country is deeply divided and compromised with some judges being either on the opposition or ruling party side.

Recently, some lawyers threatened to call for an inquiry to probe Chief Justice Irene Mambilima for misconduct after she allegedly asked Judge Sunday Nkonde to recuse himself from handling The Post newspaper liquidation case.

In a letter to justice Mambilima dated January 4, 2018, signed by Mosha and Company, the law firm stated that her conduct was foreign, strange and unheard of.


  1. Gumugumu blue mutwe

    Mr. Tayali sir,what are you trying to do? What’s your party’s manifesto? Looks like you spilling your energy every where,rather than directing it in something tangible. #lemon juice into milk.

    • Gift Malanga

      My friend get to the bottom of it don’t just say.
      If you among them pity on you.
      God surely will judge you.
      Wicked people shall not go unpunished.

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