Letter: Dear Mama Nkandu Luo


Mama Nkandu Luo

? you want to hide in your age and tell us you cant be criticised, because we are your children…guess what? people that do not like critisim dont vie for public office.

?‍⚖️In the spirit of Raila Odinga. We give a 48hrs ultimatum to Prof Luo to tell us when we will open…or we tell ourselves.

? We are not babies…lets just talk, you can pay us half of the allowances and the other when you kongola…youre just broke noti ati sanitation. since when do you care?

? That you were born earlier does not make you super intelligent. We can see right through you. How come only the Universities with bursary happen to be the dirtiest?

?Our rankings are not impressive, yet you close universities as you desire…to be reputable, you need foreign students. I know CBU SOM alone has 20+ Lesotho students. So when such people go to their countries, what do they say about us, that we are cholera pathogens?

?Make things right. Do not embarras us with reasons you know very well do not make any sense.

?It is not sanitation alone you should worry about. Worry also for the plight of lecturers, the delapidated state of laboratories…and before you speak against squatting, worry about lack of adequate student accomodation.

? Since when did the University become a 1 man show…that you are ready to shut it all down to protect your person?…that students wont open because you fear they will be used by those that oppose you? How low you think of us…academic progress has to be on pause.

?‍?It is disappointing for someone of your status to run academia in this manner.

1. BC system has failed: there are always omissions, delays etc…yet the money is budgeted.

2. Why not give ZANACO or another bank the responsibility to handle scholarship money without interference from GRZ…maybe they will be more accountable not those irregularies in the Attorney Generals report.

3. The allowance itself is a medoicre, too small…maybe a bank will invest that money, and we get a better pay.

4. where have you been all along to notice that the universities are dirty today?



  1. Daniel andre

    well said fellow intellectual.. the minster thinks she can just do as she pleases.. if the govt of the day does not have a heart for educating its people then really its doing nothin.. how can you say education is the key to success when its not even you top priority..

  2. Leeman chileka

    Point mudala that’s true Charles sakala

  3. Lc

    I knew it,hw can a person who failed her marriage manage to run a sensitive ministry like higher education come on guys,i wud hav gone to Dr manda to consult her atitudes toward other peoples children if he was alive.

  4. POWER F.M

    That’s true

  5. advisor

    Mwaice wandi tekanya… Even us your elders in our UNZA times thought things were easy to run. We also thought we were the smartest, but we are now facing reality… So give some consideration to the Hon. Minister. …as they say “cut her some slack”.

  6. tn ch

    Nkrumah has not opened yet too.

  7. Koswe mumpoto

    2021 is near guys wake up n do the rt thing , ts not difficult tz jt as as simple as abc vote team ck tiye nabo

  8. Antonio

    It is sad that any complaint from students is quickly capitalised upon (wrongly) as opposition influenced. The powers that be should change this mode of operation and seek real solutions to genuine complaints. Let’s learn to be progressive: at times this may mean acknowledging ones errors.

  9. Anonymous

    That’s true……the money the nation has is being misapplied….but again let’s all just be clean….

  10. Xando

    Destroying any nation does not require the use of atomic bombs or the use of long range missiles. _It only requires lowering the quality of education and allowing cheating in the examinations by the students._

    Patients die at the hands of such doctors.

    Buildings collapse at the hands of such engineers.

    Money is lost at the hands of such economists & accountants.

    Humanity dies at the hands of such religious scholars.

    Justice is lost at the hands of such judges…
    The collapse of education is the collapse of the nation and a that do not appreciate the education is a failed state.
    Good massage my fellow student. I have also started to conjecture that they chewed our money in the name of vibrio cholera.

  11. Ezra

    Regardless of the political crunch down our county is going through a normal person can’t vote for ck, we don’t need try and errors as we have done in the previous years. Not any more!!!!!

    • Rm

      Commentplz try new brains, these old brains that move from party to party have stopped thinking we’ll. we now need flesh brains in the new government. sorry let them go they be failed..

  12. Joseph Shabebah

    This is for our president sir am applying for an appointment to see you sir Mr president I have been trying ever since you took office to no avail sir my phone number is here sir 0979813631,I have a lot to tell you sir not like this thank you for your time and God bless you and the first family Joseph

  13. Patrick uwa kukalale

    All these days I have been dreaming the government budgets for the country, it’s embarrassing to put a bicycle rider as a pilot in a jet.
    1- How could someone who is aged and still single manage a public office?
    2- How are you going to control people’s children with sympathy if u don’t have one?
    3- How did she fail to control her marriage and expect to control higher education?
    4- How can she not expect criticism when she’s in a public office?

  14. LUKS

    Wow! Indeed a voice has been heard, the woman is too old to handle education. ???

  15. Lukwe

    Well said, I think the issue of sanitation is getting out of hand, open the universities imwe mayo!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Jonathan mayondi

    Just open school…this ain’t your education… Mwefipululu

  17. mulubwa

    Comment true

  18. wasula pekosi


  19. Lee

    Even reporting is a problem nowadays. This article was written by a CBU student, not UNZA.

  20. clever Munakanyemba

    Its not UNZA and CBU students who Ar perishing in the name of sanitation but many government institutions including Kwame Nkrumah university students..the ministry of hire education should think twice,its high time mama Pr Luo u act like professionals with your ministry not as ordinary citizens who don’t understand the meaning of education.

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