Ndola Finds Alternative Trading Space For Vendors

The Ndola City Council has found an alternative trading place for displaced street vendors in the Central Business District.

NCC spokesperson Tilyenji Mwanza says the council technocrats met with the District Commissioner George Chisulo and Acting Town Clerk Wisdom Bwalya have opted as a temporary measure to close the Livingstone, Chisokone ring road to accommodate some of the street vendors removed from the street.

“The identified spot will be made available for trade in less than 48hrs and will accommodate about 400 traders.

“The identification procedure was done in consultation with market representatives,” Mwanza states.

She explained that displaced street vendors will be allocated trading space by the council department of housing.

“It is for this reason we are advising street vendors not to pay any money to any individuals who will claim they will give them stands.

“The Local Authority would also like to appeal to all traders in the habit of returning to the streets after work hours to desist from doing so as street vending has been banned,” Mwanza states.


  1. mkango

    good mwanza keep ndola clean


    Let’s Hope The Necessary Basics At The Found Sight Will Be Put In Plac E By The Grace Of God. Chris Sills

  3. mmmm

    it’s powerful keep it up

  4. Mmusi

    Where is this Livingstone, Chisokone ring road?

  5. Tembo Ivona

    Good job!

  6. Richard masanta

    You have to be specific tell us the area you are going to give your vendors.

  7. gu

    Good job keep it up


    Where is Livingston,chisokone road found.

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