Frank Bwalya Is Zambia Ambassador To Australia

Patriotic Front deputy spokesperson Frank Bwalya has been appointed Zambia’s Ambassador to Australia.

Bwalya was sworn in this morning. He is due to take up his posting soon.

Before joining active politics after successfully campaigning with the PF in 2011 as CSO Agenda for Zambia boss, Bwalya served as Misa Zambia president.

The former priest who quit his role in church after forming an opposition political party that lasted a very short time will now be a diplomat representing the country in Australia.

Bwalya is confident of marketing Zambia to the outside world.


  1. cccc

    it pays

  2. louise halw

    Eeeeh!! Ndalama izi!!

  3. Richard

    Fanally GOD, has answered his prayer.

  4. chikwembeta

    Shi Change zoona mwaya ilyo ifintu filelubana awe wish you the best,although we as cb people expect more from you for change…
    Too much confusions in zed

  5. Amon Mwale

    You deserve that sir, thanks my president ECL

  6. Amon Mwale

    He deserves it.

  7. upnd


  8. Tito

    This man is talkative, I doubt if he will represent Zambia very well.

  9. innocent

    Congrats Mr.Bwalya

  10. Alex Kalindo

    Go and lift up the Zambian flag.Ba Bwalya twalishiba mulabombesha,mukende umutende.

  11. Isaac

    Bwalya you have sold the church, to politics .Pastors, father’s Church elders who support this evil thing so called politics , you are also evils ( devil’s

  12. Isaac

    Bwalya you have sold the church, to politics .Pastors, father’s Church elders who support this evil thing so called politics , you are also evils ( devil’s

  13. Isaac

    Bwalya you have sold the church, to politics .Pastors, father’s Church elders who support this evil thing so called politics , you are also evils ( devil’s)


      Tiye you were aware that working for katolica is worse than working for ECL congratulations

  14. Peter Kubala

    Congrats bakamba

  15. Xando

    On behalf of frank bwalya, I would like to say thank you guys for your compliment. See you when I get back,though I doubt to come back

  16. Victor

    patronage at work, since the KK days, nobody is appointed on merit, its who you support that counts

  17. Robert

    It’s good you’re for Zambian people ,though you u’h forsaken Tha work of God Almighty.

  18. Barotseland

    Ki masholi feels stealing public funds .

  19. James kashiko

    Congratulations Mr Frank go well and lift up the Zambian flag in Australia

  20. Lloydnkowani

    God’s time is the best gogo mwalilwisishe bane but represent Zambia and not Bwalya Frank alon NO.

  21. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya(GBM)

    Congrats Mr Bwalya

  22. sinkala don

    Comment good wishes but remember God

  23. Prudence Chilufya mulenga

    Congrats ba Fr wesu. I remember u as my boss at radio Icengelo. Hard working man. U deserve it.

  24. Mupe

    Congratulations, go and represent Zambians

  25. Tom London

    Let ‘ s hope former father frank bwalya won’t start marketing mukula , nrdc cheaply in Australia . From being a man of GOD to being a man of ecl and pf quiet interesting pa zed . money matters thank you .

  26. Love your neighbor

    Well spoken Isaac, politcs dilute & kills the quality of a church leader in leadership,because honestly, you cannot serve two masters at once, there is no politician who is a true servant of God.Politics will never go side by side with the church no matter what.

  27. Timbo mwape

    Hopefully, the rest should be careered civil servants, than all to be cadres.

  28. Jk

    No wander voko efyo walefwaya kabiye greet for me lalimaluma for me

  29. joseph

    If u ar a man of GOD politics cant change u its only wen u yourself allows anyway ba bwalya I like the way u tolk explain things theologically and bibically m sure uwill know wer start from and u know wat Zambians need may GOD guide u

  30. Jkn

    Mwabombeni all the best in everything we do for God we serve him not only in clerical also in lay wishing u God’s guidance n peace

  31. Haks Mus Jr


  32. Samuel

    Wishing you all the best Mr.Frank BWALYA,the sky is the Limit.

  33. vincent

    Comment:congratulation to the former priest…my opinion is that post shud have been given to the person who is happily married not to sinior bachelors…..

  34. Tom London

    Selling the lost sheep for the love of 300 pieces of silver Frank bwalya has also thrown away his bibles and therefore must be EX – communicated . Unfortunately Zambia is no longer a Christian nation as a result . so why blame the gay lesbian couple when every thing else around is rotten . Pilato also is also smoking hamp on the other side and wants Lungu , mwamba , crucified on charges of corruption . huge ck and kalaba will. obviously act as Judas . mutati and inonge shall be producers pitched on top of Parliament building . Dora , , Rb will play tricks with Chinese made cameras .it will be a beautiful film art work to watch . ANd huge sums of stolen money shall be spent . HH will have to pay 127 yrs to have it for upnd and GBM, shall be excited together with the rest of Zambians . Super KK won’t be happy but as usual will just say thank you to hh and his country men

  35. ba Jimson

    You can do it. sir….work extra harder…congratulation Mr bwalya

  36. clever Munakanyemba

    Go and represent the Zambian people there mr Bwalya in a profession maner.we dont need politics there.one zambia one nation.

  37. Tembo Caphas

    Congrats.Mr Bwalya,psalms 83:18.It Says Alone God IS De Supreme Ruler Al De Earth.

  38. Health Sinister

    Why not? He is a Zambian

  39. Sj

    You’ve run your race and fought a good fight. Congrats for that achievement.Comment

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