Letter: PF Will Not Adopt Nathan Chanda For Roan MP in 2021

President Lungu is building bridges slowly and silently. His movements into the northern parts have been received well by PF structures, and we want to [see] more.

Just in the last few months he has sent almost all those politicians into diplomatic service so as to now set his political agenda on the road.

Wylbar Simuusa, Emmanuel Chenda, Joseph Katema and Ngosa Simbyakula are among the many that he has graciously sent away to mend his fence back home.

Last week he properly managed to bring in Antonio Mwanza from FDD into PF to start managing de 2021 FDD alliance to the current PF-MMD working relationship. He is carefully crafting the exit of Professor Nkandu Luo from Munali.

He has began positioning younger ones who can be loyal to him. Come 2021 whether he stands or not, President Lungu will disappoint many old fellows.

I anticipate President Lungu wont adopt Nathan Chanda because he doesn’t like noise makers but hard workers. Even Harry Kalaba he won’t be anywhere near ku convention or Bahati adoption he should forget.

We may see the Brian Hapundas, Emmanuel Mwamba, Christopher Kangombe, Chanda Kabwe, Sunday Chanda, Charles Simusokwe, Mphandashalo, Prince Ndovi, Nakiwe Simpungwe, Andrew Lubusha, Maxwell Chongu William Lungu and the “Mukula Drama Boys” will get many adoptions pa constituencies.

A new path is being set, and this could be the ultimate legacy of President Lungu and that’s what we shall remember him for.

PF Luapula Youth Chair


  1. Dewin

    wil u be developing roads til 2021?

  2. lungu

    Yaaba again confusion

  3. Kelvin Kabambi

    Let’s just say that glory be to God.

  4. H Mwape

    Yesss here in Luanshya we don’t need noise makers,find us a person from out side Luanshya!!

  5. uko lelo!

    In case you didn’t know… That’s it.

  6. chikwembeta

    Our rsolution is to follow ck alone till tukabafumyepo,we don’t care what he can do now or anytime…
    We don’t entrust a reformed kidnapper with children,he can still kidnap again…
    Viva Kambwili for letting the nation know about corruption in pf government,for this we will vote them out

  7. matuzi

    We are tired with lungu and the company. A part that dose not hear advice. Awe nikoswe mumpoto.

  8. matuzi

    Wy so slow in dishing out fertilizer?Luke Mr lungu,we don’t know how you are with this woman who have highly contributed to poverty Zambia. Can you supervise her properly to go and cherck from banks what is going on. Ask yourself ,can a farmer apply fert in mach ?and your problem you don’t refund farmers money,2015 Sam farmers still on waiting. The vulture sistem is fark BA man honestly.
    We can blame a woman when the mistake is with you the President. Please cherk your problem .If it is deliberately well and good we watch. In Sam parts it is raining for applying fertilizer that you are holding in your pocket.

  9. real zambian


  10. Moses kinda

    Let things move in harmony in this country

  11. Upnd

    we have tired of confusions yaba pf,2021 kuya bebeele nangu mukalete amachampa….

  12. mwewa

    may God see us through

  13. Jj

    Very unfortunate

  14. chabwela ku Chipata

    You shall see in 2021,here in Chipata no one will vote for you,we have regret about our votes sure,sure!!!????????

  15. chabwela ku Chipata

    You shall see in 2021,here in Chipata no one will vote for you,price of maize was low,fertilizer until now,but quickly buying fire tender, ..we have regret about our votes sure,sure !!!????????

  16. Sarah k senanga

    Lungu what is ur duty?

  17. Sarah k senanga

    Lungu 2021 is not urz u have killed us in many ways.

  18. Henschel Christian

    we jx have to thank to give us this type of a president

  19. Henschel Christian

    we jx have to thank God to give us this type of a president

    • analyst

      Amashiwi yobe, Mr Christian , yaleumfwika kwati kutasha nangula kupunya! What do you really mean by that?

      • Henschel Christian

        my brother I meant that he is also a human being like you …….he can go wrong any time…..so all I meant is that you jx have to say thank you for what he has done…

  20. Henschel Christian

    people please….one thing you should get to know is that lungu is not God so please don’t expect him to eradicate all the problems we’re facing…..he’s also a human being like us and he can make a mistake at any time….so please don’t blame lungu that he’s the course of every thing that is happening in Zambia to day whilst it is you the same who is coursing them and you also want to humiliate him to other countries …please people am begging you to stop humiliating lungu and insulting him for nothing and you should think outside the box……

  21. JD

    Iwe are u telling me that u are blind u can’t see what is happening in our country, open yo eyes my friend.

    • Henschel Christian

      so you are telling me that Lungu is the course of all the problems in our country……so you want lungu to be traveling door by door

  22. National advisor

    Let’s all pray to God, for a better future, when things are wrong no need to sugar cote and let’s leave the blame game to the olden generation, for us youths, its to offer solutions, if Nathan Chanda is a noise maker let him know so that he can perform better, or else there will be no difference between the olden generation and us new guys. Twapita twaya

  23. Willy nacho

    We are tired of lies come 2021 we want to try another leadership for u its over I’m sorry u HV killed zm

  24. evans


  25. Gumugumu blue mutwe

    Henschel Christian, the office of president comes with great responsibilities and being president does not mean you are brainy that others,that’s why there are advisors to the president. Decision made by a father in a home, will affect the whole family,same as decisions made by the president will affect the whole nation. This position is not a position to do try and error. A lot of African leaders do not understand the seat of Presidency.

  26. Js

    Even when you bring who ever is in your mind nothing will change just work hard mr lungu won’t come to your house and give you food

  27. Harrison Chanda Abraham

    People of Zambia let’s just pray to God so that God will be in contor in everything we are doing the Bible says that our help comes from the Lord

  28. mulongoti

    Ba js you’re right lungu is a president of this country and his doing what everyone needs like roads, hospitals, schools and all those which are public the rest belongs to our selves those whose mindsets depends on others, those who are lazy wait and see For us who are not parasites we’re busy using all the road networks to put food on our tables keep on complaining you will die with your complaints while lungu is busy doing thimgs for the wise to use Let’s wait and see 2021 is just around the corner hipic nipamubili pamobe

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