Hichilema Tours Maize Fields in Katuba, Chibombo

Opposition UPND president Hakainde Hichilema combed through Chibombo and Katuba areas of central province touring agricultural settlements and fields at the weekend.

Curiously President Edgar Lungu was a guest of the people of Katuba last week similarly touring agricultural projects.

Hichilema used the occasion of his visit to discredit government’s alleged poor agricultural policies.

Below is his statement after the tour:

This morning we conducted a site visit at some selected maize fields in Katuba constituency, Chibombo District, Central Province.

We wanted to have first hand experience of how our country’s Agriculture sector has been brought to its knees.

We sympathise with the farmers across the country and our immediate call is that we must declare a national disaster as our country’s food security is under severe threat and pressure.

We must begin identifying solutions to the looming hunger situation in our country caused by droughts and bad Agricultural policies such as the failed e-voucher system.

As we toured the maize fields, we heard how farmers have basically been swindled out of their hard earned money by the non-supply and delivery of farming inputs.

Unfortunately, the farmers have not been given farming inputs and even more worryingly the very low cost per tonne for their produce supplied to the government, should be condemned.

However, when our time in government comes, we will simply do the following; give farmers the farming inputs on time and at very affordable prices, pay the farmers for their maize produce at better price and on time. This will translate into farmers growing more and thereby reducing poverty, taking children school and positively impacting the country as a whole.

We will ensure that the Agriculture sector is viable for the growth of our country’s economic development. Currently, the Agriculture sector has been destroyed, even those tasked to inform the nation on weather patterns have failed to make proper forecasts. Those claiming leadership have been plundering public resources through corruption instead of investing key economic sectors such as Agriculture.

When in government we will run a zero tolerance policy on corruption and anyone found wanting regardless of their office will be made to pay back to our country.

God bless our country.



  1. MUZO


  2. HCF

    We cant wait 2 c his Excellence Prisident HH in the office n 2021….. pliz we hav suffered a lot, come en rescue us coz u are de only hope dat we have …en end stealn as wel as corruption whch has gone viral n zambia… thanx Mr Presid. HH 4 mekn us citizen 2b aware..

    • Legend becker

      U ll cry a lot kansh, upon seeing hh in office, just wait broz

      • cozcowjr

        when you are asked to pray next time don’t laugh at us. ask your your self why there is normal to above normal rains in the pf strongholds. as far as I can see the maize field shown above is simply lacking moisture.

  3. B.H.H

    CommentDont fool us ,we know your greed for wealth .

  4. Klaus

    Hh takatekepo.he can’t rule Zambia.they are rumours

  5. Pf youth chairman in lsk

    HH when are voted into power you will give the Same excuses the of government is giving… Look at what of has done as compared to their manifesto? They have done nothing all they want is power just like you hh.wait for your time will soon vote for u 2021 but don’t lie to people like the of government.

  6. yonyeka


    kikikiki that’s what all politicians say when they re in opposition, may God bless u n your business, PF 2021 will rule again.

    • Jk

      who knew that pf can form a government God is the only one who knows one future not u nyonyeka shut up ngwele

  7. Christianhood messiah party

    Be think tanker not simple tanker.

  8. Isaac

    UPND is going to win the 2021election but not hh says mother Zambia. So UPND members let’s change this TOP leard of the party for us to get this three of winning the election’s
    In 2021.

  9. chiposa

    HH will change Zambia to a good nation I’m telling you people… Don’t blame him but try to vote for him. How can you hate a good president,imwe Bantu

  10. Sampa makbain

    Cheap politicking, is it President’d fault on army worms and poor rains.share all your wealth and will enter the kingdom of God.I wonder u pipo who support him,when in his kalamo farm chased poor farmers without mercy.any the wealth he has is questionable???.can 1of u be given even a ka coin??ask munkombwe when he was admitted at uth,5 oranges for the old man kkkkk greediness, and yet some 1 claims he is a billionaire if not thoudanaire kkkk????

  11. mulongoti

    Uyu emulomo so he was waiting for ecl to go first why didnt he go to visit before he’s lying he just went to checkout his farms to see what God can do to some people like him Farmers also sure if other businesses can increase their profits whats wrong with farmers how can they just depend on handouts ever since they started selling maize to fra again lungu is not God if there’s no rains then theres nothing the President can do about nature it’s up to God himself fimbi rule me mako bwino

  12. Majoni Tyson

    HH for Zambia, those who are still cleaving to PF hate themselves, their children and the entire nation. However, the blind can’t dominate, they will take ignorance in their houses. Open your eyes if u can’t understand ask wisdom from God. The country has suffered becoz of the blind leaders and their blind followers are still supporting without reasoning. U will learn better when hunger strike this country since chorela has been partial and it has spared the idiots with silly comments. It yo father who never rule. Our president ,Mr.HH is the on hope for Zambia. May God bless him abundantly as he comes to save his pipo from shuckles of poverty imposed the rats without vision, the mouse in the pot finishing all the left over for the poor.

    • Aurent

      Comment: Shame to you, you think Jehovah Almighty blesses bitter, disgruntled band greed people? Or does He hear prayers from hateful and insulting lips like yours? No! But i God for HH even though he’s meant for presidency.

    • Wise me

      No noone is just cleaving to PF but that the individual you are proposing for presidency does not meet God’s bench-mark for leading a nation as follows:
      1. When God has given him resources to love his neighbours, he has chosen to abuse his neighbours and promote hatred among the people. Remember the violence by the UPND in Southern Province? Abusive/insultin UPND supporters on this media platform?
      2. Simply trying to manipulating situations/being decietiful by appointing people with but public relations cruel others including their own families vice presidency or president’s advisor without them repenting. This was for the sake of hoodwinking God’s people into voting for him. Even if one can move a mountain but does not love they shall not enter the Kingdom of Heaven. It will not matter how many of you including those with powers from pitchy dark cemeteries, unless you turn to our God your wishes are in vain.
      3. The government you people are fighting needs all our love in order to succeed. Stop finger pointing and get down to work with those resources at your disposal.

  13. Victor musuka

    hh. just forget even 2021 is for lungu again.you keep on crying

    • Kapyongo S

      Comment Are you God to say that HH he will never going to rule these Country .Wazaweyi boyi

  14. Chris B

    Chiwamina galu kuluma mbuzi. you must pay back proceeds or the Zambia Privatization thats is the only way we shall see that you can fight corruption not talking about corruption when you are a corrupt element of ZPA yourself, mines are what they are because of people like you, ZCBC, NIEC, DUNLOP, ROP, ROVER ZAMBIA, FIAT, UBZ, INDECO, ZIMCO, MINDECO, BOLT ZAMBIA, POSTS AND TELECOMMUNICATION COMPANY, ZAMBIA RAILWAYS, ZAMBIA AIRWAYS and many more companies where sold by you and you shared the monies amongst yourselves then today you should come and fool Zambians with stollen money. just bring back the cold blood money you can fool only those who where not there and those who forget so easily. you cant fool us boi you corrupt very corrupt and as long as you laid a hand on that money you will never rule this country the cold blood from the graves will always haunt you whether you like it or not. As long as blood is restless in many graves of this country on account of poverty place on them forcibly by stealling what rightfully belonged to them, they died with deep anguish in their hearts thinking about how their families would cope with life after that fate caused by you and a few of your friends.

  15. Legend becker

    HH ll rule dis country for dat m pretty sure, whether u hate him or not itx non f his business buh know dat he z destined, we blv in
    “Zonda uzalema”

  16. mulongoti

    Majoni tyson is hh your father if you’re his nephew and you want your uncle to rule you shud mind the way you talk because the pipo you’re insulting are the voters you can’t vote alone you have failed to take him to state house alone Bt you’re insulting each one Of us are entitled to their own rights and opinions theres no fool and wise so ba tyson these are just politics

  17. kelly

    hh my friend u never rule zambia upnd to rule zambia unless u change yo leader yo leader is stubbon and bosting so hh expect to cry again in 2021 lungu u will rule again hh keep crying from now me i dont care u nt my relative u will fail alone kikikikiki booo !hh

  18. Dewin

    HH go ahead with the same spirit hater ni hater they can evn hate gud pipo zambians wake up! luk wat southafrica is doing they ar demanding the removal of Zuma bcoz of corruption, why cnt we elect HH and the UPND then if they mess up in two yrz lyk the pf then us citizens wil protest 4 the immediate removal than doubting him as if he was a president befor

  19. Chriss PHIRI

    HH is our next president.

  20. Wise Me

    Without fear or favour, the man is skilled at hoodwinking desperate people.That is what Satanism is when a person does not recognise God’s works puts blame on people he hates. How would sensible people be treated like fools and believe what he said about the drought situation. Please don’t support such jokers in power because:
    1. If he could help with money from his wealth when and how is going to help. Is it only when in State House?
    Believe me you should you put this stinge person in power money will scarce. Such people who are not flexible are likely to refuse to handover power when they loose.
    Please save us from such leadership.

  21. Wise me

    Without or favour the man is skilled at mocking and abusing poor people. Apart from Southern the 2 Western Provinces where else has he invested human development projects. This man is an introvert who does not believe in God. He hates those God has blessed with instruments of power. Mr man every situation good bad or bad God has a hand in it. If your so famous now story of stolen votes happened just know that God does not trust you with his people’s lives. There are a number of things that you do against God his people.
    1. You have shown so much hatred to President Edgar Lungu and the people of Zambia by wishing him removed through an uprising when if you are sane should know that could lead to lose of lives.
    2. You are an impositor in the house of the Lord by pretending that you can perform wonders with your wishful thinking. Consequently you have misled some people to think that the wealth you have is synonimous with good leadership.
    3. You are influenced God’s people to sin. It is becoming clear through the Commission of Enquiry on Election Violence that your supporters mitreated polling agents of other parties in order to steal votes but you are the first to blame others. There are many more issues against your relationship with God and his people, tell us which one deserves a Blessing. Stop thinking that you can get power by just ranting. There is a God who loves those you despise.

  22. jakangoh

    pipo who work great things are always rejected that is zambian culture. Mwanawasa, sata now it is hh. Tuli bamutasha kali kwitobo.Even the son of God was rejected. we are Thomas , believing after seeing

    • Wise me

      The Good thing about people who truthfully believe in our Christian God are able to detect decietiful or dishonest/evil minded beings particularly those who have captured people like one Jakangoh. I will pray for your deliverence so that you should see what I am able to in this individual. Watch the space and see what the true God will do to the access of evil shrouded inself agrandisement!

  23. Hercules

    Sata(mhsrip) and his MMD sold the mines and let Lungu the new millionaire on the block share his stolen wealth with the poor Zambians.

  24. Josne

    That is how politics should be providing checks and balances we are one Zambia we need to be fair to one another despite no one is pefect ! HH u recieve my applaud for such a check and balance

  25. matuzi

    Yeah, we all know that it is dryout.gardening is farming also.the issue we are condemning pf leadership is of stealing farmers capital whether small all big.
    Farmers paid 400 for fisp bat up to date bapumakofye kulibwe.pf,s accepts not its mistakes.
    We are tiard with thieves come HH we love you.
    Supporters of pf they don’t jast know repacations of people in rulow areas faces.

    • Entrick h

      Never give up HH go forward till to reach Zambia to it’s destination you have a big version for the people of Zambia .

  26. Entrick h

    Never give up HH go till you reach Zambia to it’s destination. I you have a big version for the people of Zambia.

  27. Entrick

    Never give up HH go forward till to reach Zambia to it’s destination you have a big version for the people of Zambia.

  28. prosper chabala

    we love lungu and we will vote for him in 2021 and not someone hh

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