Kambwili Seeks Truce With President Lungu

The ruling Patriotic Front general secretary Davis Mwila says National Democratic Congress leader Chishimba Kambwili has made overtures to reconcile with President Edgar Lungu.


For Immediate Release

5th February, 2018


Embattled expelled Roan Member of Parliament, Chishimba Kambwili has been sending emissaries to His Excellency, President Edgar Lungu asking the President to forgive him and allow him back in the Patriotic Front. This came to light yesterday in Kapiri Mposhi, when PF Secretary General, Hon Davies Mwila officially launched the PF’s mobilisation exercise for Central Province.

Mr. Mwila revealed that Mr Kambwili has been going to some named priests and chiefs begging them to plead with President Edgar Lungu to reinstate him back in the Patriotic Front.

“I want to tell all those in NDC that Chishimba Kambwili whom they think is their leader has actually been sending emissaries to President Edgar Lungu pleading for forgiveness from the President. He has been begging the President to forgive him and to reinstate him back in the party. This has been going on for sometime now, it’s just that unlike him, we are mature enough so we couldn’t expose him but he is unrepentant that is why I have decided to expose him today. So all you members of NDC who are following Kambwili you will soon find outside as orphans with no leader,” Hon Mwila said adding that as a Party, the PF will only forgive Mr Kambwili only if he climbs and apologise from the ant hill, in the same manner that he has been insulting the President.

And speaking at the same function, PF Central Province Chairperson, who is also Member of Parliament for Chitambo constituency, Hon Mutale Chanda warned that the party in the province will not allow anyone to insult and demean the Head of State with impunity. He reteirated the Secretary General’s earlier sentiments that people must differentiate between President Edgar Lungu as a person and President Edgar Lungu as holder of the office of the President.

“As Central Province with my youths here we won’t allow anyone to be insulting the president, especially the Presidency. It is not about how a person looks, it’s about the Presidency as an institution. As Central Province we are saying that those who are insulting the Presidency, let them attempt to come to Central Province and insult the President, that’s when they will know that kwaliba ubuteko bwa mpili-mpili (that’s when they will know that there is a leadership of chili in Central Province.),” warned Hon Mutale. He further challenged the Party members to choose which party they want to belong other than double-dealing as he won’t hesitate to execute the Secretary General’s directive to discipline any member of the party in the province who is not loyal to the Party.

Meanwhile Mr Mwila declared 2018 as a year of party mobilisation and warned that the PF will not allow non-performing officials to continue holding on to party positions. He demanded commitment and hard work from all party officials.

“This year 2018 is a year for us to start mobilising the Party. We have to change the way we do things. And all of us who are holding party positions must show commitment,” He said. “Inchito twaingilamo (the job we are doing) is about sacrifice. All of us here with the exception of myself, MPs, Mayors, Councillors and Council Chairpersons are volunteers; no one gets paid. So it’s not an easy job because you have to leave your work, your business to come here and work for the party,” observed Hon Mwila.

The SG further reteirated his message that for the party to grow there is need for all the party members to be committed to the cause. He cautioned that the party will not allow non-performing members to continue holding on to party positions.

“This year we shall not allow passengers to continue holding party positions. Some of you have been around as chairmen, chairladies, youth chairpersons buy you have not even held a single meeting from the time you took office. Most party wings are dormant. You are waiting for the chairpersons to call for meetings. You must be holding your own meetings as long as you get permission from the chairmen. We will not allow that kind of approach this year,” Mr Mwila cautioned.

The launch was attended by PF leaders from all the 11 districts and 14 constituencies of Central Province including Members of the Central Committee as well as Members of Parliament such as Hon Davies Chisopa of Mkushi South, Hon Tutwa Ngulube of Kabwe Central and Hon Sydney Mushanga among others.

Hon Davies Mwila is expected to be in Eastern Province next week to officially launch the mobilisation exercise there.

Issued by Antonio Mwanza, PF Deputy Director for Media.


  1. Simon Mfula

    There are only three political idealogies communism,socialism and capitalism and only PF socialism is investing in people.Proliferation of parties merely waste of human resources.Dr Kambwili is better off with socialists than liberal UPND supported by colonialism

    • HH azinama!

      @Simon Mfula, wish Zambians knew this. Sadly, even the so-called informed and educated have no clue about this at all.

    • Willy nacho

      U a lier

    • Sibbuku

      Mfula. What else do u need to know from theft reported by former pf members? Surely do u need a confused court to tell u that resources meant for ur children have been stolen. Think plse. Not Sebana wikute. Shame.

  2. Ezra

    Politics! A really filthy game indeed…. Especially African politics, Zambia particularly. Watching from afar

    • Chosen

      Brother Ezra, I choose to say politics on its own is good for all of us but it’s the political players who are damn filthy in both word and action. We need genuinely honest men and women to run the affairs of our great nation Zambia. And for us to achieve this, it’s time the electorate starting voting for sensible leadership. When we get upright leadership in power, even the nonsense called tribalism and corruption will be reduced tremendously. May God bless our great nation Zambia and its people, Amen!

  3. Sypriano chimamba

    If he apologized to the president that’s good for the country but y are u saying I want to exposé him come on ba mwila remember you lost yo sit as Mp just mind yo business pls we want people who preach peace not hurt speech,if u contest again you will lose again let them try someone else in 2021,Pf for 2021 with one chagwa

  4. kambwili

    Bufi ba Mwila. Mwileta ama piliticts yabupuba naimwe. Baka bolala ba mukula tree.

    • let me be part of the team

      atilist they know that the man kambwili cant be matched

    • Rev Patrick Mubanga

      Zambia needs prayers. Let us Christians hold hands and pray for our leader, both in the ruling and opposition.

      • Gift Malanga

        Rev: mubanga honestly you are a man of but do you really see Christianity in our leaders?
        Answer me as if you are answering to Jesus Christ our Lord.
        Please don’t involve into politics if you want to see the kingdom of God yes let’s pray for each other.
        I love this God bless.

  5. Pamusebo

    Umwaice asensela ilyo kawa. Davis and poor farming(pf) have run out of ideas and they think political murder will help them to revamp pf. You can not compare kambwili to mulenga Sata. Mwila,mulenga,sampa,ex priest and his wife siliya,lusambo, are nkonka mupulo type of politicians.

  6. Teckson Nkhoswe

    H.E.president Lungu is a merciful leader that all well meaning citizens have hope in him.just forgive ksmbwili

  7. sj

    Pride comes before a nose dive. The Bible says if a brother has lost it, seek counsel instead of shouting about your brother’s infirmities from every street corner.

  8. Joseph

    Politics zoona after insulting the president is now seeking for apologe anyway nimuzambia.

    • muntu

      kambwili is not a baby who would want to be nursed.he cant go back to pf if u so wish that he will do that one day wait and see

  9. Japhan

    If C.k has been asking for forgiveness, why hasn’t E.C.Lungu forgiven him? And you say Zambia is a Christian nation?

  10. Mwale

    How true can that be?
    It even possible?

  11. Isaac chonde

    Mr kambwili be honest to God Almighty and to his people , you will see th

  12. Isaac chonde

    Mr kambwili be honest to God Almighty and to his people , you will see the blessing of God .But if you lie them and mislead people ,you’re in dangerous with the creater of all this things.

  13. Isaac

    Mr kambwili be honest to God Almighty and to his people , you will see the blessing of God .But if you lie them and mislead people ,you’re in dangerous with the creater of all this things.

  14. mulase

    That is a lie!How can a person seeking forgiveness continue blasting the President. Yesterday CK was on Prime TV refuting that statement. I know hon kambwili can not swallow his own puke.And even if hon CK is no more NDC will NOT collapse because our strength is not built on one man like the PFooz.We have a solid foundation not to be broken even by a 100 pounds hammer and this is not mere rhetoric or semantics. NDC IPS eastern

  15. josh

    Im tired of this….every morning I log inn…all I see its politics pleases update us with something new…like wealth of the country and other stuffs like that which will bring the country up….

  16. mukuta shazi

    Ka mwila Jst fxxk off n leav my boss alone u rat u gona cry wen my party com into power u jailed along with ur dirty pf rats go to hell

  17. mulongoti

    If it’s true kambwili wants to apologize, that’s good news that’s what it shud be in bembas they ishiwi lisuma lyaikishe mbulu kumuti I commend President ecl for not answering back in the manner that brings cheos ba kambwili pls go back you will loose nothing but gain you might be the chosen one by ecl good move ba ck we love you pilikiti pilikiti tanasha fikali

  18. chibolya

    Hon ck u shouldn’t rejoin the pf coz zambians are behind u.

  19. dantecentral

    Enough is enough kabwili Nikolwe uwashupa he doesn’t need to be forgiven all those insults directed to the president …no ways such niggas don’t deserve forgiveness because he is unrepentant. .

  20. Danny kelly chipili

    Well let’s wait and see

  21. Michael chilinda

    Kambwili mulekeni remember ama politicians tabapusana bapusanafye ama names abepayana Bantu OK.

  22. awan

    ba kambwili just sit down sir.

  23. Nsenga Nickson

    that’s not possible, kambwili can’t apologize to H.E ECL WALA

  24. Benny

    Is this true? I don’t believe if it’s true it means there are no real politicians who want 2 serve but they just want 2 fatten there pockets

  25. HH mwape

    Isaac it’s actually SG mwila who is not honesty because he is lying that Dr Kambwili is pleading for forgiveness, can that be true?

  26. Tom London

    Mwila is a very un reasonable character who is now trying to be reasonable when it’s too late . why trying to mobilise pf now mwila we shilu we . Infact Ba mwila you are just trying to be a political romantic idiot by lying that ck is begging to return to pf when in fact he ( ck ) is telling ECLungu to leave pf for a simple reason _ mc , guy Scott ,ck and Mumbai phiri formed pf . That’s why ck is refusing to vacate roan constituency and that ‘ s why lungu and pf have failed to push him out of roan constituency .
    It is interesting to note that the mobilization exercise started in kapiri and luapula _ fearing hh and kalaba .
    Ck is busy pushing you out of the pot _ Ba koswe anyway wina azalila . because we are now seeing a pf against pf fight _ very interesting .

  27. HH Mwape

    can’t never!!

  28. Chosen

    Is this report true? Or is the ruling party trying to implicate Hon Kambwili? If it is, it’s good for the nation for the sake of the Presidency. Also, if it is true, PF hon Mwila better stop trying to implicate Imbwili unnecessarily but concentrate on the apology. But if not, then the malice better be stopped. The nonsense better be stopped.

  29. Kansiime

    Leadership crisis!! Only our God, the Almighty God, will see us through!! God bless Zambia.


    Sibweni a Lungu nadi a bale banu bo

  31. Becker

    Hhhmnmnm I can’t bliv that


    Sibweni a Lungu nadi a bale banu bosuzika chomene.Bene Lungu bose bonkala ngati bazya mufunika kuona abale banu bose chifukwa kuti bantu ao mulenabo mu Pf nima kubi yaona nyama.Mubatauzye a First Lady na banja lose uko ku Lusaka,Chiuta asayenge.

  33. Pr Katotela

    Christianity demands that we learn to forgive as leaders. Let us not publicize to the peole on the ant hills here and there. The next it will announced Chipata.Hon Mwila study your Bible sir.

  34. Jk

    Ba mwila muli chipuba after mwapona kumungulu wenu mwaya mukupapata kuli kakoswe
    , so mwebalelanda Pali ck mulimbwa.

  35. mulase

    Muli la la la la la ati CK achite resign..ni boma ya nyoko olo nichipani cha uso?Mwenzeko penzo panga PF aSATA na Kambwili?Malabishi!Sindimwe mwenzo tukwana aSATA nakamene aka ka former Post newspaper reporter ati kabani aka ka CHETA ka Amos Changa(kolwe)

  36. Zoe life

    Let’s respect our leader, it is morally good to use use good word toward each other. Moreover, we should have one focus as the Nation and of course that of developing the nation. Fault finding will just take us back, let us just unite with each other and support the government of the day, we can do nothing based on negativity, together we can do it.

  37. henry danger

    ck is not just playing with our minds

  38. Cuthbert beltrand

    I have seen what is happening in Zambia I’m pretty sure this is a lie kambwiri can’t apologise what wrong has he done ?That one is a star just like a musician or like me people can create stories tarnishing him .if he is apologising why did he form his party ? People from Zambia be extra careful kambwiri can’t do this stop those lies

  39. muntu

    ck will make it

  40. Earl jcp noble


  41. Earl jcp noble


  42. Earl jcp noble


  43. Christopher Silwamba

    Countrymen Lets Unite If We Are To Develope Our Country Zambia And Go Forward In The Way We Do Our Polities. Yours Chris Sills.

  44. Christopher Silwamba

    Countrymen Lets Unite If We Are To Develope Our Country Zambia And Go Forward In The Way We Do Our Politics As Young Democracy. Chris Sills.

  45. Entrick

    Politics of poverty in Zambia yaaba bola nikosa ba of kkikikiki

  46. Entrick h

    Politics of poverty in Zambia yaaba bola naikosa ba pf

  47. Mpulungu

    Alaaaa….. Kanshi Niba kambwili….. Iyeee

  48. B.I.G

    Cooper belt is behind u Mr ck,the man of action! Let them talk and you keep on mobilizing the party…. I love your courage and wisdom!!!

  49. sim~G

    It seems Zambian has lost democracy and freedom of explation why of busy mobiliz while other are not given permition we don’t have courageous and inspired leader

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