Nawakwi Shows Off Some of her Harvest

FDD president Edith Nawakwi has been off the political radar for some months but has given insight on where she has been.

Nawakwi has the tendency to blow hot and cold on the political front but has been more conspicuous in her silence.

The former finance minister has traded her office attire for the sweat gear in the fields and shows off some of her harvest.


  1. louise halw

    This is nice. At least you stole things that are giving you value. What was suppose to benefit the majority ended up at your farm,just like so many politicians do. Congrats though

  2. kambwili

    A good leader leads by example. Keep it up ba mayo.

  3. clever Munakanyemba

    Its good u Ar back from the farm mama.com and redeem your people and your country which is goin astray, come and lead us into peace not into pollitics which deassociates the zambian people.

  4. Pamusebo

    No farmer no food. No food malnutrition knocks on our doors.

  5. mukuta shazi

    Ma just retire n go back to farmin so that u can put for on the table for Zambian poor pipo instead of wastin money on compagnez. O Jst open an ngo for de poor period.

  6. sj

    You reap what your sow, that’s true example of a leader who leads by example. Instead of spending time bickering recklessly. It’s raining every where but we’ve people who will beg from her hard earned sweat which she supervised without announcing that she traded her political life for tilling the land. Tiye tiye tiyenayooooooooo.

  7. Benny

    KKK at I she z eating stolen food

  8. Kalu

    Keep it up mother

  9. Jeaffrey Tembo

    That’s the way to go about it as a real mother than these other political leaders who ar busy insulting leadership from God..do unto others as u want them to do unto u..stop creating enemies on earth in the name of politics but offer yourselves as living sacrifice for God in doing good including politics.. Jesus is coming soon to judge unless u ar a fool who believe that there’s no God

  10. Storm

    This is what it means to be a true leader by example showing hard work. Not waiting to be given a job or handouts.

  11. George chansa

    Well done mama this is what we call wisdom. You are blessed keep it up .

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