OPINION: Has Luapula Re-Opened the Campaign Season?

The past week had seen successive images of Luapula province Members of Parliament combing through the constituencies in near campaign like fashion. What has really prompted this sudden awakening by the Luapula lawmakers? Many reasons abound for the possible sudden sense of urgency.

Could it be that the resignation of Foreign Affairs minister Harry Kalaba from his portfolio may have sent warning signals that things may not after all be okay for the ruling party in a constituency they consider to be their bedroom? Kalaba has abandoned the privilege of his ministerial position to remain an ordinary lawmaker under the ruling Patriotic Front party.

Kalaba has taken a backseat but his having taken a walkabout in Bahati Constituency a few days gave an impression of how popular he remains among the people of Bahati Constituency. The ruling party seems to have gone into panic mode and sent all the party’s disciples into campaign mode. Even the more development and sober minded Dr Chitalu Chilufya has also caught the virus and has been making political pronouncements.

But it is not only the anti Kalaba rhetoric that has raised eyebrows of the unfolding political spectacle but also the messages that seems to be rendering certainty to President Edgar Lungu contesting the 2021 general elections. It is a matter that the courts have yet to decide but all the speakers have wound up on a note that the people should rally behind President Lungu in 2021.

Whatever the goings on it is very clear that the MPs are fighting something only them can see. It has been one week of incessant political campaigns and their adversaries may make a meal of not having the same opportunity given the gag provided by the Public Order Act.

While it is within the ministers’ prerogative to interact with their constituents it is however questionable that the desire should be sparked by the resignation of cabinet minister. How long the new found desire for constituency visitation by Luapula MPs is anybody’s guess.


  1. mulase

    NDC is watching these PFooz ministers from the terraces. They ar not going to be in Luapula forever. Soon they will be heading back to Lusaka and then we shall go full throttle destroying every area they touched.Can u imagine that we attended all their rallies as though we wea PF coz we wanted to know their strategy and now we know how to finish them.It is interesting to have benefited from the monies and materials they distributed and part of the money we got from them shall be spent on destroying them.Kkkkkkk me njinga twalipoka and tukabonfya.

  2. lex

    Comment ndeloleshafwe

  3. Tom London

    I said it pf is kind of panicking all over the country .

  4. FGM

    Only a nonworking and treachery leadership can be moved by the resignation of one minister. Honest leaderships bank on their good works. That gitary has a clear explanation: unfulfilled promises.

    • Aurent

      Comment: Very true, and i truly concur with you, because only a stray dog go on rampage

  5. Mudala

    Comment Bakalaba ku wayaway fye

  6. Pompwe


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