PF Provincial Leaders Want Kamba Removed

The Lusaka province Patriotic Front house is under fire with 11 provincial chairpersons petitioning secretary general Davies Mwila to remove province youth Chairperson Kennedy Kamba district Chairperson Horrance Longwe.

According to a letter signed by the 11 chairpersons petitioning Mwila that they want a vote of no confidence passed against the duo.

The petitioners have cited that the removal of the two men is anchored on the unfair distribution of land empowerment.

Youths allege that they have been left out in the many fringe benefits available to low party functionaries.


  1. mukuta shazi

    Stupid pf u r fools u nothing but thieves n rats who steal from Zambian pot

  2. mulase

    Continue stealing Land from Zambians and put up structures. Wen u leave office in 2021,we shall use the Mugabe formula and reposes it.

  3. watson n

    the best thing to do is to ask God to give you a leader with the heat for the poor and others.lean yo be a good leader.it’s only good leadership that can build the part.

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