UNZA to Remain Closed – Luo

Higher Education minister Nkandu Luo says the University of Zambia (UNZA) and the Copperbelt University (CBU) will remain closed until the water samples taken show that they are clear of contamination.

Luo and higher learning institutions students have had a sour relationship with the minister saying that the insults poured on her are laughable.

The students have made the minister a figure of fun with some online sketches making issue with her appearance that angered the professor.

“The two universities will remain closed because water samples still show contamination. Unless that is cleared that is when we can consider re-opening the two public universities,” she said.

“I have just enjoyed reading those insults, it tells me that maybe we have a wrong crop or maybe we do not have the right intellect.”

The two universities have remained closed with the cholera situation cited as the reason while students feel that the move is meant to punish them for having criticized the minister for the manner she has been administering higher education in the country.


  1. Fod Kalu

    P/se Let The Govt Do Its Job To Avoid death Toll,.You Will B The Student To Blame LUO

  2. xkolly

    Someone is wrong here .forgetting that there foregin students and rising wrong statement of water ,squatting and while they passed through the same system .2021 is near

  3. tMan of God,

    How long will it take,to test that water?

  4. Lukwe

    Now, we need a clarion call on this issue of water samples, when are the results coming out? Madam Pro. Luo.

  5. mukuta shazi

    Ba luo its true u r corrupt n ur entire pf. Waiting 4 2021 u wil cry n rot in jail u steal money from poor students n u r still distubing them again have mercy u fools infact u r old Jst retire n to fresh ones n go to hell

  6. PK Chisanga

    Honestly, Prof LUO is 100% right! Reading through all comments, i have not found any meaningful justification for insulting the Prof. I know that unza has a lot of theoretical geniuses and practical dwarfs and don’t blame them for failing to reason, just laugh because it’s not their fault!
    simple thing: the water is not safe for human consumption as tested! Do you ‘idiots’ want to die? Anyway, society is incomplete without ‘fools’ like you. Take a chill pill guys as government knows what’s best for you. Most of you are only interested in BC made available by the same government you are busy insulting today, mwaba utumasaya! .
    And I agree with prof, it’s the crop like you that has made it difficult for your friends to get jobs in govt because they fear insurbordination of the highest grade from unza graduates. It’s not everyone of you who thinks upside down but most of you do. Muleke Ubupuba, ebu graduate ubo bwine ubwa nsele? Insulting a mother in that way attracts a curse from GOD!

  7. james

    a professor in zambia is equivalent to a first year student at havad university.

  8. mukuta shazi

    U r a fool nd a mooron so u all ths past years de water was safe fo drinkin dnt sink low u fool I think u ar a grade 12 failure watch u small boy coz u r not yet matured period

  9. clever Munakanyemba

    Ba unza and Cbu,chill guys.don’t show your stupidity by insuiting the minister with her ministry thinking that you ar the best.infact you should relax becouse being at unza or cbu does not mean that you Ar intelligent than other students from other institutions. Do you really want to open becouse you want education or becouse you ar block nd you want to be payed.what kind of students ar u? Theoretical so called students who doesnt understand the importance of hygien at the institution…Chalimbana nd Nkrumah university students ar facing the same situation hence no one is insuiting the minister together with her ministry coz they understand how important sanitation is to the life of the student and mind you.these two Ar also grz universities who Ar not benefiting anything from bc..learn to have patience my fellow students coz its for our own benefit…..

  10. Mbewe Jean

    If water was really an issue, why is that other surrounding areas are not affected by the same water? Coming to the other institutions that are not complaining, they had their normal academic calendar before the issue of cholera but unza has been closed since September last year….don’t you think they have their own reasons to complain?

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