Court Issues Bench Warrant Against Pilato

The Lusaka magistrate court has issued a bench warrant for self-exiled musician Chama Fumba also known as Pilato.

Pilato did not show up at the magistrate court when the matter he is charged alongside political activist Laura Miti and three others came up before the court.

According to the facts of the case Miti, Pilato, Bornwell Mwewa, Lewis Mwape, Sean Tembo and Mika Mwambazi on September 29 last year in Lusaka jointly and whilst acting with other persons unknown disobeyed the lawful order issued by the police to stop demonstrating at the National Assembly

Miti and the others have pleaded not guilty to the matter.

Pilato wrote from his sanctuary in South Africa after his co-accused made a court appearance.

“I have been informed that a bench warrant has been issued on me. I do not run from the law and I will make myself available in our respectable courts as soon as am assured of my safety,” he said.

“Zambia is my home and never will i stay away for too long….that’s where I belong.”
Pilato has gone in hiding after allegedly receiving death threats for his politically laced song dubbed Koswe Mumpoto.’


  1. mukuta shazi

    Ba koswe it’s u r the rats in Zambian big pot u eat u live ur fur in our pot then u xpect US to eat ur fur in our pot u poor family (PF) U want to silence us. U hv stolen it’s enough even a 5year old knows dat. Wen HH comes in power u b a jailed u criminals satanic tricks. Check n go round how many pipo are sufferin u idiots there r no jobs n u chased those in streets then u dnt give them a place to sale there goods. Nd u increase school fees were can there get money to pay u xpect US to shit money u stupid idiotic fools

  2. Summer salt

    #1 when you feel like what you what you are feeling iwe shazi, you must think of what is happening to pilato or else zicta is not far from you. Insanity on social media? Um ummm! Get to chainama.
    #2 do you also want to see yourself in exile on the account that your life is in danger like what pilato has done. Look, you don’t say, fight and chase what you don’t know; talking of corruption? Starting from you, your words on social media are of corrupt morals. Meaning in one way or the other we all corrupt. Psalm 53:1-3 describes us well. Even the one you think is an Angel, know that before office they are wolves in sheepskin! What they want to do after ascending the throne is to steal,kill and destroy! Why do I say so? Simple! I am not a political figure but my view is this: I hear most opposition saying to the positioned they are thieves, failures, corrupt, bra bra bra!! I now say to you that as a man thinks in his heart so is he, from the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.
    In conclusion; you are of your father the devil and the works of your father you want to do, he was a murderer from the beginning, a lier and when have speaks, he speaks from his own resources. Don’t speak from without for you might be using Satan’s resources!

  3. Jakuzi hamwemba

    No matter wht hikahinde hichilama I never be a prisendent of Zambia maybe of his part upnd yes not to rule people of Zambia No

  4. K.K

    Pilato yeah!

  5. Cuthbert beltrand

    He is an artist we speak for the speechless all Pilate need to do is make sure u are safe first coz he might lose his life I love this

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