Kambwili Warned and Cautioned For Threatening Chinese Investors

National Democratic Congress (NDC) defacto leader Chishimba Kambwili appeared before police on the Copperbelt province for questioning.

Kambwili who is Patriotic Front Roan Member of Parliament has been charged with threatening the Chinese investors in Roan Constituency.

The Roan lawmaker has been critical of the layoffs of locals following scaling down of mining operations.

Kambwili appeared before the Ndola Central Police command accompanied by his lawyer Christopher Mundia.

The Roan lawmaker has been charged alongside his driver Alex, Adam Zulu an official in the National Union of Miners and Allied Workers, Charles Mulenga who is former PF publicity secretary, Dolphins Kasonde (former PF Constituency chairman in Roan) and a Mr Mukuka.

Kambwili was fired as information minister turning his sharp tongue against the PF although there have been indications of his seeking making peace.

He has also been charged for using insulting language against the Chinese nationals.

Kambwili had vowed never to appear before the police but opted to show up as demanded by the police call out.


  1. Bungwe

    Dolphins Kasonde, lol, I am sure he laughs at ‘Chipata’ names ka.

  2. mukuta shazi

    Leave my boss alone.he talks the truth coz he was in govt he knows de thieves in pf nowonder u follow him My boss reveal everything to my Zambian pipo. Pf u hv failed to rule Zambia u steal every second.minute.hours.days u hv evn gone on stealin students money u idiotic fools

    • Japheth

      U don’t be fain young man that’s my boss that’s the problems of Zambian tamufwaya umutu ukulanda ichishika wilapwalala ba pf nibakabola from the top up to the carders

    • Highest


    • Jay dee

      Chishimba Chimbwi a boss mmmm you are also confused

  3. mulongoti

    Let the police do their job if one is wrong let the law take its course

  4. Fyakuifwaila

    Koswe mumponto twanaka awe mwe!!!!!”! We drop you 2021

  5. Japheth

    U don’t be fain young man that’s my boss that’s the problems of Zambian tamufwaya umutu ukulanda ichishika wilapwalala ba pf nibakabola from the top up to the carders

  6. mulase

    Imwe ba mulongoti up to now u don’t know that Law in Zambia is not applied fairly by the Police? Wen I wz in the ruling party,I could break the law with impunity but NO police ever summoned me to answer charges. But now even wen I humbly advise my colleagues in the ruling party, iam summoned to answer y I gave such an advise.Visit all Police cells today and count how many opposition supporters ar languishing compared to those in PF.Wen Hon Kambwili was in the ruling Govt/Party,how many tymz wz he summoned to the police? Be mindful that CK is a member of Parliament for that area and he has every right to speak for the workers within his jurisdiction. Wen he wz a minister I remember him speaking very strongly over these same miners but the police NEVER summoned him.That said…don’t support ba buju.

  7. clergy

    U idiots leave kambwili alone no wonder pilato was right imwe bakoswe mu lefwayafye ukulaiba indalama noto tukoswe tunenu utuma china

  8. highest


  9. HH Junior

    Gud show Dr Kambwili

  10. kartel

    Koswe mumpoto…..takaitambe bwino 2021 ☺

  11. kartel

    Koswe mumpoto…..takaitambe bwino 2021 ☺waish

    • Mudala

      Comment HH And others mulinokupapa ngecha papile nkola Lungu still yakwe 2021

  12. Sim

    Ichi ni Çhi Dave Çhi Za kafera Ku Bantu .kambwili akanwa ka letelele pwere

  13. Sim 1

    Ichi ni Çhi Dave Çhi Za kafera Ku Bantu .kambwili akanwa ka letelele pwere

  14. mulongoti

    Bamulase I didn’t know the law was not fair. Had I known I would not have said that but all the same there so many waysof doing things or complaining about how things are done than stoning your friends those people according to their abilities so if you go to solwezi the most employed are copperbelt because of their ability to do work on credit for example if need a metellugist You can’t employ a general worker lets be honest enough this is the only country that we all have twibusha ifyongo in the name of representing pls ukuya the kutemwa

  15. Boma Inonge

    Go uncle Mundia fight for ck,he is wright y shud chai_chai invade.

  16. mulase

    Noted brother mulongoti.

  17. Jakuzi hamwemba

    Kambiri amutoba ulupi kuli boman

  18. Cuthbert Beltrand

    The more you put kambwiri in any news the more they are campaigning for him actually wat I see is this man is a strong hold founder of p.f government all they need to do is bring him close not saying bad things about him coz he is also a person who can finish the government .I as a Gospel artist based in mozambique but now in Zambia i think I can support kambwiri coz all the accusations people are giving him the more his party he has formed the more it is strengthen. when people talk about u then it means u exist

  19. K

    Kambwili why are you so angry this time, you were in government and you were quiet were you not seeing these things you are saying now. Just because you were fired or not given a position and you want to bring noise every where. Your language is very bad Mr president you need first to change . Now I know that if you were given a position you would have been quiet and this shows how selfish you are. Let your friends work as well just like the way you worked.
    You can be a bad president if you don’t know last time you were a labour minister their was noise in the country and you were moved and appointed as a sports minister scandals of money were heard and you were moved to minister of information the post was closed and movie tv was closed and the scandals of corruption where on you on tribal employment. You also embraced tribalism Mr president when you were the minister of information by the statement you said that you should first employ your own relative

  20. yang

    Leave Ck alone you people, ask the people who works for the Chinese the Chinese and the labour office are the most corrupt people in this country
    Ck is a man of the truth

  21. Pamusebo

    When a Chinese national kills a Zambian, it’s bonus for the pf government. Most of these Chinese chaps are prisoners saving their sentences in Zambia and expatriates

  22. Jay Dee

    Chishimba chimbwi is a confused frustrated hippotamus whoever is supporting him is worse than a pig or goat

  23. Jay dee

    Chishimba chimbwi just shut the hell up you stink shit

  24. Michael nkamba

    Politics of today’s if some speaks the truth we want to bring him down

  25. mulase

    Monse mwamene mukamba voipa pali CK wanga nimulozani chino chaka.Mukufa na kaleza!

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