Katanga Ready for Kambwili Showdown

Copperbelt police have threatened to question National Democratic Congress consultant Chishimba Kambwili by any means necessary.

Police commissioner Charity Katanga says police not fail to question Kambwili although he has refused to appear before them.

“The police have enough and enormous power to question anybody. If we want we can just go and pick him up,” Katanga said.

Kambwili refused to accept the summons and telephonically blasted Katanga.

The Roan Member of Parliament has been summoned for allegedly commenting on matters which border on threatening national security.

“Even if I receive the summons, I will not go there. I do not want to appear before the police that is not professional. There is nothing that borders on national security over the issues that I have talked about,” said Kambwili.


  1. Eli

    Mr Ck Jxt Join UPND if u really want the pf out of power

  2. DZ

    Mr Kambwili is very innocent

  3. Tembo Clement

    Honourable it is not honour to disrespect the police, all they saying is to question you

  4. Charles BANDA

    Yeye bakamba don’t go there u are the boss and the champion ma pa and u are the man of action.



  6. Wise Me

    It is obviousand that in this fracas someone will be bruised.

  7. HH Junior

    imbwili bakaamba! balepwishanya kikikikiki

  8. sanf

    Dear Mr kambwili u just have to appear to the police

  9. Sj

    Why ‘ve politics of daunting each other and insults over ridden every day life? Is it all in a quest to seek political authority/power. Let’s try to live for now and let tomorrow take care of itself.
    For only God knows what tomorrow brings. The country is slowly moving/slipping away from that brotherhood and embracing pride, intolerance, self centeredness, selfish ambition (amasele) and every unthinkable evil doing.
    Please let us keep watch over our country by Opening Spiritual Eyes. Comment

  10. Kerrirson K

    Not longer ago ba ck u used to command police to question even innocent pipo, now dat u r out of power and busy insulting and disturbing our lovely peace, u deserve to be questioned plz, who r u to disobey police orders, plz just cooperate

  11. Kerrirson K

    where is the culture of insults and evil hate speech coming from, please spare this nation from these vices plz, to say the truth HH, CK and Lungu shld not be allowed on the ballot paper, we need a leader who will unite this spiritually torn nation

  12. Kerrirson K

    this z what stolen money can do, make u mad, make u spend carelessly, make you foolishly powerful, make you cowardly brave, make you uncultured, make you demonic, make you bigger than yourself, make you fool yourself, make you useful to to the useless and stupid, all sorts of things while the wise are watching. Surely, how can you spend 30days insulting, u r really great mweeeee!

  13. ba general

    And the police Ar failing to take an action of such a murderer who insuits the people anyhow including the police.mr ck y can’t u be like Dr HK who is truly a professional not u who pretend to be.when u were in power,you wanted everyone to be questioned including the big man hh and now that you were drives out of power by our president ecl you think now you Ar a bos than everyone.if you Ar not careful ba doctor u can be arrested even before u contest for a presidential seat and is going to be the end of you.

  14. Elijah Muño

    Mr ck knows alot about pf and together with hh they can do a lot for zed

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