Pres. Lungu Drops UPND Aligned North West Police Chief

President Edgar Lungu has with immediate effect retired in national interest North Western Province Police Chief Auxensio Daka.

Daka, who had been taken to North Western Province from Eastern Province, has been shown the door for allegedly meddling in politics.

According to a letter obtained dated 30th January, 2018, Daka has been shown the door despite having been committed to duty and creating a good working relationship with the media.

“In exercise, of the powers vested in me by Article 92(2)(e) of the Republican Constitution as read with section 26 on interpretation of the general provision Act Chapter 2 of the laws of Zambia, I hereby retire you as Commissioner of Police in National Interest with immediate effect” the letter read in part.

President Lunch has further thanked Mr Daka for the service rendered during his deployment.

Sources in the province believe Daka has been collaborating with the opposition UPND which enjoys acres of popularity in the new Copperbelt and the situation has not gone down well with the ruling party.


  1. Musonda

    Shame…Daka is a very hard working man…he will bounce back…Shame to this bum Lungu…

    • JJ


  2. mka

    these people you chasing wil be discoumpaining you people will follow them you are giving chance to UPND they will win you 2021elections shame

  3. zambiaisours

    It appears, Auxensio Daka, “cools” a we knew during those days at UNZA is a professional and that could have annoyed the powers that be. Just check, when we have a person who has served in the Police in the person of Dr.Martin Malama, the President has not appointed him to handle the “hot” Ministry of Home Affairs, may be because he will professional and thus against Party standards!!

    • George Banda

      Have facts b4 you comment. Dr Martin Malama is an Mp


    Please your Excellency open your eyes before its too late.God is calling you back to him dont listen to evil counsel.

  5. Pamutunda

    Too bad for Mr Daka and north western province at large

    • Dowell

      Counting down 2021 mind you power belongs to the people

  6. Willy nacho

    If he was a of member he could HV been left alone shame to

  7. Tembo Clement

    The president is the head of the nation and I believe that he is well informed, for my brother daka play your cards well, the president knows what he is doing

  8. Jacob siame

    People let mr president do his job its God chooses the leaders

    • Gift Malanga

      Hahaha please leave God out of this, say what you want to say but please don’t involve God into politics.

  9. Oga

    You need to be corrupt to keep job, new culture.

  10. Wezzy

    Shame to you ….bad boy lungu

  11. Zoe life


  12. Barotseland

    What a dull ruling type of government the people who are real working are been retired and don’t forget that they will bounce back in government and prosecute you were you errored. What a shameless ( Jameson ) Lungu zwaaaa pf

    • bb

      Its barotseland indeed am not surprised u will still be under his excellence the president EL wait and see

    • Chapmam

      It’s UPND’s power.

  13. Spishi k


  14. Daniel Chisha siame

    Sad development the big man did tremendous job in eastern province. But by the power entrusted in someone his vision for the province has been cut.

  15. Solowakala

    2021 is too near. Even kabila is worried.

  16. Muchemwa

    Ba PF and power awèeeee mwandi

  17. mulase

    This move is a clear indication that even the police have to be PF cadres to maintain their jobs.Mr daka worry not coz u have been fired to be hired by 2021.My advise to u is keep calm and begin to record all the names of the pipo behind yo situation so that come 2021 wen u will be the Police I.G u also sort them out one by one in order of their hierarchy.

    • shu shu shu

      A presidential appointee needs to toll the line. Daka should have known not to bite the finger which feeds him.

  18. Benny

    Too bad

  19. matuzi

    I could wish even Minister of agriculture be fired. Only that she is a woman she is deserved. Mr DAKA worry not people can see.I know that you can talk all hidden branders of pf at this juncture. Now stop it jast go for UPND and corperat with strong big party. The party with eyes.

  20. nshilimubemba

    Now he can do his job publicly, nothing is hidden to the eye of the president and his government.
    What you have passion for would either brake you or promote you .

  21. ba general

    The police ar too political,too corupt,what kind of police do we have in zambia who dont really understand their role.

  22. George chansa

    It is sad that a big man like daka well trusted can change like a camel lion.

  23. Jakuzi hamwemba

    Do you think hh will be president

  24. Mukupa roger

    Such is life u die on da job or ur fired.

  25. Mr nice

    Who is going to point him i.g is he tonga

  26. K.K

    Too bad Mr Lungu

  27. Jerry

    To Bad Mr Daka,u Will Bounce Back No Matter What

  28. webby chanada


  29. webbychanda


  30. Brian mutande

    Bwana lungu no brian big problem on your capacity,,

  31. unknown

    Please, is this how a democratic nation works? We are slowly sinking, back to the days of oppression and lack of expression. This man is establishing fear in all those who have a voice for change. Zambians lets wake up and realise this man for what he is, he is not presidential material. Dancing to dununa revere and they have delivered on their promise to drag us backwards. Dont select your rulers based on the hype but take into perspective the future of our mother land.

  32. Boyd

    Dununa bakamba

  33. Jordan chulu

    I thought Daka, is wake ni wacko, what has happened. What I know he is hard working person very professional . He refused to be made captain of Mukula, so he must have been a danger to Lungu. Daka follows what he learnt at UNZA, he studied law, and was following law, but ba Koswe , wanted to be selling mukula without been questioned. This is the corruption we are talking about. Don’t worry sir, the sky is the limit , you are still young and intelligent. Nice things coming ahead you. Don’t be bitter, nibakoswefye obo.

  34. Zambian Tribe

    Zambia Police is not for politics,more especially senior Officers.Whether Dundumwezi or what, avoid at all costs to save your job. Continue dreaming that your Kalusa will ever rule Zambia.

  35. Mwebe mutale

    He refused to be used as carrier of contraband mukula. He is too smart to be involved such corruption.

  36. Tutwa Kabwe

    Refused to get involved in mukula

  37. Chikwikwi Steadious

    Did God come down from heaven and say this your Leader.Things on Earth come per our wish.

  38. Richard

    The end of pf, lungu no brain.

  39. CALLER

    are we moving in the right direction, do we need to be pf to keep our jobs safe pliz

  40. Bernard sikagoma

    I now believe that even Police brutalizing Zambians are under interactions. The President is the one brutalizing Zambians. Remember there was Gaddafi,were is Mugabe? One day you will find yourself a zero from a hero.

  41. Imibilombimbio

    Good move President Lungu. These chaps have overstayed. Hive chance to new blood. Ala

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