Letter: Give UNZA, CBU Students Cholera Vaccine; Open Varsities

From my mind…

Since we have cholera vaccines, why can’t the Minister Of Higher Education collaborate with her Minister Of Health counterpart to ensure that students from CBU and UNZA are all vaccinated so that we can open…

That way maintenance work as regards to sanitation and learning can take place simultaneously. That’s what I’d do if I were Minister and with such reasoning i can confidently say I can do better than Mrs Luo if I were Minister.

Education must be priority otherwise we are doomed as a nation.
I pray the courts courts nullify Prof Luo’s (Prof in microbiology) seat. That day I will celebrate…




  1. Pamutunda

    Not yet opened haa! But where is my daughter bcoz she told me that she went to school. Alice where are u!?

    • Man siwa

      Amai mwanawanu Ni wule chabe nanga angaendekuti banzake Bali mukomboni akunamani at niliku sukulu ndiyenzeluzabanaba ma sukulu zameneizo bamuchinda chabeuko nichopusa tumachi

      • Xando

        Let them open next year. I guess in a year the government can sort out issues of Over due payments to creditors for goods supplied & services rendered, Emoluments to Lecturers & University staff & most importantly Student allowances. As u kno the government works at the snails pace

    • Xando


  2. clever Munakanyemba

    Do you really understand how a vaccine works and what it does to the immunity of the body.who told you that when you ar vaccinated then you can live in a dirty invironment without being affected.dont tell the zambia people that you dont understand what you ar talking about.

    • Habeenzu

      Unfortunately, that is the level of thinking of students from our universities and we even wonder why our country is not developing. The opening of the universities should not be rushed but the government should take this opportunity to fix most of the issues at the universities. We have set low standards for ourselves and that is why we find it acceptable to live in filthy.

      • Karen banda

        it’s strange that a student from our highly esteemed institution of learning can think like this…my conclusion is this is not a student.

    • Nju

      clever Munakanyemba
      Don’t be funny, we all know the point this guy is trying to put across. You want students to stay a year away from school. If you think your reasoning is so valid then why aren’t you contesting the fact that people in kanyama and other mostly affected areas were vaccinated and still remains in their dirty environments. Stop being partisan and start thinking positive for a solution. At least this guy has suggested what he thinks might be the way forward, so WHAT IS YOU suggestions AS WELL?

  3. MB

    Our Minister is ageing forgive her

  4. Reader

    I am happy you have put a disclaimer that this is from your mind. Cholera vaccine does not give 100% protection, so it should not override other forms of prevention.

  5. mulongoti

    My friend this is from me I think for example cbu there other things like the lecturer which needs to be settled so there’s so much to clear so pls give The minister Tim so that it’s not closed sooner than we expect


      There are 4 issues to settle :
      1. Over due payments to creditors for goods supplied & services rendered.
      2. Emoluments to Lecturers & University staff.
      3. Student allowances.
      4 . Release of Budgeted for cash for 2018 University operations.

      O. K .

  6. matuzi

    Koma nga kwafwa umo elyo kambilombilo pf government puts in budget when its too let.

  7. mercy

    Comment we are agree that school has been closed because of of cholera ,and other programs has been delayed,,,some of us exams has been postponed for the same reason ,,,but it for our on good…we are educated nobody can love to learn on a dirty environment..let the minister do their work….

  8. Loami

    I think they are taking longer than they should to clean. We have been there and we would have died a long time ago if the place TOO DIRTY to leave in. Just OPEN CBUNZA NOW. Cholera broke out before December last year but we were in sch after that. Why can we be now???? Life has to go on.

  9. Loami

    Comment Just open CBUNZA. They are taking longer than they should to clean. Life has to go on. Cleaning can take place while we learn.

  10. Fixed

    Am not an expert in this issue but iam trying to view it at the angle am placed on. It is surprising that bars with dirty latrines are no longer closed , people in churches congregates in most of the areas,pre_pri_sec school are open,
    The biggest question is why CBUNZA?
    That is my angel at 0° South

  11. rejected the lies.

    There is no vaccine for preventing chorela,but cleanliness. Whoever allows to be vaccinated you digging your own grave.

  12. ECL

    Giving the gvrt time to clean cbu en unza iz not a problem but i think the gvrt are taking t4 granted. pliz ba minister may u open the universities. we know t z jx sanitation dat z needed then cleaning en paintn can b done whle we are learning…

    let me to u the reason why the gvrt are taking time to clean the enviroments…

    > they want 2 come en increase the money they av spend in cleaning the enviroment above the normal. eg (wen u take a phone 4 repairing… dat peson will tek time tho t z a simple problem so dat wen he charges u wl not complain)
    > remanber this is the most corrupt gvrt. wat happend abt the price 4 fire tendancy en ambulances they increased the price abt 40%. so same 2 dis, they jx want 2 steal money so dat they become richer en richer en richer.
    > wat a gvrt tekn advantage over cholera outbrek.

  13. rejected the lies.

    Kkkkkkkkkk ati “bamuchinda chabe uko”yaba!

  14. Patrick Lungu

    Ba Minister Of Education Tell The People When Schools Wil Be Opened Please.Mwati Are We Going To Learning This Term.

  15. muchimba

    Speaking on behalf of my fellow students from chalimbana, I also agree
    with the post above, why isn’t the higher education minster not working hand in hand with the health department? The closure of chalimbana and other universities is truely a set back.

  16. Mwiya

    Madam what is taking place,are you dating with professor Nelson ngoma or what? I think that is confusion which is affecting us?who did you see this comment I think it is true ,I have said so because majority of there rejecting professor ngoma ,why can’t you let him resign.

  17. Rowland

    I think the government hasn’t been doing it’s work since the university of Zambia was established. My sugetion is that there is need for regular rehabilitations especially when students are on vacation. The government isn’t aware of the implications of their actions. I believe the university is consisted of students from Europe, America and other continents. Now given the the current situation at our highest learning institutions, there is a drastic downfall of the university at the world’s ranking. Moreover, UNZA which is known to be the highest learning institution in the country is at 55 in Africa and about 2000 plus at the world record. The government can’t even recognize that this is also part in degrading our university. On the other hand Cholera can never be an answer as to why the two universities have remained closed. Instead, the government doesn’t have the financial needs to pay the deserving students. But what is surprising is that the government is busy constructing other universities instead of allocating those funds to rehabilitate UNZA and CBU. These institutions are a future holder owing to the importance they play to Zambians those abroad. It does not take the university to be closed for over 6 months to rehabilitate. Let there be a regular visit in terms of rehabilitation of the two universities. Secondly, the minister of higher education and health should work as one to ensure our schools are opened.

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