Cholera Centre Workers Down Tools

Workers at the cholera centre at National Heroes Stadium in Lusaka have downed tools protesting reduced allowances paid to them.

The workers have abandoned the cholera patients after allegedly being paid K50 for each of the days they have been in employment instead of the agreed K350.

Heroes was turned into a cholera centre in December last year following growing numbers of patients.


  1. highest

    This is not fair

  2. Majoni Tyson

    Who can pay them? These pipo don’t care about others lives. Just learn something. Very unfortunate, when pipo speak, they say “this is not a political matter” why don’t these potitians know the meaning of politics? Sure pipo are dying and the government is very little to finish the challenges. Keep supporting them if these matters are not related to poor governance. My fellow Zambian 2021 may be too long for us to survive, let’s all stand to demand for an early election in order to save lives. From chorela hunger is also on the way. Even in the Bible when God was not happy with leader,plagues and calamities inflicted the pipo. This leadership we have is not from God that’s why we are facing very strange calamities such as drought, armyworm, chorela and severe hunger that is coming in the next season.

    • kainde chuulu

      its unfortunate for this goverment to pay people k50, were wl that mney take them surely? And the job ther doing is very risk too, plz goverment think for them. K.C lsk

    • Robert Mukuka

      Surely you see a curse in cholera issue,is this the first time that cholera has broken out in Zambia,this situation is not even the worst. There was situation where people were buried in mass graves. This issue doesn’t guarantee for early election.

  3. man p

    Muzasila mwaanya mutulula bamitandiza basiosebenza viva pf

  4. Kunta Kinte

    Man p u are evil

  5. Benson Kampukwe

    Volunteering is not a mistake that people should be treated in an inhuman way leaders mind you one day you will be out of employment and you will need to volunteer in one way or the other and you will see hw painful it is if treated in the same way

  6. Robby Chola

    Kindly pay our committed workers. The wage bill or allowances will definitely cost less than the cost of two by-elections.

  7. Laston Kalyamba

    Its not fair to pay someone whose treating a chorela patient a K50,that is shit money to be honest bcoz its risky business to care for those affected. Where does the money funded by the donors go?Corruption seems to have taken over the govt of the day.??

  8. shu shu shu

    Doctors, Lawyers, Economist and accountants all behave the same way in believing that they are the only ones that matter.

  9. Company

    This isn’t the only ones, i was a participant at Kanyama clinic where they paid part of the money to those who where giving the cholera vaccine. I was so disappointed with the act compared to what was pumped into the same Cholera.

  10. Johnson

    Omg wat is happening to our leaders pliz deliver wat u promised dese pipo ar really helping n contributing to de well being of de sick pipo pliz pay dem n let dem resume work dont fire dem.

  11. muzzy

    Awe guys u should be serious sure or ni corrupution why this goverment is like this sure

  12. Sydney kb zyambo

    Too bad but they should return for work those guys who has left

  13. Feston

    OK muzatulula nafuti

  14. Moses nkole

    Its sad that corruption in Zambia is food

  15. king coin

    workers go to ur homes remember when going don’t forget ur saftbox get it so that people die. fast in rural we are not even dyeing from chorela we are safely I mean in mwinilunga.

  16. FGM

    Surely those people are doing a risky job, pay them handsomely. I hope its not corruption at play again.

  17. commando

    They are paying the care givers peanuts KAILI they’ve siphooned the funds pumped into the so-called fighting cholera.Our political and civic leaders are heartless and so self centred who think that other people’s work is less important compared to theirs.Surely how can a person attending to cholera patients be paid K50? What is bad about the whole thing is that an agreement was initially reached by the two parties but the paymaster thought it ‘wise’ to break the agreement.If it were our corrupt political and civic leaders who were attending to the cholera patients they would have paid themselves hefty salaries claiming that the nature of the work done is very very risky.Selfish leaders.

  18. PG

    Please let those people be help to stay out that danger. God stretch your hand onto them. All of you get well sooner

  19. HENRY musukuma

    Government we don’t hate u we only need the good health to our people give people some wages so that they proceed with the work and this git nothing to do with politics cause we’re talking about life and not 2021 elections.

  20. the critic

    But to be honesty the agreed figure is too much elo nishi these same people are working currently where they obtain their full monthly salaries…..tiyeni nayo balungu that’s why we voted for you.you are a very kind president I have ever seen you are a new Nelson Madiba Mandela you government is very precise with your manifesto.we have seen a lot of money in our pockets today….Ngati sibafuna nchito fire them tizabwela use tisebenze pantu we are in need of that same job.. My heartfelt sympathy to all the victims of cholera… Get well soon the president is there for you friends. Sonta epo wabomba muntu in Lungu 2021 you got my vote because you have controlled the economy above all let me say all is well -Kabwe

  21. Xando

    What are u ba Shu shu shu? Suppose yo boss gives k5 instead of k30/day(which u get), can u continue working?? And I believe now that if u were forced to study medicine, it wud have taken u a lifetime. Yo reasoning can tell

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