Lamba Chief Fears Being Toppled

Chief Nkana of the Lamba speaking people of Lufwanyama District has in the last few years been living in fear of being overthrown by some of his subjects.

The traditional leader has been fighting battles with most of his subjects who believe his ascendance to the throne was fraudulent.

Despite having won the cases in Court, the traditional leader has failed to settle in his chiefdom for fear of losing his Chieftainship and is ever frequenting Kitwe District.

“There have been issues ever since he ascended to the throne, he spends less time in his chiefdom due for fear of the same group that plans to overthrow him,” a resident in the district said.

Chief Nkana’s real name is Godfrey Shemanena. His ascendancy was subjected to a legal challenge in the Kitwe High Court in 2013.

Julia Kansanshi, Benadett Mulombe, Harriet Yowela and Paul Lubunga as plaintiffs sued Shamanena as the defendant in the matter for allegedly ascending to the throne without following the Lamba traditions and customs.

However, the traditional leader won the case but since then fears the same group would take his life.

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