Mutati Wins Global Advocacy Award

In the heat of dealing with the country’s economic burden, Finance Minister Felix Mutati got a bit of respite by being awarded as the 2017 ACCA Advocacy Award winner for sib Saharan Africa.

The Minister has since been entered in the ACCA Global Advocacy Award hall of fame to be given to the overall winner in Scotland in March, 2018.

Mutati has one of the toughest jobs in cabinet having to share the national cake amidst the inherent debt burden and the IMF recover plans negotiations.

The award certificate was granted to the Minister at an event organised by ACCA Zambia on behalf of the ACCA Global Council.


  1. Fred zyambo

    Congratulations honorable Mutati

  2. dowell

    Let other minister get a lesson from this

  3. Felix mzwiti

    Congrats Minister, this country needs you more and above the position you hold,the international community and lenders are watching.Save this country. Be proud and remain selfless the way I know you.

  4. Love your neighbor


  5. Love your neighbor

    Congrats Mr Mutati, especially that you are working under hard situations, we can see who is trying his best & who is not working.

    • Dan

      Congratulating someone Who can’t even calculate the true national debt.

  6. Sj

    When the going gets tough, only the Tough get going and coupled with education you can’t be swayed easily for when armed with Education application of life’s challenges can be applied. Congrats! Comment

  7. Dan

    When you can’t even cslculate the true national debt.

  8. Ever is to Phiri

    Congratulations hon.minister

  9. Xando

    Congratulations minister

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