It’s possible the latest image of Lusaka mayor Wilson Kalumba may have been photoshoped.

We’re verifying the authenticity of this image.

The mayor seems to be taking a moment of reflection after a gruelling 2017/18 rain season that put Lusaka in major cholera headlines.

What’s your say?


  1. mukuta shazi

    Ba mudala Wat is ur problem I think u drink a lot of spirits u Shud stop n concentrate on job coz they is nothing u r doing u r lazy. U need prayers chi mudala n com 2021 u b out u fool

  2. Oliver Mweemba

    Fasting and prayer for rain is over bwana ba Mayor! Kkkkkkk aweee.

  3. Elias

    He was reflecting i think

  4. mulase

    This is a terrible hangover!

  5. Ezra

    We had a handful of better options for this post and Lusaka chose this tsetse fly stricken man!!! Shame

  6. lengwe

    He is also a human being he must have fatigue

  7. David

    Sleeping – stealing -sleeping – stealing -sleeping -stealing -sleeping – stealing – all the PF knows how to do!



  9. Nelson

    Awe sure

  10. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya(GBM)

    He was praying against cholera,…kkkkk

  11. Favor

    Time for everything

  12. wellington

    Anyanya uyu mayor being paid for snoring in public kwena zambia is a country in reverse gear.

  13. king paker

    Eishhh***aza shura

  14. Muma

    He is not sleeping but interceding after a long battle.Is this the man who I heard wants to introduce garbage collection fees through phone (air time)?

  15. victo

    Why are you bound on embarancing the nation?

  16. hasty

    Comment Useless journalism

  17. Jay Cover

    Ba mudala ulesi… he was meditating am sure

  18. Muma

    Even you what else can you do? You have the job you wanted,the family and friends. At last you have to relax and go into prayers to thank God for his grace.

  19. Wise me

    The man on the picture seems to be browsing on the phone.

  20. matuzi

    Koswe mumpoto anajaila kugona.let his master see chakolwa munankwe can’t say anything. Sleaping on duety and gat paid,lungu wy misusing country money ?nindalama zanyoko?spear him not coz azanyena mutalauzi mu office.
    We talk only that you Lungu samvela live them too pf yasebana.nafuti nafuti.

  21. dowell

    He is not ready for a job please chose someone who is willing to work for the people

  22. john

    sindine wa tulo monga lusaka mayor…#boby east raping




    The adresser of the meeting was boring

  25. yoyo

    Iwe ba pushi let the man sleep

  26. mulase

    Wat fatigue ba Lengwe naimwe?Ni tu “junta” tupasa tulo.All he needed wz a RED BULL na mbama olo lupi pamenso!

  27. Becho

    and u expect development frm such pipo…..owez sleepin on duty.

  28. noxious

    hahaha!!! eyeee! sleeping on duty siamudala

  29. Christopher Silwamba

    Who Is Behind The Photoes Each Time The Is At Work.Does It Mean He Is The Supervisor Of The Mayor Let Has Do Something Constractive For The Betterment Of Mother Zambia Unlike Discraditing You Frie Nd In The Manner You Are Doing To The Mayor. Chris.C.

  30. chuchu

    Sleeping on duty,l have never seen this before even the teacher won’t allow you to sleep on a borack shame ba mayor, let’s go Ku chi cup instead of sleep

  31. Kwesa man

    Awee this is too much in some institution sleeping on duty is a straight dismisal not complomize about it. Now what really bothers me is what guide lines are these monkeys given upon entering the office, becauese this is getting out of hands why should he be sleeling each n every time is on duty. Suck that thing out of office ther’s a lot of young vibrant men and women who can do that job.ROBBERT MUGABE ANAKAMBA NOKAMBA ATI “its not every man who puts on suit is rich”KOSWE MULI SUIY”

  32. Abel

    He’s worked hard maybe

  33. mula

    chipuba cimudala ici

  34. T.B.T

    Sure who does that chimudala? Be serious once in your damn life man

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