Pilato Demands UNZA Re-opening

With Higher Education Minister Nkandu Luo staying put on the University of Zambia (UNZA) and the Copperbelt University (CBU) remaining closed social commentator Chama Fumba has taken a dig at the minister.

UNZA and CBU students have lost the love of Luo who seems bent on punishing them for their social media crusade against her that deridingly coined the phrase man to man in reference to her.

Luo has said has said that UNZA will remain closed until the water samples taken from the institution that tested positive for cholera are cleared.

However it is understood that the universities have remained closed as government has no money to pay allowances for the students.

Below is Pilato’s statement:

UNZA and CBU must OPEN

Thank you minister for giving us those half cooked excuses…..now it’s time to open the 2 universities. When you mess with our education you are messing with the future of our country and we will not tolerate that.

UNZA and CBU must OPEN or the minister’s office be closed too.


  1. Lukwe

    Point Mudala wandi

  2. Umuntu

    Fight your on battle you are not the one paying for these students.amapolitics lyonse fyabupuba go to the barbershop fimyefu

    • Gift Malanga

      Do you know that hell is real hell

    • Dward

      Just because your brain can’t think…. Don’t interfere people that think…
      Pilato for president……

  3. Bernhardt

    Pilato is not a giant in the music industry ,his audience mainly is rebellious children.Pilato,join politics, it your right.Don’t fool us , you’re a cadre.

  4. laston Zulu

    This is the mind set that can improve the nation

  5. pilatototo

    wise one

  6. bamwine

    emutima uyu zoona since 1999

  7. pilato

    umutima since 1999 zoona

  8. Mr khc

    This is the the problem we are facing as a country pilato speaks for the Zambians but the same people seems like they are comfortable with what is happening in the country

  9. Umuntu ni pilato

    Umutunga since 1999 mudala

  10. Jms

    Good people are the ones who say what is right even the town is’st clean, it is just open .pilato is right.

  11. Mr JJ

    U have hit the nail on its head,

  12. Frustum

    Fumba chama you’re so brave such that no one can intimidate you…. thank-you for your support concerning the two universities

  13. Nelzi

    Yayaya point

  14. Favoir

    Point bagai

  15. oNe lovE

    The trueth iz that let these big learning instutions Unza & Cbu b opened u are delaying them on academic calander of 2018.

  16. Pilato

    President pakati

  17. Pilato

    President pilato

  18. Emmanuel

    Pilato you are just a cadre being used to accomplish selfish motives by selfish political leaders if you were wise as you claim,you would have noticed but you are just a blind fool to notice .you think you are becoming famous but you are only creating enmity with your brother’s and sisters

    • ubuntungwa

      some of things we can’t tolerate

    • noni

      is it that you are done with your education that’s why you talk like a nursery school child

    • BM


    • khalitano

      Pilato lishilu sana

    • Speek for the pipo.

      chikala chobe pilato z atleast speaking for the pipo, who do u speak for? yourself or who don’t be stupid give credit to what z due.

  19. hasty

    Comment somebody is speaking for the students.U deem that political.Do u know what it means losing hours of learning?

  20. Bernhardt

    Surely Chama Fumba is being used by selfish and visionless politicians who want to gain political mileage. Cinto zapaka mu Zambia ,ba mandevu has been employed and is paid for hallucinating.What a shame his songs for rebellious children are not selling well.

  21. hakainde hichilema

    were did the students work for them to get an allowances. let their parents foot their bill or stop producing babies.pilato you fail to cut you hair on you face what of your hair around your anus.dirty pilato

  22. edgar

    Just mind your own business, you virus pilato.

  23. dowell

    I agree with mr man the problem of closing the university is not of cholera outbreak .madam am requesting you reopen the university .we don’t want to have half baked graduate in future like what we seeing in this government .be serious madam .

  24. wilshere c mwansa

    Wise words from Tombolilo maliso….Maybe Just Tell this People the Meaning of your Name PILATO by doing So maybe they wil understand the all thing.

  25. matuzi

    Stupid carders can’t understand resourceful things bat only condemning.
    Pilato don’t insult them bat point their mistakes at large. You are a good person hearted by pfools.
    Bakoswe mumpoto
    Anyway a true thing if is disclosed it pains to actors.
    God bless u.
    God bless Zambia.


    Where are you pilato?
    Sometimes,even if you have point people will not take seriously, because of your political inclination.

  27. chanda zabu

    Good man pilato keep it up the people commenting are paid

  28. Concerned

    So anyone who will speak out concerning the reopening of CBUNZA is politically motivated? If we could but for a moment take sometime to be sincere with ourselves we then could see the consequences of this issue at hand on. It is weaking and destroying the entire education system of this country.The developed nations are were they are because they embrace,support, respect & committe themselves to the education of all citizens. Please, can we put aside politics, greed & self out of our education system & put our hands together in combating challenges these institutions are facing. Those days a good number of our Fathers & mothers did what they could do in building UNZA but now we are busy pointing fingers at one another. What is the meaning of this? Do we feel the educated are enough that we don’t need more of them? Or our assumption is that all the students at these institutions are pathetic & useless? If so then we are wasting knowledge & wisdom! Consequently, we will continue with the same circle of poverty as the Nation.
    Concerned citizen!

  29. duks

    Pilato chikala chobe walikwatapo umwana uuya pa cb or unza don’t fool us kachikala ifimwemfu kwati masoyandoshi

  30. umuntu nifumba

    pilato uwatanike ubwamba pa menshi abantu bapitapo uwati apone apelela kumaso iwe ulicipondo ngawafwa tawakabole ukalanunkafye boi

  31. Majoni Tyson

    When things are wrong, we should learn to listen to rebukes. I wonder the kind of pipo who tend to hate pilato for his bravery to speak for all the Zambian with nagged mouth. He is a true son for Zambia that’s why it hates him to c things in his own country going astray. It Is in fact the duty of every one to observe what your leaders are doing and speak out when they seem to lead us into calamities. Don’t just support blindly, if you’re comfortable of this government please zip yo mouth,let the wise like talk.

  32. driyo

    u’re right big man

  33. zacks

    only pilato is pilato. who else can talk like pilato?

  34. kasonde

    pliz we re tired of bin home. we knw that ur children are abroad learning without interuptions. could it b that u jst want ur children to come and rule over our children in future?? other nations have developed as the result of investing in human capital which z education. bt hw ar we going to have human resource if at o we dont embrace education?? we re tired with ur fake excuses coz the same water that u re saying that its contaminated, thats the same water lectures use and as iam saying they are still using in their home. tells us somethings else coz ur excuses towards the prolonged clousure of two universities are nt valid

  35. Peter Rightwell

    What CHAMA is saying is the truth.educate the stupid unwise citizen that do not understand

  36. Mr musowa

    Politics date game/rubbish

  37. Summer salt

    A peace maker does not call for peace whilst they themselves get into hiding, a peace maker is never a coward. A Lion roars and goes after prey, unlike you pinto who roars and later run away. You’re absolutely correct but your roar carries no impact. They say, ” when the cat is away, the mouse will play ” if the lion in zoo and in cage roars who can run or get into the panic mode? Don’t fight at random my boy you may injure yourself! No what is facing you and face it, and check what’s next, in this order you may conquer! Already there’s a bench warrant awaiting, that must be conquered, your self willed exile also. That’s the way to go my boy. As simple as drinking water! Show where I have insulted you and apologize!

  38. sage

    Zambians….. Zambians….zambians….none can understand you….you don’t really know what you want…..PILATO NEVER BE INTIMIDATED……

  39. FGM

    Schools and colleges have opened! Why close CBU and UNZA? There is something more to cholera that the minister has not disclosed. I pity with the students for being punished for a hidden reason. It should be noted that every Zambian will pay the price in future. Let us all be responsible if Zambia is to develop.

  40. pnkc muza

    Those are those Pilato Is another.

  41. Oh ? cool

    People less open

  42. Sianga

    Has Pilato been to any of these two universities?

  43. Sianga

    Has Pilato been to any of these two universities?

  44. Entrick

    Pilato new resurrected lucky dube point my man

  45. Big taule

    Ba PILATO……..mwatimulafyala imwee?????? ……Anso no mukashi alikwata namashinsha pamaso……thnk cretically mwaice wandi!!!!! U ar too yung nd u dnt hv any child

    • speak for the pipo.

      iwe ka taule kapono Kobe… why are u showing ur dullness by insulting kwati mwaiche grow up, besides pilato speaks for the pipo what about u. biG Fool….!!

    • Gift Malanga

      What do you get from insults?
      Hell is near you if you don’t change am sorry?
      Have gone through Pilato’s message he has not insulted anyone but why?
      God is watching you.

  46. Chifunda Nelly peter

    Ba pilato ifimyesu….. Twala uko ubupubaa

  47. Kelvin kangwa

    Seriously you have said the truth tell them again dear keep it Up

  48. Collins kaonga

    Tell them to just open all the Universities and buy them electric kettles to be boiling water and bottles of Chlorine. Minister Please, Pilato keep it up

  49. Ck

    Pilato keep it up , even the time of Nelson Mandela pipo were there do job for their master for getting their fellow blacks. Read Animal farm you will understand how stupid same animals were! Napoleon is allows wright and I think you know the sad end of that animal!

  50. mart kayzeee

    pilato what you are saying is right…….”those who are saying he is not right…. you are the one who stoped going to school in g7…and yu have never been to universitz b4.

  51. cyma

    Let us see the negative effective this situation has on our county, solve it and later on involve politics not now wen we have an issue on the table,this is Tue more reason whites insults us that we are black and up in our minds,
    Lets be reasonable for once. Do be politic campaign time is 2021.

  52. Mwanamungono

    Y insulting politics its a dirty game guys pilato z right some people they don’t raise up with Manner’s that’s why they are insulting

  53. Timothy J Mumu

    imwe guys pilato is right why causing conflict with him, madam please open our university just because your children go to private universities doesnt mean u mistrit us please re open our unza tifuna yomba nchito manje imwe u ar working then wat about us please God is watching u.

  54. panto icee

    Pilato is right about a politic

  55. panto icee

    Ewe ulaba ati Pilato nishelu naiwe wine ulishelu

  56. panto icee

    Tell them Pilato

  57. panto icee

    Pilato patali boi bakubapa

  58. panto icee

    Ewe ula ba pilato ati chikala ulimbwa

  59. panto icee

    Iwe ula ba pilato ati chikala ulimbwa

  60. Anold

    Best BA pilato

  61. sim~G

    Don’t bring politics to Education education is the key to succes pilato is right is there to speak in behalf of other cowards students.congratulations pilato




  63. Dward

    Professor Pilato….

  64. Peoples choice

    What pure Zambia said,its true.try to respect one another as our motto one Zambia one nation .do not even insult one another because Zambia is a christian nation.where theres a problem we need to speak out as what the bemba said “mano uli weka tayashinguluka ikoshi”.

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