Banks Disappoint Siliya In E-Voucher Implementation

Agriculture Minister Dora Siliya is disappointed with the services of Atlas Mara Bank and UBA Bank in the implementation of the e-voucher during this farming season.

Siliya says the of the eight banks engaged by government, the two banks have been disappointing.

She says even Barclays Bank which was engaged late has done well in terms of activating the cards.

Siliya states that despite government releasing the money, the two banks have been taking too much time to load the money onto the cards.

The Agriculture Minister said this when she checked on some agro dealers in Chongwe after some farmers could not access the inputs despite their cards showing they had money in them,owing to the failure by some banks to load the money onto the cards.

Siliya later visited Atlas Mara Chongwe branch to find out why the bank was not activating the cards despite the government releasing the money.

And Atlas Mara Bank Chongwe Branch Manager Judith Nalumino said the activation of the e-voucher cards is done at the Head office in Lusaka after the District Agricultural Coordinaton has submitted the list of the cards to be activated.

Source: Qfm


  1. teacher

    atlas Mara bank are thieves

  2. james kaumba

    That is how tu Temba banks operates Atlas Mara funny banks

  3. Dokowe

    How they won the tender for E-voucher is mind boggling! UBA has no branches in Zimba and yet you gave them a tender there, Atlas Mara has equally no branch mungwi district and they still won the tender. The criteria you were using for choosing banks was wrong, now farmers are suffering. Choose better banks next time.

    • moses

      in case you did not know, ATLAS MARA is finance Bank, so saying, they have no Branches is a lie! do your research properly before misleading people baba!

  4. Habakkuk

    Ooooooooo siliya the madams this pipo in banks are just like u…they are confusing farmers.

  5. George Mainza

    Please please please all farmers forgive our Agrculture Minister Dora Siliya & My appeal is to request our state Press ECL give her another ministry but not to continue with Agric Ministry no! myself i have forgiven her as a farmer.

  6. Fod Kalu

    The E Voucher System Is Not Ok Especially In Rural Areas Where Banks Are Not Accessiable, Secodly The Registration System Was Poorly Done Like In Other District. If U Are Four At A Househood All The Names Would Appear On The Voucher While Otherhousehoods Does’t Appear Evenone,so Bwana Minister Check This System Otherwise Some Families Are Left In Cold Otherwise It Has Alot Of Demerits

  7. ECL

    Madam siliya u do not knw yo job same as lungu.. elo ba siliya tamwaleufwana wth de late presid. sata. so i wonda y lungu apointed u as a minista…. everything are jx going in opposite direction.. ubuteko bwa ba lungu kuwayawaya fye..
    >cholera ni muli lungu
    >failure 4 farmer’s input ni muli lungu
    >luo fighting wth students nimuli lungu
    >stealing of mukula tree nimuli lungu
    >tooo much corruption
    nimuli lungu
    >cival servants been threatend nimuli lungu
    >markets set on fire nimuli lungu
    >increasing gvrt purchase by 50% eg (prices of fire tendances en embulances ) nimuli lungu..
    > etc nimuli lungu

  8. B.I.G

    Ba siliya,ababemba batila uwawa tabula kabepesho !you guys you are just confused, pray to God for wisdom, pride kills and made Satan to be thrown out of heaven.accusing the banks that they failed to active cards on time is goatescaping .the truth is that you people have failed to run this nation. The problem with African leadership is that you fail to admit your faults and learn from them .you always blem others for for your failures. God will reward according to what you are doing, remember being in leadership should not make become a sinner by lying and accusing others

    • ROKA

      Don’t use the Banks as scapegoats. You have just failed,who knows may be you didn’t fund them in good time. Pocket your pride

  9. ROKA

    Don’t use the Banks as scapegoats. You have just failed,who knows may be you didn’t fund them in good time. Pocket your pride

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