Pres. Lungu Constitutes Ministerial Task Force On Projects

President Edgar Lungu has constituted a ministerial task force on project implementation that will ensure speedy completion of all infrastructure projects in the country.

Minister of Housing and Infrastructure Development Ronald Chitotela who has been appointed chairperson of the Task Force has confirmed the development.

Chitotela said the President has directed the task force to ensure that all the projects that are above 60 percent are completed within the first 6 months of this year.

“President Edgar Chagwa Lungu has constituted a Ministerial Task Force on project implementation with instructions that all projects that are above 60 percent are completed in the first 6 months of 2018. After this the President wants the task force to shift its attention to other projects which are below 60 percent,” Chitotela said.

He said the Task Force has further been instructed to update the President on a monthly basis on progress made in implementation of the various infrastructure projects across the country.

Chitotela said it has been agreed that in the next few weeks, the Task Force will issue a statement to outline how much money will be released to which projects in the country.

He has also said the Task force will make periodic inspection to all the projects in the country to ensure that construction is on course.

“The President wants his instructions which he gave when he toured Muchinga Province recently to be adhered to. As Chairperson, I want to assure the people of Zambia that the Task Force will carry out fully its mandate as instructed by the President.” Chitotela said.

He said the Task Force is composed of Ministers of Finance, General Education, Higher Education, Local Government and the Minister of Agriculture.

Other members are the Ministers on the task force are of Health, Home Affairs and Housing and Infrastructure Development.


  1. International Order

    Very interesting. The task force should be given performance targets so that those who fail are dismissed. Otherwise they tarnish the office of the president and the ruling party. Do not treat the task force reports like you did the Auditor General’s report. Please do not keep people who are openly incompetent because they tend to define who you are and what you do.

  2. Josphat Makesa

    Nice move by the president, keep it up sir.

  3. luck muwaya

    Sela tubombeko, no don’t kubeba

    • Mac

      Complete also the Kalabo to Sikongo rural electrification project which is at 99.9%. Good directive from ECL.

  4. Darius

    The implementation of this works is Wellcome and this what the President should work. Another issue that the President should be notified maybe the President is not aware is how the ministry of education is suffering in terms of transports especially at district level. How can officers work without vehicles? Other ministries have received vehicles nearly every year. But ministry of education are suffering and yet this is the heart and source of every development. The president should those in charge how many vehicles they have given in districts and yet they have alot of transport at headquarters that they don’t even use. In order education to be active it needs also to be supported.

  5. Oh ? cool

    Yeah less keep pushing

  6. mwandila alick

    I like it sir keep it up

  7. Muchuu

    This is another element of symphoning tax payers’ money. We have the ministry or department of projects implementation under state House formerly headed by Mulusa. This project’s fall under ministries headed by ministers, permanent secretaries, directors and officers who are drawing tax payers funds for implementing these projects. If these officers have failed, dismiss them before forming parallel structures to perform same job. The respective ministries have M & E staff who have the data in there respective officers but we expect the newly established task force tour the country obtaining the information that will be manipulated to create room for nchekeleko. The task force members will have easy access to finances that were withheld for ages resulting in the stallmet of these projects. This move will demotivate the officers who have been managing these projects. We hope the force will be impartial in its approach as some projects in opposition strong hold may suffer. Mr. President revisit your decision!

  8. Fml

    Nice move Mr president

  9. Asibwen

    His Exellence Pres Is Very Seriouse , Bt I Think Prob Is Wth Thes Unperforming Ministers Who Wants To Tarnish The Name Of Govt Into Dent

  10. B.I.G

    That is another way of amassing the wealth of the nation, double allowances now nenchito taimoneka,Mr President don’t play on people’s minds, we have ministers, permernent secretaries, and government qualified personnel’s. Why project task force when people in their offices know what they are suppose to do? Lack of implementation, late funding and corruption are major cause of the projects in our country, bakandile you are celebrating for the formation of the task force because your father are part of the thieves!

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