Kambwili Claims He Has Helped Curtail President Trips

NDC leade Chishimba Kambwili has praised himself for helping stop presidential trips undertaken by President Edgar Lungu.

Kambwili claims if it were not for him, President Lungu would still be travelling around the world.

President Lungu’s trips were a growing concern for ordinary citizens with politicians making political capital out if it.

The Head of State announced he will cut down on international trips and possibly not travel abroad this year.


Good evening.

Countrymen and women today I was very happy for two reasons. My pressure and the pressure being mounted by the NDC over careless traveling the President was doing at the expense of the common Zambian has paid off. I am glad President Lungu has once again done as I tell him to do, due to the constant pressure the President announced that he will not travel in the whole of 2018. Mr President well done for listening to me all the time.

In addition if the President can cancel all international trips on my say so, it makes you wonder why he could not have done this earlier to save the taxpayer millions of kwacha. The reason is simple, ECL tried to dupe citizens by forfeiting his wage for political mileage and the only way he could make up for this was to increase irrelevant traveling in order to capitalize on his international duty allowances.

Moving back to why I am very happy tonight. President Lungu officially launched the campaign season by encouraging us the opposition to campaign also. In the coming weeks/months the NDC will launch its countrywide mobilization tour and now that the President has decided to flag the campaigns, I hope the police will not have double standards in issuing police permits. I am so happy to finally move from constituency to constituency, province to province selling the NDC manifesto which is in its final stage and it will be due to unravel to every corner of the country.

Thank you President Lungu for allowing my talent of speaking for the poor manifest. Now fix the corruption and everything else I have told you to do.


  1. pontino miti

    Comment.Kwathu akuti ngoma yolila maningi sikokola ungambika.Khalani maso mwanyanya kuzimvela

  2. Xando

    Wow. These are opposition leaders our country need to issue checks and balances and influence the redundant operation of the renigning government for the benefit of Zambians.

    • Mphatso Zulu

      What are you saying, how do you praise chishimba kambwili because he is among the thieves who have contributed to the sufferings we are witnessing today.
      He has stolen money from the poor Zambians.

      • Gift Malanga

        Don’t judge him and who are you to judge?
        Listen to your self.

  3. mulase

    That is my presdo in waiting speaking.

  4. homohabilis

    Welldone….even the late sata did dat,he said I don’t make aimless journey… So its Gud if the president is now in line of the late.thxx kambwili for that heart.now only one issue is pending “corruption”hlp them breakdown.

  5. Umuntu pa ndola

    BA neckless mwalapwa b4 2021 too much ukubwatauka

    • Gift Malanga

      Who are you to finish him remember it is God given talent.

  6. FGM

    Thanks ck , we truly need a noisy and strong opposition to provide meaningful checks and balances in a political scenario we are in.

  7. pwe

    you are also a thief kambwili you are a foolish man who does not help the poor with the stolen man.you are not a saviour to Zambia but a thief who is also selfish .you chimbwii

    • Gift Malanga

      You know why l like you, you are professional in insulting and surely God will pay you for that.

  8. Summer salt

    Kambwili, do you have a neck or it’s just the head and the body? If not, then ask God for a neck so that before you can open the mouth the speech should pass through and be digested, pantu whatever you say fyaku byola fyeka fyeka fye, yaabaa!

    • Xando

      He he he…iyi yeve iliko bad

    • Gift Malanga

      Who are you to criticize God for who kambwili is let me assure you God will surely pay you according to what your mouth is speaking write now.

  9. Summer salt

    Kambwili do years have a neck or it’s just the head and the body, if not then ask God for a neck so that before you can open the mouth the speech should pass through and be digested, pantu whatever you say fyaku byola fyeka fyeka fye yaabaa!

  10. Kapshizo

    Yes,thats my president one voice is enough you’ll make lungu know red n white aleficitilamofye imbwili ni one this is what we call mature politics speak forthevoiceless zambian.viva zambians viva c.k pambwili

  11. Sibweni Mwene

    Mhuu, Zambian Politics. U Know Wrong Thing When U Are Out Side. Those Who Join The Palace Are Singing Praise While Those Who Left Are Binding It With Hell Fire. Thats Why I Don’t Believe Politicians…

  12. Chiliba

    Wel Done Mr Kabwili For Advising our President…. U have The Heart Of Leadership.

    • Alex Mwape

      Mr kambwili go go go forwerd,tell them and advice them,God is there for you on 2021.

  13. Love your neighbor

    But when CK was travelling with the head of state in the recent past it was OK for him, anyway it’s OK that the trips by the President have reduced, only that the man bragging is a wrong man to condemn coz they were moving together with Mr Lungu recently.

  14. ECL

    CK u de true man… pliz continue to control lungu who has no vision has he has said by himself…

  15. Jay Dee

    Chishimba Chimbwi you stink shit

    • you know nothing you are just a young boy.

      Stop fooling your parents spoiled sperm.

  16. Mwebe chola

    Well done KAMBWILI , this is what we want, put pressure to Koswe .

  17. ECL

    Lungu has cut travelling not bcoz of u c.k, he jst wants to be cloze with his enemies lyk u

  18. kobe

    Comment keepon giving him checks &
    balances. P.F. is more corrupt than MMD.

  19. JBC

    o the politicians ar thief’s… continue stealin one day GOD wil steal yo life aswel

  20. James

    continue mr gumu gumu….

  21. Remmy chitoshi

    ECL is the president of Zambia. Advise him out of love. Let’s set a standard as a nation. The president can at anytime go to other countries. Those in opposition also will do the same at one point in due course.

  22. Chabu

    Liar u ll b finished b4 2021 and tell us where dd u get the money which u built all those 600 unit of houses

  23. BBC

    Don’t use insults when commenting

  24. Benny

    Even if money saved it will go in the pockets of few selfish leaders

  25. ngosa shankx

    Chiwamina galu namona nomba

  26. Dziwa Zako Mailosie

    Mr, Kambwili u are selfish and visionless political leader, You will be finished before 2021. You like a dog imene ithamangisa ci shade.

  27. Poor Finishing (PF)

    Nomba BA CK imwebene, mulanda ati uubomba mwibala alya mwibala. Tulyekofye panono mwa Landauka. Please sela tubombeko! Lol
    Mwandi Kambwili umisha patu Meno tulyatwino bakumbwisha.

  28. Prisona

    Zambia and its politics hehehehehehehe. Anyway following

  29. Chomba Chrispin

    Punish them CK don’t give them chance 2021 is just around the corner VIVA CK.

  30. Bakayoko

    Madness kambwi elephant boy ???can’t you see that you group

  31. Topcat

    Look who is talking, is this not the I.d.I.ot who defended Lungu,s clueless ruling in the name of global, until he was shown the door? Yes Mwanawasa was right Zambians are too forgetful.

  32. Justice

    Thanks but respect the head of state, coz 1 day u also need DAT respect.



  34. Barotseland

    You are all bunch of thieves tribrism and favoritism to much in Pf whereby other tribes and Province’s are still poor .Western ,Southern, North -Western Provinces are like Prohibited Immigrants in their own country. Masholi tuwe zwaaaaaaa come 2021 we want change not this rubbish type of government full of masholi .

    • Mbunda Man

      But why do Lozis like being servants to Bembas and Chipata people – Inonge Nawa, Sakwiba Sikota, Anthony Mukwita, Bishop Joe Imakando, Saboi Imboela, etc? Why do Lozis also like marrying these tribes who will NEVER treat you as equals?

      It is sickening to see the likes of Spuki Mulemwa and Angelos Mubita defending and praising a thief.

      An independent Barotseland is better than being a second class citizen.

  35. Village Head man

    Koma nimavuto! You friends are now preparing for 2021, watch the enemies in their yards. They were in the copperbelt I have just heard, Mr Neckless, what do you think they were upto? Think outside the box sir

  36. Trevia Kalou

    It is not that mr ecl the president knows everything,so we thank u for advising him.God Bless U Kambwili.

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