Swim or Sink? Heavy Downpour Leaves Motorists Struggling

With Lusaka experiencing a heavy downpour in the last 48 hours some parts of the city have exposed the poor drainage system.

Some townships have had houses tumbling down from the rains but we share part of the challenges presented by the heavy downpour.

Lusaka’s Kabwe roundabout was quite some exhibition of the depth of the damage left by the rains.


  1. Xando

    Our intercession for rainfall worked,Hugh. Praise b to God

  2. Oh ? cool

    But sure how poor are we in Zambia, poor road construction results This situation depth drainage system any time in our country we record this system in our country

  3. Lulu Jay

    Honestly I can’t imagine what happened the days of Noah,it’s only being 48 hrs and in those days we are told that it was 40 days and 40 nights,can imagine?I guess you can’t……

  4. Muma

    CBD in this state! For sure lusaka was poorly planned. Austerity measures to be put in place because as far as am concerned this is the major contributing factor to Chorela.

  5. saga Zambia

    too bad ba Lusaka

  6. Muchemwa

    Wat God can do uuuuuuhhhh is something else but we give glory to him for the rains

  7. frank

    Just Praise To God Bcoz They Gave Us Rain,Glory Be To God.

  8. Simon chirwa

    The drainage system in this nation is not properly done hence what we are experiencing now. year in ,year out ,going, talk about the same thing. I wonder when, are we going to stand up and do the right thing.

  9. Rodgers Siatontola

    Bring men in uniform to dry those floods before accidents happen.

  10. Steven katenekwa

    Poor planning by those in authority,

  11. Rodgers Siatontola

    Bring those men and women in uniform to dry those floods before accidents happen.

  12. Mickie lilema

    Cholera shouldn’t misbehave. Lukasa Lusaka.

  13. Richard

    lets blame, the pf government. for this problems

  14. FGM

    Poor planning of past leaderships! But its not too late current authorities can plan for a better tomorrow.

  15. fanta coca

    To bad ba lusaka

  16. Gol

    Iye sorry

  17. Andrew

    Hire a canoe from some named political party, they are hiring their canoes to raise bucks for their party mobilization, sorry, for their campaigns!

  18. TUNDWE


  19. GodfRey

    kkkk lSk

  20. chiluwiza

    Indeed this God is a fair God. Imagine what would have happened if we had such rains when Cholera was really the talk last month. God you really are an amazing God.

  21. Binoculars

    What do you expect from a town sitting in a spoon and encroached by unplanned shanties? Ask Mr Solomon F Sakala of Ndola ,he will elaborate more.

  22. Susan

    Oh yes we thank God for the rain’s, wake up call poor planning, do EIA before building

  23. Scale Ndapima

    These rains are really a blessing to the country. We won’t have food for sure because they have come at a wrong time but our rivers and lakes will fill up to their maximum capacities to avoid possible silly suggestions of urinating into them for electrical generation.

  24. dc.10

    We must do away wth plastics.Drainages are always cleared but once it rains,the plastics keep on blocking them again and again.

    • Salim

      It’s time for all to work up if we stop throwing litter any how everything will be fine

  25. Isamwamwa

    Too Bad Ishii

  26. Salim

    It’s time for all to work up if we stop throwing litter any how everything will be fine

  27. Captain Joe

    Major contributor to this,which a lot of us don’t see is the evolvement of cadrelism in allocation of land,and technocrats have no say…so what do you expect?

  28. Promise Tembo

    Let’s stop criticism guys

  29. It Is What It Is

    We need agent solution to get ready of this tragedy.

  30. Chagiga

    All we can is thank God for His time table. He knows best that what we need at this time is rain, so we praise Him. There’s know one to blame but
    everyone to thank for the efforts in whatsoever little way we have contributed to lessening the burdens of our brothers and sisters who have been affected. God bless Zambia.


    Thank God the almight for the blessing of rainfall in zambia which other countries dont have

  32. Dickson

    We thank God for the rains

  33. Jms

    We need free education ,Our children pass but remain in their previous schools , due to this some beautiful intelligent students of ours are not going much, we need good planners.

  34. Pm

    So sad!

  35. DK Katombi

    Its really sad! We are better than this!!!!!!

  36. evans

    True mr tembo

  37. Mr nofavour

    Mind the way you think it is not any body to control the rains not even the political party but only God does.let us understand the difference between God’s ability and man’s ability.can a man cause the rain to fall? can a man prevent any disaster from God? Be careful in your thought!

  38. Nora

    Yes let us just thanks God for the rains.

  39. Umwana

    The Earlier The Better We Realised To Ask For Gods Mercies…Disaster After Disaster…There Is Something Spiritualy Wrong Ba Zed…

  40. Aaron

    Nipa Zed so che

  41. Zewe

    Nipa Zed so che

  42. Village Head man

    It’s important to have water like that, It’s a sign of bumper harvest and high power supply. So , to everyone each season has advantages and disadvantages they all come and go. Even New York and London experience such calamities, it’s beyond anyone who you can think of to incharge of the country, countryman.

  43. Treviours Kalolu

    we thank God for protecting our lives from this dangerous rain.

  44. Nshisuni Buluya

    drainage system downtown Lusaka is in fact first class. Problem is that metal grills that trap solid rubbish have been stolen. The result is that all sorts of solids like plastic, leaves , paper are washed down the drains. The dissolved soil in run-off builds up eventually and clogs the drains. That same Cairo road never ever flooded in the 1970s and 80s. Stop talking about what you don’t know. As the late Matteo Phiri used to say, don’t argue, you were not there!===

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