Tasila, Chawama MP & Disaster Management Visit Flood Hit Homes

Nkoloma Ward councillor, Chawama lawmaker Lawrence Sichalwe and officials from the disaster management unit today visited selected homes hit by floods in the constituency.

Lusaka has experienced heavy rain in the last 72 hours leading to floods in various parts of the city.

The civic leader and her team were on hand to assess the extent of the damage the floods have caused in Lusaka

“Over the weekend I have had the opportunity to spend time with the residents of Nkoloma Ward 1 in Chawama where some homes have been affected by the continuous rain we have received over the last few days.

“The tour was conducted in conjunction with the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU). The overall objective was to assess the impact on the ground and how we can best support the families requiring relief support,” she said.

Tasila is proud that residents were resolute and already implementing a community-wide response.

“I wish to thank the community and all our partners who continue to support our efforts,” said the President’s daughter.


  1. Love your neighbor

    Nomba Ba L.Sichalwe ninshi mwalibutuka bu deacon ku church? you chose politics at the expense of God’s work.

    • bbbb

      leave the man alone, why should you be the judge. David was a king but also a man of God

  2. Ce

    Great work

  3. james kaumba

    Ninshi ubu buteko bwama disasters, cholera, floods corruption, farmers are crying,ninshi kanshi???????God help us!!

    • Billy

      Don’t blame the government on disasters be realistic

      • Paschael Kalusa

        Billy is right . Don’t blame Govt even for natural calamities. We are not in Matabeleland/Mashonaland in 1896/97

  4. B k.m

    Great job

  5. martin chiyesu

    Good efot ba tasila & other cvic leaders shud emulat.god bless u.

  6. Michael Chitambo

    It’s hold hands together and our country , it will be a better ……

  7. ernesto chishale

    We appreciate the job the Government has done and still doing. For those who do not see but have eyes which they don’t use. Then do not comment on the good works the Peoples Government is doing. Please go on doing the needful.

  8. Xando

    Great work..makamaka my girlfriend, the President’s daughter. looking for someone to accompany me as i take dowry state house

  9. sage

    Hard working councillor there. Keep it up and transparent.

  10. Chaps

    Only God who knowns

  11. Christoper Silwamba

    Well Done Tasila And Mr.Mp For Showing Leadership In Your Area Thats How It Should Be As Area Leader Keep It Up With The Good Work Until 2021 Your Will Be Look- Ed Upon By Your Peaple. chris.c

  12. ECL

    James u are right ma bro.. ba billy na ba paschael u are idiots, do not u c dat ubu ubuteko bwama disaster… the reason been dat we av the sleeping gvrt only been waked up by the problem… they startd cleaning up lsk uponing seeing de outbraek of cholera … en now u are busy sayn dat tasila z workn afta again seeing dat theres flood, instead of dem making good en propare drainages in advance. which hard workn are u tokn abt… u mean they cnt think n advance not until the problem comes, z wen now u wl c dem runing up en down.. awe balimilisha bakolyokolyo.

    i knw, they av also failed to c dat the delayment of opening cbu en unza wl coz problems n few days 2cam.

  13. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya(GBM)

    Good effort mwana ba kateka,God bless u.

  14. Col

    Comment we are talkin sense yo are talkin no sense motherfucker!

  15. Paulo lukamba gato

    Chawama , misisi , & kanyama compounds need serious political leaders to finish the problem of floods ,this has been happening ever since independence ,now it’s baby Tasila making a political visit next it’ll be a grandson to Tasila doing the same .If you don’t have Engineers at UNZA then involve the Chinese they will help you once and for all.

  16. Village Head man

    ALMIGHTY GOD forgive Mr so called ECL, for hash statement towards BILLY and PANCHAEL.


    Let’s learn to appreciate one’s work although it is not to the fullest requirement of the people.

  18. Michael

    Don’t blame de gov

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