Davies Mwila Blasts Lusaka PF Security Wing

Patriotic Front Secretary General Mwila has blasted Lusaka Province PF security wing for following President Edgar Lungu around without invitation.

Mwila was shocked to find Lusaka PF security during the President’s tour of the Copperbelt.

He expressed disappointment that the PF security wing from Lusaka had joined the entourage without being invited.

“What are you doing here; you are supposed to be in Lusaka because no one invited you here, you should allow the security on the Copperbelt to also work, have you ever seen them come to Lusaka like the way you have come? You are giving us so much work” Mwila complained.

Mwila said the Copperbelt Executive had its own security wing and it was important to give them a chance to also work rather than pushing them away by those from Lusaka.

“Even if is escorting the President, sometimes allow your friends to also work it is not just about you. How do you think your friends feel? They have never come to Lusaka for the President’s programs, but you guys are already here,” he added.

However, the PF Lusaka Youth wing guys had nothing to tell their Secretary General but immediately left his presence and went to complain as to why he could not tell them in privacy but in presence of everyone.

“That is the problem with our SG. What is the point of talking to us in that manner when everyone is listening, he could have called us for a talk even just there than what he did, some of us love the party and we sacrificed because we used our own money and not his or anyone else,” one of the PF security men complained.


  1. blues

    Kukonka uko uluto lulepona. Kwindi talya impande akakonkelelo lushinga.

  2. Cletus Witi

    When you use all the money and you are expecting a reward you will follow even if going into the grave

  3. Jonasampa1962

    Let the president meet people of different works of life ,its not campaign time or party program. Please differentiate national programs with party programs on this tours.twapapata bane

  4. lulu


  5. Mweemba Danny

    That’s how it is supposed to be. Copper belt is capable to handle any situation.

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