ERB Announces Fuel Hike

The Energy Regulation Board has announced increased fuel prices averaging K1 across the board.

New prices will take effect at midnight.


  1. ine wine

    This country is broke and right now we have state capture guys working in all sectors of the economy. we are being squeezed out of every amount of money we earn to enable the rich live more comfortably

  2. Sj

    The low income bracket and poor will be hard hit. When copper trading well on market, can cushioning of poor citizen be made? Hope Transport owners will not adjust prices upward. Comment

  3. Sepo G


  4. B.I.G

    Dununa reverse, I wish years and months were controlled by man,nga nalicitile fast for ward ama years that we go for the next election and choose a better leadership

  5. Rabseke hadda

    The issue of fuel again

  6. Rabseke haddah


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