Hichilema Capitalizes on Pres. Lungu’s Corruption Eulogy

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema has made the most of President Edgar Lungu’s moment of lapse when he appeared to be glorifying corruption by saying ‘ubomba mwibala alila mwibala’ loosely translated as everyone has to reap from their line of work.

Hichilema says the statement confirms that President Lungu is out to deplete state coffers through corruption.

Below is his full statement:

When a so called leader is corrupt, they do not care about the suffering masses, their preoccupation is to steal from government and steal more and more to enrich themselves.

And as such sentiments made by Mr. Edgar Lungu of PF that “ubomba mwibala alya mwibala” are a confirmation of his corruption and public theft but we will stop him from stealing anymore, soon.

Clearly, watching and listening to the man, he literally says he will leave the government of Zambia bankrupt. Who says a thing like that? Only a man who’s preoccupation is self aggrandisement using public resources. Public resources meant to alleviate poverty in our country are being diverted to individuals. Is this the kind of government our country needs to progress.

We have always known that our country is in hands of corrupt individuals but what we didn’t fathom was the level of impunity with which corruption is being encouraged.

In view of that and by virtue of this statement we wish to state that we shall take decisive actions to stop Mr. Lungu from further depleting our country’s resources. If it means writing to international institutions that are fighting corruption and plundering of public resources, we shall do so in order to protect our country’s properties from being individualised.

Fellow citizens, time to unite and act is now, let’s save our country’s economy and democracy for our future generations.

Mr Lungu and corrupt associates must know that “umulandu taubola.”



  1. zedoc

    Well said, HH. On this one you have my support. President Lungu’s language and deeds confirms what we have always believed. That Lungu cannot fight corruption because he is himself corrupt. This is what will make the culture of stripping former leaders of their immunity not end. For President Lungu, this will happen faster than we have experienced before. It is just a matter of time.

  2. sam

    HH the problem wth u is you are a feary .if u come in power are going to be honest .coz u falled to be honest whn u parvataise mines u still from there wht abut raining a country uuuu stop chiting people sir

    • samuel

      sam u are not up to the truth…
      hh was employed by chiluba…
      if u think hh stole money…report him to elerevant authourity together with ur evidence

  3. Mr.khc

    The problem with these guys is that they don’t mind the suffering of the Zambians what they only know is steal.now mr.hichilema jst let them enjoy stealing time for You will come batila ati umulandu taubila you will follow them and make sure the pay back nsonse isho baiba with interest and we will expect you to be a good leader to better the nation coming 2021 I hope u’ll deal with them…… Napita naya

  4. ine wine

    on this one i am with HH. the weight of those words will come back to haunt ECL

  5. freeman

    Corruption it has decline our country due to insufficient thoughts.tunayandi nakashi

  6. Barotseland

    Party of masholi ( pf ) zwaaaaaa you will nya in 2021 elections idiots makaka

  7. HH


  8. Lungu ecl

    Not Mr but president Ecl,mind you language Mr hh

  9. duks

    Ngaiwe batila hh our money where is it chikabolala iwe

    • Eagle Kahle

      If HH had stolen through privatisation, you would have long imprisoned him because he is your political enemy. If you falsely sent him to jail for over 3 months for false accusations of treason, would you truly spare him over stolen government funds which the government itself had control over. Your stupid unrealistic accusations of saying HH Stole from the mines should stop. But as for ecl, well, we are waiting.
      Mulandu suola. We hope you won’t desert ecl as you did to Chiluba or RB when time. Chiluba only remained with a big rosary which he used to wear. RB only remained by himself by the time he was handing over power. That is why he even cried because all his allies hada deserted him.

  10. ECL

    Ba sam dont speak like an idiot,,,wen the mines wre sold hh oz not de presid. by then but the govt of mmd oz.
    My respect to u the President 2b his Ex Mr HH, pliz u are our last hope 2 deliver us 4rm the hands of the theives… u av our supot as a family….. UPND 4life 2021

  11. Charlesmicklay

    Wina azalilanso,come 2021.kkkkkkkkkk

  12. matuzi

    On this one I conker to prophet PILATOs slogan(koswe mumpoto)previewing.
    Panyo full,paya farmer,poor family, planning failure’s party (PF).
    Let him do what ever stupid and foolish he can,time is coming for him to live like an world animal in the boosh and eat glasses.
    We are not happy with this caind of stinking and poisonous slogan he has vowed as a leader.police man nowarnder wen given samthing from an acusser lives him free becoz have eaten on duet.
    We at this time whant’s a leader who will think and recognize village sitzens as ones heading him in statehouse. Not this stupid PF party leader who says as a blind President. People we are suffering. Our children are not going to schools lurking fees.
    In Sam parts nshima to put on mouth jast is a problem.
    We have disebleds,over aged few to mention that looks forward from the government support who are to colups once hear the presidency speech.
    Soorry and very sorry to lungu edger chakolwa.
    My fellow Zambian, let’s stop electing drunkers. U see by your self’s and hear.
    No warnder bemba says imfula pakuya epo yonawila ifisabo.
    Now he won’t .

  13. G S

    HH will neva b the president and is bizzy bothering himself about corruption,wata bout him and he is even the one who brought the suffering of our pipo in this country bcoz of his privatisation.so leave ba lungu alone

    • mukuta shazi

      Gs u r a stupid idiotic fool fuck u idiotic family go to hell u pf. No plan

    • vj

      HH was not part of govt then not even an mp.the issue of sale of mines was made by Zambian pipo thru MPs and president chiluba.he was just an agent.after the govt of Zambia under mmd lead by then president chiluba agreed to sale the mines and some parastatal firms.hh was jst an agent hired by Zambian pipo then to find an equity partner to buy some shares.

    • B.I.G

      Dwelling on the past would not help, if hh and chilubà messed up,does is mean even the rest should continue stealing?

  14. bad

    Koswe mumpoto

  15. mulongoti

    Firstly ubomba mwibala balya mwibala is a bemba proverb meaning those who work in the field shud eat from the same field Now this does not mean corruption it means the work you do will feed you no matter what if you’re lazy or you don’t work anywhere can you go and draw a salary at any bank…. No this also means which ever work you that becomes your field and you will eat from there meaning what ever you want to do your income will only come from your job For example those Who are retired can’t have a salary

  16. patoranking

    HH HE will BE President I swear in 2021

  17. Morgan

    On this am on HH

  18. Morgan

    On this am on HH. Go on sir this is your country

  19. s phiri

    I am a farmer. Thats what I do for my living. I grow maize for mealie meal, vegetables for relish, chickens

  20. Mike

    Its Too Much, I Support You H.H, Let Them Dance To Your Tune, Mulandu Suobola,

  21. Sililo Harrison

    As the head you are the one to build and to destroy, so now when you say just Adages u are misleading Zambians who are in different institutions to enhancing the spirit of poverty that comes by corruption. Zambians you are poor! And look at how you are thinking can u develop with this kind of thinking? As the head sure

    • Eagle Kahle

      That is plain thieving don’t support such things. Only people who still from their employers can justify such idioms. Why can’t the idiom be appropriately suitable when it comes to your own property/field but only for others? If I knew where you work, I would advise management to put you under survillance. You could be pilfering company resources with such kind of attitude.

  22. lunguh and HH

    We are going to see you if u will make evry things stable interms of economics. Since you are saying lunguh z thief and corrupter guy

  23. thomson fwaza

    from my own observation, the political song Dununa reverse is embroiled with a demonic spirit of plunder,we ar taken a hundred years back now,the only sign is the digital world we ar in ZAmbia

  24. BBC

    Chishimba kambwili 2021Republican president

  25. Mwibala

    In whichever way one looks at it ….its not acceptable for the President to utter such idioms

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