Pres. Lungu Makes Peace with ‘Rebel’ MPs

President Edgar Lungu used his time in the Copperbelt Province to make peace with the Independent Members of Parliament on the Copperbelt that had ditched by the ruling party after being overlooked in the adoption process.

President Lungu said the ‘prodigal’ lawmakers had been forgiven by the PF and would be allowed back in the party.

The Head of State warmly welcomed Chimwemwe lawmaker Mwila Mutale and his Wusakile counterpart Pavyuma Kalobo.

President Lungu said that he had forgiven the Independent Members of Parliament and would treat them with the same courtesy extended to ruling party lawmakers.

Meanwhile President Lungu has wound his three day intensive working visit on the Copperbelt having interacted with the party structures at all levels.

President Lungu is back in Lusaka and opted to give a measured response on the proposing violence case Chishimba Kambwili on Chinese nationals.

Kambwili has emerged from the chief defender of President Lungu to lead tormentor after being fired from government.

“The law will take its course, that is all I can say,” he said.


  1. small mountain

    Baseless visita

  2. mengmoreler

    where on earth a president behaving lik a kid!awee mwandini ukunonka Kwa chipuna kutiwaluba nomuchinshi wobe.

    • Jeaffrey Tembo

      Jealous n hate towards a person who has not done anything evil against u will bring the wrath of God Almighty upon yo life.. Repent n seek Jesus n stop politics

  3. Ba elvi

    Seriously important

  4. blues

    Those are signs of desperation, Why should one go for his/her own vomit. Dogs not eat dogs, if it does so it is considered to be rabid.

  5. hasty

    Comment Ati ..Forgiven..when they compaighned on their own



  7. Richard

    president, who behavers likea kid, atase.

  8. ECL

    Wel wel wel … u knw hw to squandle money kwena ba lungu… instead u visit important issures that are affecting zambia. nway hh come en rescue us..

  9. Jay

    Imwe Pali kambwili palibe nkhani address real issues affecting the national not baseless stories.

  10. Xando

    Y did u avoid passing thru CBU? What is Mwila Mutale and Pavyuma Kalobo going to give Zambians? Those boys are not of public concern bamudala imwe.

  11. benard

    Mmmmmmm this party

  12. benard

    Mmmmmm this party

  13. mututubanya

    Mmmmmm this party awe

  14. benard

    Mmmmmmm this party awe

  15. benard chembe

    Mmmmmm this party

  16. Buleecha...

    That’s nothing important the president is doing, he’s just passing time and wasting taxpayers mane on meaningless trips. This is an insult to the voters. He shud b serious for once!!!

    • Pompwe Lungusha

      Lungu is dancing dununa reverse as he gets richer and the fuel prices go up. Truly mocking Zambians for their stupid voting. Universities are closed but the so called President in on the public platform dancing. This is a banana country with stupid people.


    Time waisted is never recovered people think of it deeply.the gathers his children and tells them I have forgiven you come we dance when he knows that there is a lot of work need to be done and he is

  18. GBM

    Kalunguh kamoneni kwati kaiche iwe kwa amano weee. Bizzy dancing oooh sorry z remembering the previous dances when he was in the bar

  19. Eagle Kahle

    Forgiven! They campaigned on their own. If they lost he was not going to forgive them. He would have been bullying and insulting them. Please rebel MPs, don’t be fooled. You will lose your voters. When people vote for an independent, it means they prefer that person not the party. There are special instances when voters would prefer a Party to a candidate. This is where no matter how useless a candidate is, that candidate still wins. Don’t be misled by desperate people trying to rescue their redundant parties.

  20. B.I.G

    Monkey type of leadership! Bushwe if Zambian is a Christian Nation were are Christian leader to rule Gods’ people please according to his purpose

  21. Tembo Clement

    When two or more people come together in the name of forgiveness, the devil is furious, those of you who are not happy, the Bible says you shall know them by their fruits, who’s children are you God or the devil, don’t decamping your selves,

  22. Bakayoko

    Mukaponta mukanaka is a still President of Zambia ?

  23. xander 2pac,chara 4style and father waluse

    Mamamama BA lungu like a kid

  24. Pompwe Lungusha

    Lungu is dancing dununa reverse as he gets richer and the fuel prices go up. Truly mocking Zambians for their stupid voting. Universities are closed but the so called President in on the public platform dancing. This is a banana country with stupid people.

  25. mundu wantaga

    Bola naikosa

  26. AWE SANA

    Why is it that marketeers in Chienge district have not received the presidential iniative funds?There is segregation in how this program is being done because even those that applied for the CEEC funds have not received any response since march 2016.Please your Excellency look into this matter because we were told that the council chairperson Mr Mwape will help but to no avail.

  27. cq

    peace with who,what benefit…atibpresident kweba eeh cbu/unza closures burning issues nt ifyo baiwe mbuya…naufilwa wacepesha pali bu kateka weh…the croocks u harbouring ar a preparing a meal fo ur exit…ask rb

  28. mulongoti

    Lungu naeve nimuntu sometimes he needs to do things away from the office work just to dance and laugh vinani mwamene mwainvelela bakateka it’s your time we only live once

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