Suspected UPND Cadres Set Ex-Member’s Car Ablaze

The ruling Patriotic Front has accused UPND cadres of setting a vehicle of its former member who defected to the ruling party.

A civic leader Eucridy Mwiinga quit the opposition party claiming its leadership lacked foresight.

Mwiinga a councilor from Nampundwe ward in Central Province joing PF alongside Joseph Chiwele, a Councilor from Ntumbachushi ward in Kawambwa District.

During his defection, Mwiinga attributed his defection to President Edgar Lungu’s leadership saying the Head of State was taking development across the country.

He the opposition of frustrating the efforts of government saying Nampundwe has not received its Constituency Development Fund committee as a result.

Mwiinga said his resignation is for the sake of the people in his ward hence he had offered himself to re-contest on the PF if adopted.

After his switch, Mwiinga woke up to a rude shock when a few days later his car was reduced to ashes.


  1. Charlesmicklay

    To bad,it’s be serious guys be 4 act

  2. chitambo zulu

    mmmm!too bad

  3. Village Head man

    Thus the politics of the opposite side, there is too much hate inside their hearts

  4. Village Head man

    There’s too much hate inside their hearts

  5. Charlesmicklay

    Police do your job,these thugs must be locked in cell

  6. Mupe

    Too bad, that’s not being fair

  7. Barotseland

    You are behaving like a prostitute Mwiinga ,a lisholi hiding in grasses nowander u have joined Pf a party of masholi you foolish young idiot think twice

    • moses

      Mwiinga and his friend from Kawambwa have joined the PF! you are only upset with Mwiinga, why! what do you take to be your common denominator with Mwiinga? which particular common denominator is the Kawambwa councilor not offering? Dont you think we are also upset that you belong to the other party and not PF? Please accept that a coin always will have two sides, you like it or not! Leave our gallant Mwiinga and his friend alone! iibwele 2021 wina azalila!

    • Jeaffrey Tembo

      Please fear God Almighty.. Let not politics steal the love of God Almighty in our hearts for fellow human being.. Insults will bring the wrath of God Almighty on yo life.. Repent from insults

  8. Mr musowa

    Too bad but don’t accuse UPND nobody knows exactly what happened….!

  9. Eagle Kahle

    Another saga! Culprits are only found if really the opposition are involved. If the works are done by the PF cadres, no culprit will cornered. Over the burning of Soweto markets, I once told my friends that if the people involved are non PF, they will soon be brought to book. But if no one will be brought to book, just know it is an in house conspiracy _ just within PF itself.

  10. Eagle Kahle

    Let the State Official condemn violence. And I know he will do so because the allegations are that the opposition are involved.

  11. Robby Chola

    Too bad. He sweated to get money gor that car. Thugs ,these burners are.

  12. matuzi

    Jast give them money the policemen you will be free after low its electrical forty. Balye nabo mwibala bakapokola kabili .

  13. shu shu shu

    Had it been someone who had defected to UP and DOWN from The PF and the vehicle set ablaze, HH would have been all over putting the blame in ECL. Now we know that HH is to blame

  14. Jonasampa1962

    You will not qualify till ,2021, mulebenga ,isukulu tapaba

  15. Xando

    The beauty of accusation,u can end up pointing a dog as the one responsible for the pregnancy of yo daughter. U burned city market so that u can win support by placing a blame on UPND. Who knows what really happened to that car? U think we are all dull? UPND has bin in opposition since its inception, y is the burning of public properties experienced only in the Kaponya government? Zambians wake up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…

  16. hanene

    Does Mwiinga qualify to stand for this by election he has created ? I think he has reduced himself to a level of a cadre from a civic leader.

  17. patoranking

    Is too bad guys I swear too jesuse

  18. Mack Givo

    politic is a dirty game so its up to those who intend to be party of it. sorry Mr Mwiinga For The Loss,,.

  19. B.I.G

    African politics! Uluse,God heal our Land Zambia

  20. Mweemba Danny

    Too bad. Worry not brother. So you’ll buy another one.

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