Ministers Defend Ubomba Mwibala Doctrine

Government officials are falling over each other clarifying President Edgar Lungu’s ‘ubomba mwibala alila mwibala’ doctrine.

Housing and Infrastructure Ronald Chitotela said that President Lungu was simply stressing that the people that work should not starve but should set aside a 10% benefit.

Chitotela was speaking during the launch of the Patriotic Front complex that will house offices.

“He was saying that you the provincial party, the money you are receiving, if you have not factored the management do not eat the money. You should pre-mark a 10% for you to eat,” he said.

And his Home Affairs counterpart Stephen Kampyongo said that he was shocked that people had become engrossed in the debate about the President’s use of an idiom.
Kampyongo said that the idiom had been deliberately blown out of proportion.

President Lungu’s ubomba mwibala alya mwibala doctrine has sparked debate among Zambians with his critics saying that the Head of State is encouraging corruption.


  1. oyesterman

    Comment:uubomba mwi bala simply means umust steal as long as u are not cought so thiz guys ar encouraged to steal

    • Wise me

      Zambia is in danger from the very low quality of thinkers we have. People who look at every small opportunity to take advantage of doing bad things. Tell me if there are those who don’t earn a leaving from the field they belong. Would it be wrong for an imployee to tell his/her boss who has not paid them their salary for a long time by saying “Boss my survival depends on the job I do in this field.” Or would it be wrong for an employer to tell the employee that their survival depended on the hard work they did in that field. One can not stop but think that Zambians are among the most immoral people in the world. Examples are many but this one where an adage is being implicated into encouraging immorality stands out in exposing idiocy. How many thieves of public funds need an adage to steal? No wonder in this country you will find workers every time they receive a salary they go on drinking spree and stay away for a week or two from work. The blame game is what our nation is known for. Even when a football game is lost by poor performance it is the poor refereeing.

    • Miname

      What tribe are you?

  2. Kapinda Jackson For chipimo

    Mr Ronald the harm is done by careless speaking more over we are not kids you should black face
    In this matter we need an apology even from the head of states…
    Lean to admit when you’re wrong people and don’t justify yourselves
    We know you’re human you’re subjected to error just be careful and be honest

  3. mulase

    I totally c nothing wrong with that adage attributed to the President. That adage wz used during the Party function and to me it has nothing to do with civil servants who ar employees of this govt. Wat is wrong to tell cadres to eat from their field?Every party cadre eats from his party field.Can u expect me who is in the opposition to eat from PF?So this adage depends on which pipo it is referred to and which context.If I run a bakery I don’t c anything wrong for me to eat a bun from there but if iam a worker and without authority I decide to eat a bun then it becomes an offence.Let us not politicise everything the President says bane.I mean he wz not speaking as a Republican President in that function but as a party president. Let us bury this debate and focus on real issues affecting the Zambian pipo and criticise responsibly. Corruption issues ar a preserve of the Anti corruption commission and they ar better placed to handle such. In fact some of these adages no longer make sense in our era.Can u for instance sue someone in court and use an adage as a ground to justify a litigation? Kkkkk come on let us be mature in our criticisms. I REST MY CASE of reasoning.

    • Natty

      I respect you man I think there is misinterpretation of the saying in people’s minds and I am so disappointed that even my fellow Bembas have failed to understand the meaning of that idiom

      • Pethias chishimba

        Iwe lungu watch out 2021 OKy stupid idiot

        • Clarence lungu

          Comment: ba chishimba you should have respect for the governing authority,dont be like your brother, insults can not benefit you,its time for lungu and time says he should rule up to 2021,everything has its own time and you can’t change destiny,, biblical if you insult lungu you are insulting God . Romans 13 v 1 so watch your speech.

  4. Wisdom

    You may explain to as any kind of understanding, but please go and ask edger Lungu what he was meant to say that, but to as Zambians it means get stealing were you ar working and no one will follows you because even the edger Lungu is busy stealing and he thinks no can follow him but shame days ar numbers, am incourage those who ar planning to join him please don’t agree with him because you putting yourself in a dangerous position,coz this government one day go another government will get in,that’s when you ll get to know the meaning of what he said.thank you

  5. Daisy

    In other words Lungu’s boys are embarrassed by their boss.

    Mwebantu Zambia deserves better leadership.

    • vivian

      The president said nothing wrong please people no wonder politics is a daty game no one will better zambla learn to understood that not even Mr lungu,madam nawikwi or any other party coz the needs of the people grow daily and always remember that said u all av sined and shall saffer for our only God can make a better zambla.

  6. Weedem Boyz

    so far so good, i can see nothingg in this debate, so us who re in opposition jst wants to miss inform others who re still with ECL, tht he is a bad leader and he is also encouraging corruption in the government.

  7. ECL

    U cant stand en defend that state as if we are kids.. psychologist believes that a person can only speak out secrets wen hshe z not n good condition… i think mr lungu oz unda the influence of alcohol 4 him 2 say that statement which encourages stealing.
    coz that statement z only used wen u are stealing 4rm whreva u are working 4rm en if u want u shud ask the bemba pipo … they wl tel u.
    Pliz his ex president 2b n 2021 mr hh come en rescue us 4rm de hands of the banch of thieves.

    • Miname

      Which Bemba people are you talking about? Only thievery minded people a misapply the idiom to justify stealing. Bembas will always use and interpret it correctly. If you are not a good learner, do not apply the co boys’ street language in normal situations.

  8. lolo

    Aka Bene ba gwagu

    • Clarence lungu

      Comment:ba lolo just be lolo if you have proof for their thefts you are Good to go, the court is the best place for such issues.

  9. Ephesian

    Ba pipo why do you like action before you here.

  10. Noble man

    That Staff will never stick ba kampyongo, chitotela, etc. Even if Pres lungu, never uttered that idiom, exactly what he said is written all over pf government. It’s thanx to the president 4 putting it in words.

  11. Sepo G

    This is y we called the real Africa

  12. Paulo lukamba gato

    Next time Mr president where ever you’ll be holding a meeting just know that you are addressing the nation hence be careful with the words you use.

  13. Simate

    When you ar used to bear you ar so called a drunker,when you encourage someone to steal you too a thief,so mr edger guide your mouth because not even one is trusting you including my two year old baby.

  14. Obed Mwanza

    Not all zambians are able to understand bemba, please try to use a language which all people understand.

    • And that would be?

      There is no such language

    • Jo

      The President is playing on people’s minds. Do you think he is so foolish to utter that idiom and mean what you think he meant? Come on grow up!

  15. Majoni Tyson

    This idiom has been there even b4 Edgar was born,it means stealing, now y do u want to confuse us, better to say sorry for being careless than duping elders of things they known. That’s what Edgar is always dreaming about no wonder the mouth did not resist to utter what fills his mind.

    • Miname

      Do not misinterpret idioms which do not belong to your tribe. Your misinterpretation of the idiom will cost a lot of Bemba language learners a chance to pass the exam.

      You are free to set aside your interpretation of what the president meant but I beg you to spare the innocent idiom of your ignorance.


    Waiting for 2021, i dont know how our country will look like?

  17. matuzi

    Idiot ministers .
    Advice your President in time not supporting blindly. You will suffer without him.time is coming.
    Tell him to be speaking in chewa matherfack.you slow poisons.
    You whant to live Mather Zambiain crisis.
    Nindalama zanyoko?

  18. matuzi

    Idiot ministers .
    Advice your President in time not supporting blindly. You will suffer without him.time is coming.
    Tell him to be speaking in chewa matherfack.you slow poisons.
    You whant to live Mather Zambia in crisis.
    Nindalama zanyoko?

  19. s phiri

    Cool down guys. When Donald Trump called African and Arab coutries shihall counries, he did not mean to insult us. He was merely stating the truth but in a crude manner. Its fact there is poverty and filth in Africa. Innocent women and children are dying in the Arab world for the wars they cannot understand. So if ECL says what he said about ubomba he was merely stating the truth of what everybody is doing but but maybe doing it jokingly. But what he said is real. He is against corruption no doubt. Whether its council plots, traffic offences, farming imputs, name it. The problem is there. But I think the president had a peasant farmer in his mind when he said that. He eats from his farm and leaves something for school fees and other provisions. Tabalye mbuto.

  20. kasawa mwape

    u pipo

  21. Michael Phiri

    This is choosing to misunderstand the President. For sure he didn’t mean that now it’s free for all no. Those examples you are giving are good. The Headteacher can never allow his teachers to misbehave with the girls at their school. Similarly a Bishop can’t allow his priests go on the wrong with congregates. It is morally wrong. What is true is that when you have field you have to work well and hard in order to feed because it is from the field that we have to feed. Now even the feeding itself we have to be careful
    We can not eat all the green maize when it’s fresh. Rather we have to wait until it’s dry so that we can have msima.
    So the President meant let us take care of our jobs because they feed us. The civil service receive salaries and that the money they eat. So take care of your jobs because they feed you.

  22. Pamusebo

    Do you think people like Lusambo,Dora can apologise? If the constitution of Zambia can not be respected by the people in authority,who are we to say he must apologise?


    Abaleya boss’s,just waiting for Jesus to come and take me to New Jerusalem where there will be no lungu,hh,kabimba,nawakwi,sinkhamba,kambwili

  24. HAMBO

    This can only understood by people with wisdom not people with knowledge.

  25. HAMBO


  26. spender releaser

    kikiki it seems like a laughing matter but let’s router for 2021

  27. Richard

    buck of thieves, insoni ebutu.

  28. Barotseland

    Ki masholi fela ba pf

  29. Mwape mwape

    Leave our loverly president alone 2021 ni lungu

    • julius

      hey just wanted to rply, plz for the first time in your lifetime be honest with life , speak factual

  30. Nkumbu martin

    One thing you have to know is .when yo president used this proverb ubomba mwibala alya mwibala he understand very well that .he is stealing from where he works!!!!!! Don’t defend the thief you dander heads do you steal with him that’s y u r supporting him. You know very well that this person and his group are thiefs y do u keep on defending them.???444

  31. Easterners are Chief Mambalas

    Ba ngwele you are going.

    Abena Chipata enjoy while you can. You will never be allowed to rule this country again. WE ARE TAKING BACK OUR COUNTY.

  32. Orator

    All People Who Are Working Have There Agreed On Salaries Let Them Eat From There Salaries..


    Ulimutundushi kembo ulebepa ichalo

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