OPINION: Prolonged University Closure Deserves Presidential Attention

The closure of Nkrumah University adds to an unfolding unfortunate tale about the state of tertiary education in Zambia. Nkrumah University was closed on Monday with students forced out of campus by the police as the institution grapples with the challenges of transition from a college to a university.

The two leading institutions the University of Zambia (UNZA) and the Copperbelt University (CBU) have remained closed longer than they should have. Both universities have been caught in the cholera outbreak that has hit the country with sanitation cited as the major reason the two institutions have remained closed. The better informed know better than the sanitation gibberish the nation has been fed with the issue of allowances at the core of the prolonged closure. Both universities have been closed from last year in November with first year students that were accepted languishing at home.

Higher Education minister professor Nkandu Luo has been less than enthusiastic to act on the problems that have be-dogged higher learning institutions partly because of a petty feud that she has with students on social media. Angered by their continued stay away from school the students have instigated an anti Luo crusade that has ridiculed the minister with caricatures of her in manly features flaunted on social media.

Prof Luo has not hidden her irritation with the man to man mantra that has made her a figure of fun. Otherwise the country’s education is bigger than sustaining revenge based on social media fights. The country can only show its seriousness with the future by the manner it treats education. It is not by accident that the Patriotic Front scored less votes at the University of Zambia polling station. It could have been a reflection of how low education may rank on their list of priorities.

They have to do more than just offer lip service to education. After all it is not a secret that there has been an issue about dried coffers that makes it difficult for government to pay students their meal allowances.

That could be the major issue around the delayed closure of the two top universities. It has not helped that politicians are not the best advocates of education beyond an election season. The prolonged closure has been glossed over by the leading political parties that are more preoccupied with matters of gets another chance to contest the 2021 elections.

We appeal to President Edgar Lungu to take personal interest in the prolonged closure of the universities as it is hurting the image of the government among those that seek knowledge unless they want to add more youth to the emerging culture of thuggery in politics.


  1. Anonymous

    They’ve just used the money for the students te cholera iyo
    We have always had cholera in Zambia but not to this extent.

  2. Anonymous

    They’ve just used the money for the students te cholera iyo why can’t they just open the universities they are delaying and confusing students .thier children are abroad learning they are not beggin for it awe why should we beg for our own right
    We have always had cholera in Zambia but not to this extent.

  3. Anonymous

    Why can’t Nkandu luo just say tabakwete impiya shakupela ama students than saying cholera we all know cholera is always there every year..you government officials take your children outside country for school do you want them to come rule us like you rule our parents hell no insuleni amasukulu nangu naimwe mwisale ama offices yenu..the cholera mwalilya impiya shama students nama farmers

  4. fyapacalo investment

    Please work well brothers and sisters ,may God loves all

  5. Majoni Tyson

    We are tired of talking let,s just watch them. The birth of PF was just a curse to Zambia becoz everything seem to deplete, we can talk of education, agriculture, unemployment level and general economy is down. The blind supporters have affected every one.worse among all is Esau Chulu who illegally announced lungu as a winner when in fact not. Time will come when they will all be accountable of their evil deeds. I Wonder the kind of professor Nkandu Luo is called who is failing to find a solution from November 2017 up to unknown date. Where are these criminals willing to take this country. Imagine PF had to rule for 20 years how would the state education, agriculture in fact every thing in this country? We can’t wait for 2021, there is need for an immediate action. Zambia is not for Luo or Edgar it’s for all of us. These are just our employees and they have totally failed to do what we expected them, now should we stay and suffer? My answer is no let them resign before they destroy this beautiful nation beyond remedy.especially that they have neglected the key sectors of human life, no nation can develop without education nor food. Zambia, we are lamenting becoz of our boob we made in 2016.

  6. phd

    we shall open but tell your parents for allowances .your claimed allowances has to stop so as to solve other problems facing the country

  7. sage

    We at nkhrumah are now victims may God help this nation

  8. winter

    y crying when you did not vote for them.dundumwenZi


    What a government, squandering money at an expense f its pipo??

    Shame on u pf government

    • officer

      Nothing is good under the sun, People will never understand y such measures like closing schools came in to Play. If You think this is worse ask what cholela did to Zambia in the 1990s when all schools were open and Street vendering was normal then You will appreciate the made Decisions.

  10. clever Munakanyemba

    Just wait for 2021 guys time is running out,,,

  11. C14

    PF has failed why so many problems within their rulling , fuel increments and school closure now out of hand.

  12. BIO G

    immediate action must be taken by the people cause we are the government….. I bet thr z something we can do than just waiting for 2021

  13. Easterners are Chief Mambalas

    Failure eveywhere.

    And fools believe Ba Tata Ba Sata anointed uyu Lungu as his successor?

  14. nova launcher apk

    I am in fact glad to glance at this website posts which contains plenty of valuable facts, thanks for
    providing such information.

  15. tito jr

    Look into this issue for once

  16. M47

    Awee mwandi???????

  17. Tonflo junior

    Now when are we going to open

  18. Geo

    Nkrumah UNICEF duty

  19. GMT

    Nkrumah university……..kaya we don’t know wen were are going to open………I don’t understand this government if one wants wat belong to him or her is a problem those lectures u fired had no problem at all, there wanted the allowances ……open the university please

  20. Prince phiri

    HE must take action over the closure of the 3 schools ..other wise this will mark his downfall

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