ECZ Washes Off Hands Over Early Campaigns

The Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) has washed its hands off the political activities that are currently going on in the country.

ECZ has been forced to come off the woods following campaign style political meetings being held by leading political parties.

The ECZ says it has no power to control political activities outside the stipulated campaign period.

Some political parties have injected a campaign like atmosphere as they outdo each other raising dust whether the country may be in for early elections.


  1. Takuya mabwe

    Early campaigns why ? The answer is simple and well known – (1) ubomba mwibala (2) unfair justice of the concourt over the petition.

  2. mula

    aaaah! zambian politics awee

  3. we want early election, we cannot afford to have thieves playing with our future in the name of leaders

    the way they are running our country as if they are running a kantemba in Soweto market.

  4. FGM

    Its a testimony that 2021 elections will be very tough for political players . The unusual will happen on the Zambian political scene.

  5. Mr mbao

    Ubomba mwibala alya mwibala simply means that one can only harvest where he or she sowed eg a teacher can not draw a salary from the ministry of mines but the ministry of education

  6. james kaumba

    Ubomba mwibala Anyela mwibala we shall see u in 2021,Mugabe wiso alifumapo palibukateka u are not 2021 watanfya sana ifwe fye ma civil servant inchito we shall help others to win u, mumpoto mukoshi ubutali!!

  7. Nono

    Aaaa! Awe mwandi early election……

  8. kedrick siame

    Please ba ECZ we want early election for me i have tired ECL.

  9. mc prince manyika

    the reason for early compaign is simple even a grade 2 child can answer that question our country is led by a thief who just after making himself rich. 2021 is just too far because this rwandanee will plundder every thing by that time


    Ubomba mwibala alya mwibala

    So nothing good can happened in our life believe me

    unless koswe mupoto ngafumapo ifitu kuti fyababwino.

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