Laura Miti Draws Parallels for Pres. Lungu in Zuma Fall

Political commentator Laura Miti has advised President Edgar Lungu to learn from the fall of South African President Jacob Zuma.

Zuma has been recalled by the African National Congress looks certain to resign following in the footsteps of his predecessor Thabo Mbeki.

Miti reckons that the departure of erstwhile loyalists from Zuma’s side may happen to anyone once they exit office.

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Zuma Lessons for Lungu

If President Lungu is watching events in South Africa, I hope he understands that today was a long time in coming. There was a time when Jacob Zuma seemed untouchable.

When first the Nkandla controversy broke, he was all arrogance. For years, it looked like there would never be a price to pay for his presidential choices. Important to note is that ALL the people involved in his recall today, were at one time vociferously protective of him. They were his praise team. His defenders. They did dirty battle for him.

As members of the opposition, the media and general public looked on in frustrated helplessness, these people made arrogant annoying statement after arrogant annoying statement in defence of their President.

Zuma was popular, strong, immovable, giving out godlike favours to those on his side.
Important too for President Lungu to note is that, at no time did President Zuma take the chance to pull back from the issues that were making the public unhappy. He knew them. They were made clear by people he dismissed as unthinking critics, stooges of white capital.

He refused to part ways with the corrupt Guptas. Instead, he instituted what he must have thought to be a fail-proof plan to be succeeded by someone who would continue to protect him after he left office. Then today arrived. A day that seemed utterly impossible a few short years ago.

To President Lungu I would say, you have a few more years to pull back from all the things that are making the Zambian public unhappy with you. You know the issues. Don’t listen to the people around you. They are in it for themselves. They will leave you with not a second thought when finally, the day of reckoning comes. It always comes.



    The man does not listen to advisers but blasphemy.

  2. cliff

    So what? Zuma is not lungu… Lungu issue also not Zuma…..!

    • Joy

      You don’t get, even if Zuma fought for liberation that doesn’t grant him a passport for corruption and abuse of office. Who would even sympathies with corrupt PF leaders who have contributed nothing to the liberation of this lovely country.

    • Jk

      we chipuwe u think koswe is Almighty!

    • Eagle Kahle

      Yes, Zuma is not Lungu. Meaning Lungu’s coming day might be more sourish than Zuma’s who just came with light upsets. Zuma is not Lungu!

  3. cliff

    So what? Zuma is not lungu… Lungu is also not Zuma…..!

    • Kalok

      Iyee ba Cliff. Remember KK in dismissing the possibility of Chiluba becoming President said “This is not Poland”. Then Poland happened.

  4. Kaayo

    Let him remove the blindness and focus on national development and peoples concerns.

  5. Dominic

    Laura Miti,I am sure you have read the circumstance which has led to the position Zuma is in.Firstly,a President in South Africa in never voted for by the general electorate but by Parliament after being deployed by the majority party in the House.The election of an ANC President which recently happened has heightened the call for Zuma’s exit as they want both the State President and Party President to be held by the same person.Hence this uproar .But I agree with you when you say “To President Lungu I would say, you have a few more years to pull back from all the things that are making the Zambian public unhappy with you. You know the issues. Don’t listen to the people around you. They are in it for themselves. They will leave you with not a second thought when finally, the day of reckoning comes. It always comes”.
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  6. Pamusebo

    The same police he is using to arrest and detained innocent people will be used to arrest him and detained for offences he has committed. Let him ask RB

  7. Majoni Tyson

    Illegal President Lungu must resign in order to reserve the little respect he deserves. All the loving Zambian should get in the trail to impeach this man whose acts have potential to destroy this country beyond remedy. Lungu hates Zambia so too those following him. Everyone who is patriotic to this geat nation must feel pain of seeing our going into an abyss of poverty when in fact our country is reach. We’re rule by poor minded pipo. They are even threatening pipo to stop commenting on them. Sure, I wonder the kind of MPs we have in our country who have no heart for the pipo who voted for them, becoz if they had love for Zambia they wouldn’t dare to watch a man destroying our country without rebuking him or impeach him as stated by a powerful man kambwili. If we wait that time come to punish him, it still not benefit the nation, u punish the man but money will never be recovered.

  8. i can't wait for this day to come

    what a joyful day it will be for mother zambia.

  9. Easterners are Chief Mambalas

    Chagwa is too stubborn to leave peacefully plus there are too many hyenas around him who cannot let go of the bone.

    He will go like Welensky. I hope he has made reservations with Yoweri Museveni in Hotel Uganda.

  10. FGM

    The powers vested in the presidency are what makes our presidents and those close never to think of their wrongs. All they see is the authority they command . The constitution should redistribute the powers to make them start seeing themselves as servants of the citizenry.

  11. Sorry

    Ba Clif grow up … Your comment sounds like you’re the only person who doesn’t know what is happening in Jerusalem or you’re plundering together with the people you’re defending…

  12. wajimona

    Zuma is not going anywhere. His enemies will be defeated.

  13. mulongoti

    Even satan has the following infact more followers than any political party in the world since there no politics in heaven it means all politicians are followers of satan because they’re human beings andnot God who can perperform miracles so those people thinking that there are in the right political party are just lying to them selves so who ever wants to be the president shud not think like a rich fool who was planning some thing else and god was also planning something else supposed there’s elnino or sunami on the voting day in 2021 who can be the president if pipo are scattered due to natural disasters be careful no one is cleVery not even lungu or hh who thought Satan Could be thrown from heaven equally anyone can be taken from this world without notice so be careful 2021might not be there for us

  14. awa na

    long live ecl .lungu ,Zuma two deferent people. RSA ,Zambia two deferent countries. lora miti keep dreaming its free

  15. a zambian

    You guys Zambia is not south Africa and lungu is Zuma. Why do you like admiring bad things if you are trully Zambians don’t compare Zambia to Kenya, South Africa and comenteters you have to be careful don’t frame this am warning miti whatever they call i warn you.

  16. FCD

    ba lungu aweh kwena mmm, we voted for him hoping to see better zambia, unfortunately having nothing is better than him.

  17. Cathy

    We are Zambians not South Africans or………. Stop comparison. Mama Miti Laura come out of the shell. What type of sickness is this? Bitterness won’t take you anywhere. Zambia is a peaceful country. Lungu nimwe mwasalile mwe ma Zambians, Zuma no cabinet yasalile not ama South African. So please mama Laura miti stop this madness. Nishinga balupele pakuti upose insoni.ama miti wilaba nga chimbwi uulolela amafupa.ulefwaya mucita umungulu mukwimya abantu imitima, ama Congolese tabatemwa ukubutauka, mulamdu wakukwata abantu Ababa nga Laura miti. So ba Laura what is your motive? Mulibanakashi stop alarming the nation because of your self interest, shut up.

  18. mzilikazi

    Comment Govt yacipatepate.These are zambia,s wasted years.God help zambia.

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