Napsa Stars Shows Off More Than Football Taste

Napsa Stars Football Club has been a fast growing football brand with their yellow and blue strip increasingly visible on the market.

The pensioners just got one better over their opponents with this more than football branding.


  1. Rabseke haddah

    What’s that? Is that not phonograph

  2. Pamutunda

    Nice one author it’s too big

  3. Japhan

    Is that a Napsa sex doll?

  4. Ashley

    Dis steamy pic z for Wat advert, it doesn’t make sense.i can’t get to the direction of Wat the person in charge was going for and napsa should not be making such adverts it’s not in dere line of business

  5. Kunda

    Awe ca cine… Why didn’t she wear a skirt.

  6. B.I.G

    Bana have started recruiting pone stars, new method, you support your team naked!

  7. diver

    so you mean there is no good shorts for these dressing.?

  8. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya(GBM).

    Are you showing us a Napsa liplica or thighs of that young lady?Twapapata tulangisheniko fimbi for Mother Zambia’s sake,nikwisa tuleya nomba sure? Intambi twatwala kwisa bane?

  9. Wow

    I’m all in (or rather I wish).

  10. Muma

    Someone’s child! You would wonder if she has even regard or shame left of her. What she doesn’t realise is that her body is worthier than what she is given .

  11. kaluz

    inappropriate dressing

  12. Muletima Kamulilo

    You are advertising that pensioners’ packages should be spent on young prostituting ladies?

  13. Muletima Kamulilo

    Advertising that pensioners’ packages should be spent on young “prostituting” ladies?

  14. alberity

    Sodoma n Gomola pa Africa

  15. mulongoti

    Not what wear but how we wear tells who we are NASA Jessy rebranded no shorts bola ya shupa

  16. Jk

    Is that advert for uwo bwaima aisa Ku NAPSA?

  17. chipepo sydney

    muletwimya amabwamba,zambia is a christian natition while whore ar allover.!

  18. kelvin chipepo

    is’t a human been or a munument.?

  19. captain chanda

    Unga ende kumuzi solo. Poor pic

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