Nkana Water Gets 3 Million Euros

Nkana Water and Sewerage Company will receive 3 million Euros from Vitens Evides International (VEI) to increase sustainable access to water and sanitation facilities.

Managing Director Diana Makwaba who signed on behalf of the water utility company said the long term partnership will help strengthen and create an enabling environment for water utilities in financing and increasing access to water infrastructure investment.

She said the International firm through the Dutch Ministry will finance 90% of the long term partnership while the remaining 10% will be shared between Nkana Water and Sewerage company and Southern Water and Sewerage company.

Makwaba said the first phase of the partnership will run from 2018 to 2021 and will help in the development of investment proposals and engagement with domestic and international financing institutions.

VEI Regional Director Siemen Veenstra urged water utility companies to address water losses by upgrading their infrastructure to acceptable means.

“In most of these areas the infrastructure is pathetic and need further investment to improve service delivery to communities,” said Veenstra.


  1. sera millmo

    mwandi do some thing people are suffering ka

  2. B.I.G

    We thank our doners, nashoshine mulye bakandile pamo noulemitumpika at ubomba mwibala alyaa mwibala, let the people of Kitwe benefit the services and enjoy clean waters we don’t want hear reports of unnecessary expenses. Do a perfect Job, don’t buy AMA Prado nama hilux it’s time to do great in Kitwe.

  3. JEXI

    Don’t misuse the money like you do in other projects. This project is very important and a good job is needed please. Mukalyako shimbi not ishi banei hope twaumfwana

  4. Joseph mamboleo

    Please ba Nkana Water bombelenipo pa mweshi mu Kitwe ala twachula

  5. Feston

    Make sure that money don’t using Ather project thi

  6. Sj

    There’re real issues of Water in Kitwe, pliz work to beat Dirt. Water/rivers pass/es compounds but their taps are yet to be installed relying on well/mugodi water. These are serious needs.
    So ease up the troubled souls’ needs than chewing their hard earned grant. Comment

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