Wusakile School Allegedly Rejects K2.5 Million Bribe To Auction Football Pitch

Authorities at Wusakile Secondary School are reported to have rejected a K2.5million bribe from a named Chinese investor to sale off the school ground.

Some Senior Teachers at the school have revealed that some influential authorities in the district are making head ways to lease out the school football ground and allow for the construction of a shopping mall.

They say the named Chinese investor has offered some influential teachers including the head master and some PTA members the bribe and two buses for the school to allow the leasing out of a school ground.

“What is happening here is very sad and disappointing, this investor wants to put up a shopping mall here (school ground) and has bribed the school head teacher, PTA chairman and some other influential senior teachers with K 2.5 million to share to accept the deal but they have refused. He has offered to build a school ground elsewhere and donate two buses for use when in need to utilize the ground, well the DEBS is aware of this matter and has been briefed about it,” one of the teachers at the Secondary School has revealed.

The said the District Education Board Secretary Allan Kaoma has been offered about K 80, 000 bribe to allow the lease of the school ground to the private developer but is believed to have rejected the offer.

“The DEBS is very much aware of this matter and is one person who had also been bribed but we are told he is against the idea and has rejected the offer,” the added.

And Kitwe DEBS Allan Kaoma has taken the Kitwe City Council to stop the impeding construction of a shopping mall at the school ground.

The visibly angry Kaoma said it was irresponsible for authorities to approve such a project which will set a bad precedence in future.

“I can confirm that this matter has been brought to my attention and my position is that we need to protect school infrastructure. Approving the development of a mall at the school ground is a grave mistake that everyone of us will regret,” Kaoma said.

He was however quick to rubbish reports that he has been offered a bribe.

“Well am not aware of that bribe, am yet to even know the same developer..those are just rumours and I will not comment further on that,” said Kaoma.


  1. Ndindindi

    Kaoma you are an idiot, your president has said ubomba mwibala alya mwibala,just chew what is on the silver plate,kaili koswe mumpoto is very clear encouraging corruption, even your wife will laugh at you,at I muli chipuba,be in close contact with mmd die hard lusambo,ukasalapuka,,,,abena ecl bena bafwaya bakonkelela na kamunofu kalya aka ku mutwe we sabi,elyo bakushila umutwe wekaweka,ifintu fyalyonaika and you are pretending

  2. Gumugumu blue mutwe

    Just get the money,kaili ubomba mwibala, alya mwibala, you have not heard?

  3. diver

    plz my fellow zambians , dont allow these people to enter our bedroom we shall regret at the end money can come and go.

  4. B.I.G

    Bravery Acts!the head teacher and the pta chairperson deserve to national leaders. If majority of us can be like you this country would go far and become corruption free

  5. Pamusebo

    Uwubomba mwibala alya mwibala. This is a new PF slogan. Umulandu taubola. This is a new UPND slogan.

  6. beston

    mr kaoma u are faithful servant GOD will reward u.

  7. Nicholas Chilumba

    Comment Well Done Mr Kaoma Thats The Men We Want

  8. sage

    Fellow Zambians lets value education….our Future depends on it…. Investors come and tomorrow they wil go after they have made enough profit..THE problem is that we don’t have leader to protect and speak for us. .May God help us

  9. FGM

    Viva Senior teachers and DEBS for the patriotism exhibited Zambia needs such officials not the selfish egocentrics that are daily looting the national treasury.

  10. Busy B

    I don’t know what is happening with the pf government.
    You want to sale every land in Zambia ninshi.

  11. namz

    kikikikiki,ulida mpobelekela musa as the kateka said it.ISSUES of our tym

  12. jerson

    Guyz wat is going on becouse i have never head this befor sure to sale a group to make a shopping mall God help us

  13. Lawrence

    what is being eaten at night shall be revealed during day light thanks to the school authorities and the debs for being faithful don’t let corruption spoil your jobs may God bless you.

  14. Sj

    Good to hear that combination of those Teachers put their heads together and tried to stop the ugly head of corrupt practices to surfface.
    Zambia is a footballing Nation, surely even though, we’ve CHINO-ZAINO relations China can’t allow our Football team to go and put up Stadia in the back of a Chinese school in Chaina. How lowly they (ma Choncholi) must be thinking of Zambian populous.
    Our fellow Zambians utwishikulu twenu will need that space for even a Science laboratory to produce young Einstens for the development of this Nation.
    If Chinese are dead serious about construting a Shopping mall, fast g@rowing Kitwe has vast land in the outskirts of residential areas where they can be located land for a mall. Comment

  15. Fire Man

    Zambia let’s not just sale everything ,were Will your children go,because that place is for our kind.Thanks very much for not allowing such act to take place there.

  16. mc

    Uubomba mwibala alya mwibala which means football field should be at schools not shopping malls Chinese be straight not zigzag put God in minds not corruption bribes in your minds this is not in Zambians

  17. Real man

    Shame to that Chinese investor u think all people are corrupt in Zambia? Bakusalapusha
    Reporters pliz u shud disclose the identity of these corrupt investors

  18. Kalampa 4 Lyf

    The school head teacher and other teachers should be promoted by the president not forgetting Mr Kaoma.People such as these are very rare in Zambia taking into account the rampart corruption currently prevalent in our society.The PTA should also be also honoured as heroes on Heroes and Unity day.But Im not happy with the corrupt Kitwe City council behaviour,lest we forget this is one of the most councils south of the equator.KCC has completely sold off land fraudantly for the past 20 years or so.Fellow Zambians lets all stand and stamp out such evil vices in our land,aluta continua!

  19. Masinga gama

    Brave n truth men GOD will reward you

  20. chansa kaoma

    not accept anything please, because am a pupil at Wusalike secondary school

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