Kambwili Is The Most Dull Politician, Claims PF Official

A nondescript Copperbelt Patriotic Front official has issued a scathing attack on National Democratic Congress defacto leader Chishimba Kambwili branding the Roan lawmaker the most “dull” and “insincere” politician Zambia has ever had.

Mike Manda, the PF Copperbelt Province secretary, has charged that the rantings by Kambwili directed at President Edgar Lungu over the ubomba mwibala alya mwibala statement were misplaced.

He said the statement ubomba mwibala alya mwibala was directed at Party officials who attended the dinner as a way of encouraging them to work hard if they are to benefit from the sweat of their labour.

Manda said it was irresponsible for Kambwili to insinuate that the President was encouraging corruption.

“First of all that was a PF Function, meaning the message was meant for party officials and not civil servants, so why does Kambwili want to start raising such allegations, even if its civil services, if you are a teacher you eat from your pay or nurse that is what the President meant. He encouraged party officials to work hard and benefit from politics and not the other way round as Kambwili is claiming,” Manda said.

He has told the embattled parliamentarian to focus his energies on offering consultancy to the NDC and leave the PF alone.

“From his statements, we can now tell that Chishimba Kambwili is the most dull and insincere politician this country has ever had, because a normal politician will not think like Kambwili is doing now.

“He is bringing out issues that are neither here nor there and we will not allow such nonsense,” he added.

Kambwili has accused President Edgar Lungu of encouraging corruption in the country with the use of the ubomba mwibala alya mwibala proverb symptomatic of the corruption cancer that has hit the country.


  1. Gumugumu blue mutwe

    I think the best person to know the interpretation of the idiom used,is the President, since the idiom has different meanings depending how it is used.

    • JJ

      Picture says a lot about their relationship, each one seems to be saying “look at him”.

  2. Umwaume

    Mwikana ifishinka umo temo balelosha

  3. mengmoreler

    Yimwe ba M grave,so u mean u encourage us youths to enter into politics to benefit ourselves and nt to serve othrs?ba manda u knw, don’t speak Has if mulimumanda,dats shows how 100×1000 mo dull u’r than CK and plz if u want to bury wat da prezdo said In odr 4us nt to see it were it coz frm and goes plz nt n dat way ,bt try othr means and benefit yoselv n dat rat’s pot.

  4. mengmoreler

    Yimwe ba M grave,so u mean u encourage us youths to enter into politics to benefit ourselves and nt to serve othrs?ba manda u knw, don’t speak Has if mulimumanda,dats shows how 100×1000 mo dull u’r than CK and plz if u want to bury wat da prezdo said In odr 4us nt to see it were it coz frm and goes plz nt n dat way ,bt try othr means and benefit yoselv n dat rat’s pot.

  5. justin masabo

    Leave it to us Zambians to judge not you manda

  6. cimbwi

    Kambwili is evil,his intentions wil land him into misery mark my words.

  7. Wise Me

    We all need to understand that whatever type of leadership a community has survives on the type of people lead. Chishimba Kambwili behaves in the way Zambians tolerate him.The biggest mistake was to vote for him because of his belonging to PF. The second mistake was to entrust him a cabinet post. That’s the cost of trusting people with portfolios they don’t deserve. Look at how he makes a storm in a teacup. “Dr …..” A doctor of phylosophy? or?

    • FDC

      Are you the one who voted him
      Please stop insulting him
      He is the owner of pf not u

    • ECM

      Free doctorate… No class was actually attended to…

  8. Benson longwani

    It’s politics anything can be misinterpreted

  9. Kamwana

    Truth be told how do expect to get paid for doing nothing. U eat from ur labour. A farmer from the soil. A Carpenter from the wood

  10. kazhiko Samuel

    Kambwili wants to cover back his position in pfront hence there is no loop hole.

  11. dyna

    Tefintu 360′ we shall just rounding kankuluwale

  12. mambo mambo

    mr. manda this shows how unlearnt you are! truly speaking you are even misinterpreting the proverbial statement.wat you shud know u ar nt fair enough to urself and the people of Zambia, u don’t mean well! CK has a point to prove, look at the high levels of poverty in the country, the cost of leaving.u ar even there to defend pipo who rooting from govt colfers,my dear do not mislead the country, look at wat happened in south Africa it start the way things ar in Zambia and I even wonder u follow some developments in other countries.leave CK alone,will see hw long u will defend such ruthless pipo!!!!!shake up ur brains man

    • ROKA

      MamboMambo you are right those insulting CK are just protecting what they do.They are very happy that their leader has now actualised. The same people rose against FTJC when he used the same proverb.what does “tabalya imbuto” mean?that’s the question,to steal what you hsve made or crested and simply leave what you found.Can there be development in this way?

  13. Damiano

    but zooona ai

  14. Geoffrey

    Pipo don’t try to justify yourselves everyone who knows bemba knows da meaning of ubomba mwibala ilya mwibala it’s used for stealing in were u work. For once try to think without favouring ur political part

    • HardBullZ

      Very good guidance!.
      If the idiom is basically expression of stealing , the the President was extremely wrong. His advisers are sleeping because whatever a president says is policy in itself.

  15. frank john

    It’s gud to kno wat going on under the ground

  16. james kaumba

    I we Mubwe cibwi just hold yo chi dirty mouth ukutumpa koswe muponto in wiso mulya nankwe akafumo kwati nidodo mulomo see South Africa he has stepped down for peoples respect not imwe cholera Zanmbia

  17. Benny

    Mmmm! guys some of too harsh condemning him too much some of the things he says are true but it’s impossible 4 some of us 2 forget how he supported everything President was doing

  18. Rhodrick Chimbila

    The President was right it’s just misinterpretations of people who are against him. A nurse should benefit from his/her sweat it doesn’t mean stealing awee twapapata stop those misinterpretations

  19. frank john

    Naifye tulelyamo kaili febami voter bane kulya bonse kaili

  20. frank john

    Kanbwili afulwa teule lyamo kaili kamo nga ebo balomfa bwino cakupita fye boi ulalya yiii waipusa lelo

  21. ECL

    Manda dont behave like an idiot, can dat proveb mean 2 eat 4rm hard workn… dat proveb is only used wen u are stealn… why are we even arguen abt dis coz they were parting en i gues mr lungu oz drinkn, dat z de rizon why he encouraged stealn.. then u wat 2 cam en defend that stupit proverb. ba koswe mumpoto

  22. king coin

    don’t even shout at mr kabwili because every one hend what the head of state was tallying people to be corrupting at there work.

  23. Kapshizo

    Hahaha iwe ati mike graveyard ishina iline lilelondolola ati walifwa iwe wechitumbi you mean u can defend those words pushi iwe concetrate on faterning kalufumo and tumatako than talkin pali ba kambwili tell yo fellow zobodo ati shiii

  24. mukenga

    I have said it before Kambwili is the dullest politician I have ever known cos if he was ever aspiring to be president he would be said that about the Tonga’s. How ll he ever bring southern on his side. Personally I think that term the President used is normally used in corrupt terms and Kambwili’s interpretation is not wrong.

  25. Kazau

    Did the syllabus change for the idioms? This proverb is so familiar to anyone else who is not even Bemba. So stop justifying yourselves for the wrong. Just hold your tails and apologize to the Zambian citizen you’ve hurt so much for stealing.

  26. Asibweni

    The Meaning Is Simple, Every One Benefite From His/her Work . Meaning The Presido His Hand Benefiting In Much In That Office And Same To All Ministers. Ohoo!

  27. maybe g v.i.p

    Maaaa tefintu iye

  28. T jay maseka kelvin of solwezi zambia

    Ubomba mwibala alya mwibala is an idiom used for theft manda dont bring half psychology here cause the president meant what people of zambia it is. Am idiom is always used when expressing about things for being dishonest so tell us others idealogy or let the president defend himself on this one and not you.

  29. Ray kal

    Ubomba mwibala alya mwibala
    Ici thé personne Who is imployed to to work for someone ,that thé employee is paid for his/her dues, si eating from thé fils il sterling, whatsapp si thé purpose of employing a person Who Will Just Harvey thé corps for seed White hé has spent more on fertileriser,seed,labour and ôther Costs without having profit in whatsapp hé si doing, can that person continue tu work without proft, we are expcting them to work and show as thé résulta, but they are enterrés in eating the thé crop and mot work to show us thé résulta, thé are not according to out expectetions and thé out Resources ,why keeping them if there entrest is eating and mot working ?.

  30. mulongoti

    Kwena ubomba mwibala nokulya nimwibala ngolimubemba muchishinka Fye you Can’t say it’s stealing this saying means whichever field you’re in that’s where you will get your dues you can’t get your dues from where you don’t work for those who still feel the president said they shud steal let them do so from wherever they work and they will be charged with theft by servant and we will see if they will say that it’s the president who said it so those who want to loose their jobs faster than you were employed just go out there and steal ? will see you will just loose your job alone The same bembas will say ilyashi lyapa nsaka lisenda chipuba

  31. No man

    UMuntu kumona mu 2021

  32. No man

    For me I understand the idiom that ubomba mwebala alya mwebala, man first think when you are saying thing this country Zambia wr have more people educated,born with wisdom, I mean you should think before saying things understand your profile in your life. But my president out of feeling good enjoying life drink, eating, no poverty in his life seeing how it is great to have power in your hand, No one to question him, that lead him to say those word, not thinking about me who is poor him, who is sleeping all night thinking how am going to make it,but to wakr up and someone saying that idiom, man I need to study it for I am looking to make it. I understand after voting for them, yes there need to eat and drink having fun, that what it means, no other means, after working hard you need to benefit from your work it does not matter, the people you are working not in a good condition you need to benefit, so the president was right he need to enjoye it after he danced during the camping time, losing weght, but umuntu kumona mu 2021

  33. roots

    hw does it feel u help your freind climb a fruit tree then he concetrates on his belly whilst u ar starving then he produced such a parable

  34. Muntu Wakuda

    There is only one meaning to that saying,’Ubomba…..’. A zambian politician will try by all means to convince you that a dog is actually a cow when it is found in a kraal.

  35. OK

    If the only problem here was the addition of nembutu elya, so i feel personally they should be un apology from the president.

  36. double double

    If Malema was in Zambia he could have been arrested a long time and charged with tri……….. but not in SA where they respect voters we cant compare south Africa’s politics to ours far far far.

  37. y me

    No peace in Zambia until we avoid talkertive

  38. Rabseke haddah

    Who is a bemba between kamwbwili and lungu?


    The statement was like “uubomba mwibala Alya mwibala nomba talya nembuto” not like the way u are writing/saying

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