Nevers Mumba Trespass Case Adjourned to March 22

Nevers Mumba’s illegal trespass case was back in court with Magistrate Betty Malupenga adjourning the case again.

Mumba stormed ZNBC studios in the aftermath of the August 2016 general elections protesting the coverage of a news story.

The case has been coming before Magistrate David Simusamba but has been a subject of constant adjournments.
Mumba has pleaded not guilty in the matter where several ZNBC employees testified against him.

When the matter came up Magistrate Malupenga adjourned the matter as the presiding magistrate was out of station.

The matter has been adjourned to March 22.


  1. Isambe

    never worry mr Mumba. You are the Vetran

  2. Wise me

    At least this issue has kept him quiet.

    • abilima

      Wise me – I think he has realized how serious this issue is.

  3. mutale chisanga

    Comment good


  4. mulongoti

    Ba Nevers mumba I think you shud just become the minister of religious affairs than being involved in that mutima kuipa company of hh and GBM

  5. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya(GBM)

    Ba Nevers pakanwa palibola,balandafye ifyaisa mu mutwe kwati nabapena.Sobber up and talk sensible words.

  6. 11 kv power≈

    is it only here in Zambia where court cases are adjourned or even in other countries it also happens?
    but I think in Zambia its too much. three to four months its too long that’s y corruption can never end in zambia

  7. Phanuel Chanda

    For Real In Our Country Corruption Will Neve Come To An End! That’s Why As Zambians Will Never Succeed In Our Country

    • BR UK

      Mwebatwala Abanenu Kufilye Muleipitulukamo Imibombele Yenu Ngaya Cishinka

  8. LC

    Better To Keep Quite Than Pliz The Fools

  9. joseph Nkhosi

    he has to face the law of our nation because every house has rules

  10. musonda

    children of God pass in so many challenges but we will not be intimidated it shall pass over

  11. musonda

    Children of God can not be intimidated,it’s just the break through

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