Opinion: Cabinet Changes Were Long Overdue

It is good that finally President Edgar Lungu has made some substantial changes to his government. This was long overdue in stilling a sense of efficiency and effectiveness in service delivery to the people.

Dora Siliya’s appointment is very much welcome as she comes back to the “libala” [field] she is conversant with unlike at the Ministry of Agriculture where she looked like a Grade one pupil among the grade 12s, totally lost in the game. But the new ministry will make her look like a Grade 12 among the Grade Ones…she is likely to shine as she is articulate except that she will have hard times to defend bluffs from her government of ubomba mwibala alya mwibala…

However, the demotion of Felix Mutati is a bad move and may destabilise the economy further because I doubt the newly reshuffled Minister of Finance, in the name of Hon Margaret Mwanakatwe, is a good replacement to him, other than the gender aspect.

If I were President Lungu, which am not, and for the prudent use of public resources, I would have reserved that ministry to an opposition person in alliance with the ruling party or a totally independent person altogether to occupy to nurture discipline at the treasury.

In as much as i welcome her appointment especially that she becomes the 2nd female finance minister since 1991 after president Edith Nawakwi, Ms mwanakatwe may not be helpful to President Lungu’s administration in deterring those people in this government believing that “Ubomba Mwibala Alya Mwibala” from eating from the libala (fields) in additions to being on salary and allowances.

In addition, observing from her lavish electoral campaigns in Lusaka Central during the 2016 elections as a parliamentary aspirant and after and taking into account her electoral quagmire caused by the longstanding unresolved electoral petition currently in the Constitutional Court, Ms Mwanakatwe may not be firm and ensure the prudent use of public resources as she would want to please the party cadres, faithfuls and other officials to secure her re-adoption should the court rules otherwise.

Not only that, should she lose her seat, it would mean re-appointing another person as Finance Minister who may not be a woman thereby reducing gender pride in that ministry and the nation. So a bit of waiting on the part of the President on Ms mwanakatwe would have been better until after the petition is disposed off.

Therefore, Mutati remains the best option under the circumstances and he seemed to have managed and inculcated financial discipline in that ministry. He conducted himself fairly well with fear, dignity and some levels of openness because he may have feared to be reckless for he could have lost his job instantly being a nominated MP and from the opposition.

For Mulenga Kampamba, the outgoing minister of information and broadcasting and government spokesperson, she was also like Dora at the Ministry of Agriculture, totally lost. She did not know what to do apart from altering her CV that she also minister of information.

Ministry of Higher Education needed changes because Prof Nkandu Luo with her “burke of degrees” has failed to run the ministry. She has assumed the role of vice-chancellor, lecturer and principal of these universities and colleges.

One can’t appreciate Prof Luo’s academic pride in that ministry which has 90% universities closed on flimsy and lame grounds. So something urgent needs to be done at that ministry.

Written by MacDonald Chipenzi
Political Commentator & Electoral Expert


  1. Dorfrlyn Sojin

    I congratulate his excellence for the response to his accusers. The changes in the cabinet will prove every individual’s capabilities of working attitude. The so called corrupt government its through few individuals

  2. patrick kampion

    Thus a good move Mr President hope we ll be helped coz our economy is too bad

  3. Lolo

    Mwanakatwe is not a ms. but a Mrs.

  4. mulase

    Ubomba mwibala alya mwibala adage will now be put to test with a Finance minister of their own as we head towards 2021.That’s the strategy..we ar alive to that fact.But wat is comforting in Zambia is that Money does not WIN votes but wisdom does.RB can attest to this.He gave us money,sweets,pens,fertilizer, bicycles waaaat and waaaat but he got a Red card.”so check this one out!

  5. Pleito Solomon

    Mr lungu has appointed a corrupt lady so that the cabinet theme goes well ( uubomba mwibala alya mwibala). The economy is bad and a bad minister is appointed purely koswe mumpoto

  6. mulongoti

    Finshi muletasha?muletasha ba pleito kumuntu takwaba ifisuma chachine what ever one does ati this ati that you want him to go mad?mulekeni fye ateke na style yakwe yours is just to work hard at your personal level kufwaya shani kanshi some of you are busy talking but have failed even to raise your own life because of irresponsible behavior the government issues is to put up things that you can’t do like roads, hospitals, schools, and so if you can’t bit them just jump mumpoto and become a thief as well

  7. justin chewe bwembya

    Iam very worried about mwanakatwe apoitment’i don’t know what his excellence thinks about that appointment we should shine our eyes gud morning people

  8. Kevin

    nice move Mr President

  9. FGM

    Iam shocked to learn that to this day some Zambians don’t

  10. FGM

    Iam shocked to learn that to this day some Zambians don’t know that national policies and leadership have a big effect on the livelihood of citizenry. Look at Zimbabwe and congo DR. Citizens are in their economic situations due to poor leadership . Wake up Zambians or it will be too late to realize.

  11. Paulo lukamba gato

    Mulongoti is right we shall just jump in mumpoto and start stealing malinga sibanakugwile! That’s it.

  12. Lashiki

    Its true the President must look on the education also because it is a backbone of the nation pros luo, she has failed to run it

  13. kachi

    these appountment ar the worst,i thought kamvwili could just make peace with them,now never he is the only hope,not ukulatekanya ubufi ati christian…
    luo has oppressed education,dora has failed agriculture,mutati has messed up finance,kampamba is a miss at information,kspata is a mukula lady,am mor than convinced this regime needs EXIT fo one(1)ck/ndc capwa fye instead of firing non performing & corrupt ministers pres.blindfolds us with reschuffles…total brasphemy kuya bebele…ndc cabe

  14. Chisoms

    Kaziya is an honorable man who never used TV to get kudos. Ba MP Matero is behind you.!!!

  15. mulongoti

    Since no one is perfect in this world mistakes will be made for some of you who wants the government to perform the way we want let’s wait for the kingdom of Jesus Christ and his angels to come and rule or wait for our own time to become president and do it the way we want if you think pf is not doing it try pilato instead of HH ba upnd maybe he can win you a place to state house but no matter how much you talk we’re all sinners atleast pf has done it interms of infrastructure surely don’t you pippo need roads, hospitals, schools, What more can you ask for mwebantu sure if now it takes 9hrs to go to kawambwa when it used to take 48hrs muletasha patunoono ushitasha mwana wandoshi fye kabili we’ve heard Ati ni ndoshi ba ngombe ilede

  16. Martin

    Mulongoti be a man

  17. FGM

    Why do we elect govts?. So that it works for us, after all they use our national resources not party funds or personal money. And on top of that they receive a salaries . So dancing and ululating for a working government doesn’t make sense. Worse of all if leaders are even engaging in corruption. Pointing out the mistakes serves as a reminder of what we dislike in their leadership. We also provide checks and balances since we know why we voted them.

  18. usher mumba

    That’s one Zambia one National now.

  19. man b

    walk up Zambia ,this country u see ,we don’t no we’re we a going .at ubomba mwibala alya mwibala,let them stil ,but umuntu kumumwena mu 2021.gud day koswe mumpoto

  20. Wise me

    Prof. Nkandu Luo has failed not just the Ministry of Higher Education but her constituency as well. Mtendere roads, UNZA and water problems are still a nightmare to the residents.


    Lungu must also change District Commissioners.

  22. Dorfrlyn Sojin

    To the head of state.
    Your excellence, the is also a for a close monitoring the MPs. They are too dormant In their consitituances. This results in blaming the government at large. For Instance,the kanyama MP, nothing she has do so far. As per now, the road to BANDA. Clinic is In poor state. People does no demand your physical presence, but monitor and instructions. Mostly chorala out break starts with Kanyama. Poor garbage collection system and drainage. This working attitude is denting the PF government and the party. The you did last week in copperbelt,do the same right here in Lusaka. This will show your commitment to ensure better zambia. I trust you can do better for every zambian.

  23. joshua phiri

    But like that Mr.president.

  24. naume mather

    Thank you mama for the wonders your MAGIC RING has done for me and family, a while ago i was depressed and stuck on what to do, all the money i made was going through my hands, constant fights with my wife, worked but no promotion and barely any salary increment, but today i testify that the magic ring that cost me only R 1700 has changed everything;i was promoted at work;salary was increased;my wife loves me more than ever before and my luck has changed, everything i do now is appreciated and successful. Mamas number is +27710534826 if you also need help

  25. 7 dayz

    Good observation Mr Chipenzi MacDonald…I like it.

  26. BJ

    Prof. Nkandu Luo she’s just a good example of total failure for us the pipo of Mtendere & Kalikiliki etc. Roads leaves not to be desired & water problems, wish even the MPs can be reshuffled

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