Police Okay UPND East Card Renewal Exercise

The police has given the opposition UPND the green light to hold their card renewal exercise on Saturday in Eastern Province.

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema has told his supporters that his team will be in Eastern Province tomorrow.

The UPND had been raising dust over permit to hold their card renewal exercise accusing the police of being used by the ruling party.

Below is Hichilema’s full posting:

Fellow citizens,

Our card renewal exercise continues. This time we are headed to the Chipata in Eastern province with party Deputy Secretary General for politics, Mr. Patrick Mucheleka, Party Mobilisation Chairperson Sylvia Masebo and senior citizen Ambassador Joe Mwale.

Tomorrow, Saturday, we will launch the exercise at the Mpezeni park in Chipata.

Balimi banzantu mukabwele onse mailo.

Zikomo kwambiri.



  1. Raphael

    Great our president

    • Mpombo

      Before the phrase of ibala became popular.The privatization team took advantage by knowing the price of and state of companies.Being mwibala they stole and became stinkly rich!But when they’re told that they stole they refuse saying uboomba mwibala.The gov’t should enact a legislation to prevent one to stand as a candidate either as president,mp or councillors for five times to reduce monotone in the political arena

    • Mumba Kenneth

      Let’s hope it will be a constructive card renewal which can not lead others in prison because he enjoys sleeping in cells and prisons. I mean HH

      • dondongindo

        ba mumba u sound so tribal in ur sentiments ,I can see hate burning in u, do not take nations issues as personal, there are communal my dear Zambia is for everyone regardless of the colour , tribe etc

  2. doctor b

    So only farmers are invited

  3. Jk

    may u work hard this time sir u cant suffer for nothing 127 days behind bars we suport u 2021 niyanu boss

  4. Bweku

    So “elder HH” is going to break the sabbath tomorrow te? Ati belder kikikikiki

    • edgar chibuta

      kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk ati will break sabbath ba elder? kkkkkk yalikaba

  5. Bwete

    So ba “elder HH ” will break the sabbath tomorrow, te? Ati ba elder…kikikiki

  6. Isaac

    Be wise to God will rule Zambia

  7. mulase

    Your card renewal exercise will be futile HH if u don’t focus on identifying on which pipo ar going to stand on the Parliamentary ticket come 2021.My humble advise to u too is to stop talking about Edgar but talk about real policy issues affecting the Zambian pipo and offer solutions regardless of whether such policies will help the PF govt in the immediate term but pipo will know that the idea came from u come 2021.U can choose to rubbish my advise at your own peril knowing how stubborn yo advisors ar.”Sokwe utanvwi kakamutyani kasamu?..Ndime Halungu ndamanizya.kkkkkk ya ba this Tonga idiom also.

  8. Barotseland

    Go aheard my President we are behind you in Barotseland .Zwaaa Pf ki masholi feela

  9. zacks

    hh be like an eagle

  10. abilima

    When he says “ba koswe” who does he refer to? The same people he is inviting to the meeting tomorrow? Believe it or not the “ba koswe” nonsense is a deliberate insult on Easterners.

  11. HCF

    Thats ma President Mr HH … u av our suport kuno ku mpika

    • dollars

      U at. Very stpt idid we are not support day idiod don’t even say it again

  12. Kastar


    • D C S

      Mune .you are going to eastern part free. The same you doing educate your people from southern and western and north western to learn one Zambia one nation. Not what happened last elections . Too much tribalism of this people. Hakainde is at people his provinces he has won. So easterners open your eyes..

  13. mulase

    As I welcome u to eastern province Mr HH I wish to dedicate u with a piece of song which I used to enjoy listening to during my 30 years in Monze done by Jerry Chilanga I can’t remember the title but I can remember the lyrics and it went lyk “ayebo moye nkabela kotelela..kwakusika beenzu utakabalangi ankumo Pele akabalange mwida”. I guess u know the meaning. So pliz wen u go to State house in 2021 remember the song.The song had a lot of sense than the ” koswe …no no no …the Monkey in the maize field song.A monkey I believe is more destructive and a nuisance than a mouse.It’s now back to the sender!

  14. Rabseke haddah

    Go Mr and do yo job, competition is needed in Zambia ….no competition no development

  15. Sam D

    HH ,I wi

  16. Sam D

    HH ,I wish to see your leders

  17. Sam D

    HH ,I wish to see your leadership one day,may God help you this time……

  18. saimbwende saimwende

    ONLY A TONGA MUST LEAD UPND says Sejani. I don’t see HH doing better than 2016 performance in eastern province in 2021. He got some reasonable votes in 2016 elections partially due to the fact that easterners are not tribal like TONGAS and the presence of Dr. Canicius Banda largely contributed to his votes. Now that Dr. Banda is no longer in UPND and the fact that easterners together with their cousins the bembas are hated with a passion by the TONGAS, I don’t see HH doing any better in 2021. Just like in the Bemba land such as Muchinga, Northern and luapula it is the same trend and I don’t think a bemba, come sunshine come rainfall, can waste his vote on a TONGA. Copperbelt and Lusaka are still PF strongholds until further occurrence, this means that HH is going to lose again in 2021. Worse still, the abnormal voter turnout in southern province was artificially created by UPND, this time around stiff measures will be put in place to avoid it. Again in the unlikely event of a rerun (which I doubt very much) PF is still favored as no other political party would want to partner with UPND since it is a gospel truth that HH is very selfish he would not want to be led, he only wants to lead others no wonder the previous alliances he has gone into crumbled miserably. ONE ZAMBIA ONE PEOPLE ONE NATIN

  19. easterner

    you are not welcomed here go back to tongaland

  20. easterner man

    the thieves are not welcome all easterner don’t go to his larries you will join satanism if you go

  21. Doctor S

    Ni forward chabe…..

  22. mailo

    we knw dat evrthg 2021 is udr u,ulimi,etc–

  23. Henry

    Am one hundred percent behind you Tata, hh. It’s your time for twenty twenty one. My president hh my corruptless hh

  24. Cabinet Member

    Try to give him your support this time. For our Country sake!

  25. Village Head man

    Team HH, talk issues and not about our brother, father ECL

  26. mo st

    APA ili so. Mr hh we r behind you no matter wat don’t listen to stupit people who no nothing abt politics so go ahead forward che apa I think according most ni most bwa bwa

  27. Muma Francis

    The Zambian people are interested to hear the plans that you have in regard to development of this great nation zambia, and not talking about other politician emoshacela ……. Otherwise just organise yourself Mr President and everything will fall in place including the 2021 outcome. May God bless you.

  28. Ck

    One Zambia one nation. You can find all tribes in every political part in our cauntry.stop this topic of tribe! I’m Tonga but I’m a full surpoter of PF and President E C L.pliz Zambian be focused, tribe never end Remember all the ten provinces of Zambia live all the 72 tribes of Zambia.

  29. Ian

    HH is welcom to criticise corruption coz as at now things arent in order.CM 2021 HH will make it whether u want it or not.we will give our votes.

  30. Alex Nyondo

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  31. chipata man

    sitikufuna kuno chi hh ndiwe kawalala

    • james kaumba

      leave my president mwebantu,a Tonga is also a Zambian, why do u like memomenofye mwebantu ubomba mwibala came on that thrown when he was pooor now nabawama let’s get back to his 2915

  32. Chiliba

    Go And Preach Yo Words Mr Future President

  33. Gift

    Ukwalola umwela.

  34. Majoni Tyson

    Go forward yo excellence, Mr. HH.

  35. Chipata nizi

    2021 is very far stop being selfish u pipo it is not time to vote yet, hh aplekeza chabe ECL even 2021

  36. matuzi

    Abaume,we support you at large.
    May god serves you from these hungry lions. BA ncenselefye nshileseka ,ameno panse.

  37. GLS

    You are in the right truck, my big man. Remain blessed!

  38. hh

    Go go !!!!!!!! forwad

  39. Man H

    U easterner man better u behave.hh never give up.

  40. Eddie

    Politics are useles, very bad game…

  41. mulongoti

    You know what he just invited the farmers so that he can tell them lies that he will give them free fertilisers I support the Idear of State farms by ecl and those farmers who depend on government to give them fertilizer for free will suffer when are the farmers going to graduate from this d compound thing I hope HH distributed manure in eastern to the farmers since he’s so sting he can’t even give anything to anyone not even to prison where he claims it’s pathetic now it’s ichikwanka bachimwena kumampalanya slogan that one I wish he didn’t just join upnd he has destroyed the party on tribal grounds knowi that he’s selfish so guys ichikwanka bachimwena kumampalanya

  42. mumpoto

    Although i don’t spend most of my time in Zambia i know what Zambia is going through comparing to other neighbours yep we r trying but we can do better than this only if we had leaders like the late Patrick Leavy (mhsrip) who loved Zambia above everything but 4 now i think HH is the man.HH remember me when u go the state house

  43. Sir Wilson

    Let those who are appointed to rule by God rule rather wasting time! Am sorry ba politician bonse basuma before being in office

  44. Justice

    GODS tym is due best

  45. George Mainza

    Saimbwende here is a point of correction for you, it doesen’t mean that TONGAS are the most tribal just becouse HH is also a tonga no! we always give surpport to HH just becouse of his value on Education level compareling to others & he is capable to leadership,look there not only one tonga candidates who stood at presidential position in 2016/2017 General Ellections, but of some ofthem had just a few vots.

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