Chipenzi: Kabila Is An Enemy Of Democracy

Political commentator MacDonald Chipenzi has shared his thoughts on the recent visit of Democratic Republic of Congo illegitimate president Joseph Kabila.

Chipenzi says Kabila must be isolated and told in no uncertain terms he was pushing the vast central African nation on the brink of war.



The SADC region will continue to be a laughing stock on the African Continent, if not the entire world, from a soft coup in Zimbabwe, to a presidential recall vote by a political party in South Africa and now to an unconstitutional president in DRC.

How, in all fairness, can Zambia be that country that welcomes and accommodates Joseph Kabila with presidential decorum? He does not deserve such treatment at all. These are the times when I greatly miss late President Levy Patrick Mwanawasa. For him, he would have already spoken his minds out and that of Zambia on Kabila’s unconstitutional stay in power like he did on Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe.

Don’t President Edgar Chagwa Lungu and his government aware that Kabila’s constitutional electoral mandate ended in 2016 and his current stay in power is unconstitutional as he is refusing to vacate office despite repeated demands from his people? Does it mean that Zambia’s cries over the refugee situation are bogus or cosmetic? One would think, with the facts on the ground that Zambia has greatly suffered in terms of asylum seekers and refugees over Kabila’s decision to cling onto power even after his electoral constitutional mandate expired in 2016, the country would be more firm on Kabila to relinquish power.

But alas, it seems that our leaders and/or some people in Zambia are benefiting from the situation prevailing in the DRC hence their accommodation of such unconstitutional president into the country at the same time claiming to be a constitutional democracy without any kind of social shame. Not too long ago, this government, through Cde Steven Kampyongo, was shedding crocodile tears in Chienge District over the asylum seekers and refugee situation in Luapula Province.

He and President Lungu even appealed for international help from the international community towards the refugee crisis in the country but at the same time having no problems in accommodating Kabila as a friend. Was that appeal of financial help a fundraising project for them if they are not interested in resolving the electoral and political crisis in the DRC?

Yet, despite deputizing the SADC organ on Politics, Defence and Security known as the Troika, the same government seems to be so happy to strengthen trade and other bilateral ties with this electoral leper in the region notwithstanding the butchering of his people happening in his country while he clings onto power.

In serious democracies, Kabila would have suffered isolation, economic and travel sanctions within the SADC region and on the African Continent. He would not have been allowed to attend SADC or AU functions. As usual and the African and SADC practice, it will take the UN, US, Belgium et al to impose sanction on this unconstitutional president while Africa and the region in particular continue to accommodate him amidst atrocities against his own helpless people in the name of sovereignty.

When I last wrote that President Lungu was not the right person to offer electoral assistance to DRC after his unsolicited gesture to do so, whatever that meant people never took me seriously but today, they have come to my side. Would the Congolese people ever trust President Lungu if he became the electoral mediator in the DRC, I doubt it very much!

It is disheartening to see how SADC has remained tolerant to Kabila and yet millions of Congolese women and children are suffering while their fathers are butchered in war as soldiers or militias. SADC should be very assertive on unconstitutional change of governments. It is clear however that SADC is weak on this score and in the past, it has been good at accommodating electoral manipulation as was in Zimbabwe in 2008 and other countries making the bloc.

In conclusion, this is a repeat of SADC’s inertia when it comes to resolve regional political and electoral conflict. In Zimbabwe, although late Cde Morgan Tsvangarai won the vote in 2008, SADC could not help the electoral and political situation in Zimbabwe but adopted a non-responsive approach of quiet diplomacy while ousted leader Robert Mugabe clung on to power. However, God has his own ways of making people achieve their goals.

Today, even as we mourn Tsvangarai, he dies a happy man because he saw with his own naked eyes and was part of the crowd that celebrated the ousting of Robert Mugabe which was one of Tsvangarai’s political life goals.

Therefore, Kabila should be told off to respect the constitution and allow elections to be held in that country to usher in a new beginning for the people of the DRC. If we had robust CSOs, students and trade union movements, opposition politics as is in South Africa and religious movements, Kabila would not have been allowed to touch on the Zambian soil.

These movements would have protested against Kabila even on hearing, he was coming to Zambia to meet President Lungu but alas, the Congolese people have to sympathise with themselves as SADC leaders and the citizenry are absent minded over their plight.

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  1. Akapenya-Mushi

    Akapenyamushi ala no shalimo akabamo;what is his mission so far in Zambia?

  2. Ephesian

    We don’t want people who have bad plans over country’s

  3. HCF

    “Show me yo friend en i wl tel u who u are” pliz zambians wakeup

    wat z hapening?
    were are we going?
    hw cn lungu allow kabila to cme n zambia?
    wat z he thinkn?.,
    z he not the one who allowd the chines to be surgents!!!.
    pliz zambians lets b carefu “ichani tachuma mainsa” ba koswe mumpoto!!!!

  4. Brian gondwe

    why welcoming a selfish leader in our country? let him go quickly with his bloody hands shame .

  5. sim~G

    We don’t inspired and genuine leadership in today’s government that’s the reason its time to us youth to stand firm to take back what belongs to us zambian its us Zambia to design and shape the Zambia our loved country to be what we want to be thanks

  6. Nelson

    Sambeni kumenso nokushibuuka ba Zambia

  7. shu shu shu

    Chipenzi this is the farming season not time for silly comments. The people of the DRC will sort out their own problems. Zambia has no business poking its nose into Congo. I wouldn’t want to be your neighbour Chipenzi. Hiba Chako.

    • Docks Locks

      Kabila’s term of office ended in 2016 but why clinging to power?
      This is exactly what Lungu is planning. We don’t want the civil war as the case in Congo.
      Let’s hope their meeting discussed productive issues.

    • Sibalwa Given

      People are butchered,killed like animals and chickens for chrismas,your love for money will end badly,i mean very bad shu shu shu,grow up man or woman,truelly you cant observe sense into chipenzi’s observation.

    • Belewono

      I cannot believe that Africa still have animals like you who have no understanding of what is hapening in Congo is next to your door. Real monkey and I ashame being black.

  8. Docks Locks

    Birds of the same mapepe flock together.
    Don’t be surprised, Lungu and Kabila have the same blood group.

  9. mulongoti

    Congo is an independent state it’s up to the congolese people to sought out kabila how many people are in congo but failing to chase one person libya was smaller than congo but they chased Gaddafi now these congolese cowards are running away from this game ecl is just trying to help like it was during chiluba time the congolese themselves has agreed that kabila stays in office up to December

  10. mulongoti

    Since mr chipenzi is a political analyst and commentator without borders the best he can do is to go to congo with kabila and find out what’s taking place in congo or the media houses conduct a special interview with kabila And get it from himself

  11. Summer salt

    Some people are like porridge in the pot on fire, kanshi kufwayafye uku law bwaata bwaata fye, bushes bulwenshi bane, fyonse ma politics mwaa? Nama piinda yonse in bwaatizo? Aaaa!

  12. Tito

    Good analysis

  13. Robert

    Kabila remember what happened to your colleague Mugabe few days ago,boi abantu taba tumpa!

  14. mulase

    Kabila just came here to teach Edgar how to unconstitionally cling to power. Watelse can u think of?

  15. Orator

    We Don’t Want Our Leaders To Be Friends Of Dictators

  16. Wise me

    Chipenzi belongs a group of people who believe in getting what they want by abbeting violence. Christian values require us to love our enemies. He believes in skin for skin, an eye for an eye. Remember to do unto others as you would like them do unto you. Democracy does not say you should marginalize others or fight them rather bring them closer for them to learn your good ways. That’s why Jesus Christ taught us to be forgiving.

    • Joobo haamatimba

      The Bible says be careful with the people you accompany that they may not deceive you.

  17. fredrick mulubwa

    we hate people who does not respect human rights when they be come leaders forgetting the were choosen by god

  18. nshilimubemba

    The state is not to be emotional, as it is serves the matters of government to government, there are alot things that governments do together.
    Just focusing on one issue is retrogresive , zambia and congo are neighbours, and their people are co-joined you cannot seperate them.
    Zambia and congo trade between themselves and are close to each other you cannot be fighting your neighbour like arabs.
    The mistakes of kabila are local problems with his people, which can be solved by congolise people alone.

  19. Moira

    Tuleloleshafye! Mmmmm!

  20. .

    Kabila is a destiny destroyer ,what he is doing is not good in the eyes of God. And it will never be good no Matter how we try to make it good, He is a glory killer and destiny destroyer

  21. Dorfrlyn Sojin.

    I agree with you Governor. His welcome to zambia is like, supporting his arrogance in the governance.

  22. ige

    ready for war

  23. B.I.G

    Ba kandile always object even the things they are able to see ,Mr chipenzi you are right some people like shu Shu shu are useless and danger to the community…… Ba Shu Shu shu arguing a right statement is not wisdom don’t make yourself popular mufyabupuba


    Mulongoti u are an elder person who shouldn’t react blindly… Chipenzi is right, he has the duty to defend his country….. Why are not in good term with these guys (Congolese) why didn’t he go to Rwanda, Tanzanian, or Uganda were they speak the same language? We don’t want conflict here!


    Awe we want the presidential empowerment funds and CEEC gran


    Awe we want the presidential empowerment funds and CEEC grants and loans not ifyo ba Chipenzi.

  27. Belewono

    I cannot believe that Africa still have animals like you who have no understanding of what is hapening in Congo is next to your door. Real monkey and I ashame being black.

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