East PF Welcomes Over 3, 000 Members

The Patriotic Front in Eastern Province has countered the seeming invasion of the area by the opposition United Party for National Development by welcoming over 3, 000 members from across opposition political parties.

Patriotic Front secretary General Davies Mwila welcomed defectors in Sinda District when he launched the 2018 party mobilization exercise.

Mwila told the attendees that the PF was determined to grow its base ahead of the 2021 general elections.

He said that it was an illusion to allege that the PF had lost ground in Eastern Province.

The defectors were drawn from the UPND, Rainbow Party and the National Democratic Congress.

On Saturday the UPND held its party card renewal exercise and painted part of Chipata in their red apparel claiming takeover of the area in popularity.


  1. james kaumba

    what is Paya Farmer doing is it not campaigning is this time for campaign, ba pf u are waisting money for development from government,mind u these people who are joining u its because of hunger they intend to eat with u but come 2021 u ll see! MMD cried don’t kubeba

  2. nshilimubemba

    If you have the capacity go and find people in southern province don’t just talk about chipata , your challenge is in dundumwezi , where your trouble is real don’t boast on the obvious if you are popular as you allege go to western province and win more members.
    However as time goes even those who were in your camp are on the exit , so yesterday is gone concentrate on making in roads in northwestern province and choma .

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