Kabila’s Bloody Hands Extend Killing Spree To Zambia; Claims One Life

As his men in uniform turn the barrel on civilians, Democratic Republic of Congo President Joseph Kabila has extended the maiming of people to motorcades.

His bloody hands, blamed for atrocities in the Democratic Republic of Congo where civilians are killed everyday, have now extended to motorcades.

During his vsit to Zambia at the weekend, President Kabila’s motorcade claimed the life of a 35-year-old Zambian driver.

On February 14, the BBC reports that five people were killed following an accident involving a cement truck and the Democratic Republic of Congo’s presidential motorcade.

The three soldiers and two civilians died as President Kabila was returning to the capital, Kinshasa.

Another 11 people were injured, a presidential spokesman confirmed to news agency AFP.

The spokesman said the accident was caused by “heavy rain”, although early reports suggested speed was a factor.

Witnesses told Radio Okapi [in French] speed was “the main cause” of the incident, which happened 220km (110 miles) south of Kinshasa.

Communications official Yvon Ramazani told AFP “a vehicle in the presidential motorcade was hit on the Matadi highway at Kimpese by a truck carrying cement” on Tuesday evening.

President Kabila, who had been opening an oil rig and administrative building in the port city of Matadi, “stayed on the site until the emergency services arrived, and personally supervised the ambulance evacuation of dead and injured”.

The president, who has been in power since 2001, when his father was assassinated, is facing mounting pressure to stand down – his term of office expired in November 2016.

In Lusaka, a light truck collided with President Kabila’s motorcade with the driver of the vehicle pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital.

Hundreds of Congolese people have died the last two years after President Kabila illegally forced himself to stay in power.

Kabila’s term expired in 2016 buy he has insisted on staying in office without holding elections which he is constitutionally barred from contesting as he has served his two terms.


  1. Don kelly

    please kabila stay with yo blood smell in Congo & don’t bring yo bad influence to yo friend ecl!

    • Stephenflint Mukalula Dr

      President Kabila of DR Congo can never influence the President of Zambia. President ECL is an old person, a man of his own character and as a lawyer he is more seasoned in dealing with different characters. He is at the same time a devoted Christian from a Christian Nation. He is cut from a different cloth and material.

      • james kaumba

        why inviting a hand blooded man in our Nation does it mean he has no friends like his sekulu,good man in southAfrica who refused blood shed not us Christian nation why people are killing each other,Shem humble leader

      • Audrey

        Its said “show me your friends and I will tell you who you are” Talking of Christian what does light have in common with darkness.

  2. Solowakala

    Did he come to get advice or kill people?
    OK he will fail Congo and Kongo is too big.


    Now what brought the man here?

  4. FGM

    Dictators should be isolated if we mean to promote democracy. Hosting dictators is a sign of consent to their leadership style.

    • liberal patriot

      True dat

    • james kaumba

      why entertaining a woof who has brought misery in our country with influx of refugees no wonder people say …………. naleka!!!

  5. Joezman

    Wht is he doing here now navidevu

  6. Joezman


  7. Majoni Tyson

    These are the kind of pipo lungu is making friendship with, the says show me yo friend and I’ll tell who u are. Lungu and kabila ar not different.

  8. Stephenflint Mukalula Dr

    President Kabila of DR Congo can never influence the President of Zambia. President ECL is an old person, a man of his own character and as a lawyer he is more seasoned in dealing with different characters. He is at the same time a devoted Christian from a Christian Nation. He is cut from a different cloth and material. Talk about something else. Like they look nice or cute on the picture!!

  9. Chileshe

    The Zambian motorcade drivers are just careless. In Livingston when ever they come one or two pipo are involved in accident

  10. Dziwa Zako Mailosi

    Sad news

  11. Dziwa Zako Mailosi

    Nobody is going to support this man.

  12. Yangu! Yangu! Yangu!

    Ba ZR stop propagating superstition. How can a respectable media report iminyama as if they are the truth?

  13. Dziwa Zako Mailosi

    Sad news . where is your father Gabriel? Where is your father Zuma? And where is your father Kabila ? Think twice before it is too late my friend.

  14. zacks

    some people, they only deal with dictator presindents. what do they wants?

  15. Mukangu njema

    kabila shouldn’t been allowed to come here, we all know who kabila is, he is dictator, he wanted to breach our peace

  16. Dorfrlyn Sojin

    Am scared. Let us hope his attitude will not affect us. The man is indirectly dictator. And somehow this is becaming a habit for presidential motorcades to road accidents which was not common before. Your excellence, don’t get any advice from your visitor which may lead our country into massive distribution of democracy.

  17. John Musans

    The real names of Congolese president is “Hypolite Kanambe”,tutsi ruandese name ,put in power by international community secretly with purpose of stealing minerals in Congo. Joseph Kabila is false identity ,he is now illegally in power because his two terms expired on 19th Dec 2016,after he called for dialogue,1year was added to enable him organising elections before 31st Dec 2017,now he says he couldn’t organise elections because of war in western kasai.province and 2nd reason given was the country congo doesn’t have money to organise elections. Congolese people of diaspora hired last Friday 16th February 2018 6 buses from Belgium,carrying 1,000 people and went with lawyers to ICC to accuse <> of killing Congolese people,plundering the natural resources,etc while Congolese of inside the country are mobilizing to protest and ask him to leave the power and go back to his country Rwanda. Congolese are preparing to protest the whole country on Sunday 25th February 2018,after churches services. It is long story. God bless you all.

  18. Jk

    If I’m a christian why associating with evil man this is a clear indicator who he is,a coleague,mukatuletelela ku fyalo ifilemonako Zambia are we safe? in Zimbabwe u told that Gabriel not to step down,soon police Chinese, were are we going? voters wake up vote for people who not put Zambia on fire.

  19. Audrey

    Its said “show me your friends and I will tell you who you are” Talking of Christian what does light have in common with darkness.

  20. Boyd

    Kabila means file bila but in Zambia nothing has reached a boiling point, so , plz kabila make it boil in your country because Zambia is a Christian nation, am sorry br

  21. Boyd

    Kabila means file bila but nothing has reached a boiling point therefore my brother, just leave us in peace get back to Congo where dictatorship is condoned

  22. HCF

    Lungu all diz tricks u are mekn are not going to work!!! mayb u are afraed of the nxt election thus u want 2 come en use dubias means or u also want 2 come en refuse 2 condact 2021 general election like yo frend kabila… u are jx cheatn yoself. God of zambians wl help us en fight 4us..

  23. Richard

    Kabila, he thinks dat presidental its for life.


    Please zambia let’s stop the habits of blaming the president for no reason. As a Christian nation we are led by the word of God which also encourages us to respect our leaders and to pray for them. Be submissive to those in authority, if you really want them wise than they are pray to God who gives wisdom.

  25. Moses kavwanda

    Why allowing such leaders in a sovereign country like Zambia? Let them die with their evils than rescuing them when they’re abolishing the law’s

  26. nawa awan

    kabila mwaice sit down. we don’t need you in zed

  27. hampande

    He would rather been corrupt than killing,what is he going to benefits from killing? ABANANKWE BEBAFYE.

  28. Barotseland

    Don’t think Presidential house you will be kicked out like a dog and later die as there’s no former President in your country you young man looking dirt on your chin you reseble your counterparty Edgar Changwa Lungu birds of the same feathers go same direction in your warton DRC and don’t be so selfish Kabila .Basopo

  29. mulongoti

    Ba jk who said Christians shud not mix with non Christians why do Christians go to prison to meet prisoners look kabila was a visitor maybe he came to find out from Ecl. On how democracy is all about since there’s no democracy in Congo but this habbit of condemning the president on every move he makes is wrong palast you will follow him to the rule its too much he’s president but he has his rights why follow him like a thief let him do his job media houses especially prime TV you talk too much that boy kalan why didnt you interview kabila for the nation

  30. pf

    What is the main point for you to be here please go back to your country if you don’t have good plans in Zambia we need the person who have plans between him and his friend not you

  31. Kaboko

    Silly zambian muppets making useless comments. A poorly written story along with misguided comments. Silly cunts.

  32. Caroline

    what is this chap doing in Zambia anyway?

    • Dez van Royen

      Zambia is his neighbor. Zambia keeps his refugees Zambia is a hiding place for some of his rivals all those are answers to your question


    Joseph’s kabila is colapt as well President Lungu also because the mbemba says ngawenda noupweka naiwewine ulapweka

  34. James ngosa

    Lungu can Neva be influenced negatively by kabila. Lungu is a sober man who is not interested in spilling blood. There was nothing wrong in hosting kabila. 2021 wl go to lungu’s favor provided the Constitution allows him.

  35. matuzi

    No third term!.no third term!no third term.!
    Kabila,Mugabe, Lungu are same components to handle with care in rabolitory rooms.they are all blood hands, citizens mast learn them bat not use them.
    Very soon they will be out of syllabus.

  36. Snow in Zed

    This is very very very poor journalism. Even if I don’t like Kabila the twisting of the DRC war killings stretching these to motorcade accidents is for the very impressionable. Zambians aren’t so naive

  37. nshilimubemba

    I do agree with some one here , zambia is a country with its people who decide who shoul rule them; the same is true with Congo they are our neighbour with their own leaders we dont decide who should rule or when they should have elections ; it is the Congolese to choose when and who should be their president, and must be respected with their choice.
    However Congo is our neighbour with whom we should live in harmony , we have this relationship for a long time even our borders are vast you cannot cause confusion in that country and live peacefully as a neighbour , however we need to be mature and not create un necessary enemies on the border.
    It is true Congo that Congo gives Zambia very good business opportunities by buying our products , we should know the leader of that country is Kabila and is in controll of his own people ; the Congolese have their own culture just as zambians as we also ours .
    Congo has witnessed voilences for many years so put that people together cannot be a simple issue , the vastness of that country really difficult and their population large and diverse to unit those people can be challenging.
    Those minerals in the country attracts so much attention from foreign countries every one interested in its affairs to have a part in governance.

  38. litunga


  39. Mmtambo

    real peace is from God don’t wait for lungu

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